EXOTIC PET BAZAAR Mall of Indonesia 2015 !! ft. Lucky Hakim and Rebecca Regina – Eps. 8

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Eps 8. – EXOTIC PET BAZAAR Mall of Indonesia 2015 !! ft. Lucky Hakim and Rebecca Regina

At 27 September 2015, we’re going to the Pet Bazaar at MOI and met Rere also Mr. Lucky Hakim. Kita highlight beberapa binatang dan juga ngobrol-ngobrol sama guest star kita nih. Penasaran? Ayo nonton dan Share !

Indoexoticpets adalah channel buat kalian yang suka banget sama Exotic Pets baik itu Reptile, Amphibians, Mammals, maupun Insects .

Kita akan membagikan Fakta2 Menarik tentang Reptil baik dalam Negeri maupun Luar Negeri setiap minggunya.

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Windward Mall, Ko’olau Pet Shop, Hawaii

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J Mall Exotic Animal Exhibition

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In this video, we share with you an Exotic Animal Exhibition at J Center Mall in Cebu City.

We had a lot of fun with the animals. I saw a guinea pig for the first time believe it or not.

Lisa D. is an animal lover so we could not pass this up.

Briefly, about Me…

I have visited the Philippines since 2010, And in 2015, I finally had the opportunity to live in a beautiful place with wonderful, gifted and talented people.

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Mall Allows Dogs for a Day || ViralHog

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Occurred on November 11, 2018 / JoΓ£o Pessoa, ParaΓ­ba, Brazil

“My husband and I are administrators of the Golden Retrievers group in JoΓ£o Pessoa and we took advantage that the mall was allowing the entry of pets this weekend.”

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Mall Service Dog training! (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Hello everyone! Today we went to the mall! Patches has been in more crowded places then this (U can see videos On my channel) however we’ve never done really any training exercises with this many people around or in this busy part of the mall! We did do “Block” at that other place that had way more poeple then here! (We litterly couldn’t walk) but this was his first time doing more off leash stuff (which we did heel without me holding the leash, I didn’t film it though) and me dropping the leash, and circle, and down stay, and he practiced all these things when the mall was super crowded! I was so proud of him! 😍 I love his new command to pick up the leash though, that with his new fainting respons are both currently my favorite tasks and there so cute when he does them! I didn’t practice the fainting one today, as he’s still getting used to it before we move it out in PA!

Playmobil Shopping Plaza 9078 Girls Mall Pet Shop Fashion Unboxing Toy Review by TheToyReviewer

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Today we’re looking at the Playmobil Shopping! We get to create a fashion boutique, pet shop, and sports shop in our mall! So cool!

With fashion boutique, pet shop and sports shop. Plenty of stylish changes of clothes and accessories and a wide selection of great sports items, as well as small pets and pet supplies. Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 18 cm.
– The Shopping Plaza has three shops, which can be placed anywhere without being permanently connected. A ramp for prams and wheelchairs leads to each shop.1) Fashion boutique
– The two-part clothes hang on two coat hangers or are worn by the mannequin. The skirts can be draped on the table.
– There is a changing room with a full-length mirror behind the swing door.
– There are nine different two-part outfits and skirts to change into and they can be combined with different handbags. 2) Pet shop3) Sports shop

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Pet Shop in Japan

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Not all pet shops in Japan are like this. I think most pet shops have each animal in a separate cage/room. Sometime in 2012, some law about selling animals was changed, so they can no longer display animals after 8pm. This isn’t limited to pet shops but any kind of stores that have animals “work” (like in cat cafe, where there are many cats and you can play with them in cafe).

Mally Mall Shows Off His Pet Wolves, Snakes, & More

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– Music industry powerhouse Mally Mall gives a deeper view into his exotic pet collection, which includes wolves, an albino snake, and more. He also explains the temperament of each pet and explains what it’s like to live with them.