Mandarin Lesson – Pets – Cat, Dog, and… Snake.

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Chinese Mandarin Lessons & Reference
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Sentence Structure – Describe a pet.
Format: Adjective + Pet
Example: Color + Pet
Black 黑, 黑色的
Cat 猫
黑猫 or 黑色的猫

This black cat looks so mean.

看什么看, 没见过猫吗?
What are you staring at? Have you not seen a cat before?

Elly 是只黑白混合的狗。 她像只猫, 很喜欢睡觉。
Elly is a black and white dog. She is like a cat. She likes to sleep.

妈妈, 我想要一只狗。
Mom, I want a dog.
孩子, 你自己都养不活就不要连累无辜的动物了。
Kid, you can’t even support yourself, don’t drag down other innocent animals.

I got bitten by a mouse.

Scorpion looks dangerous.

我很怕蛇。 我不敢碰它。
I am scared of snakes. I am too afraid to touch it.

看到这些鱼, 我就肚子饿。
Looking at these fish makes me hungry.

Do you have any pets?

我有两只狗, 一只猫, 四条鱼, 三只老鼠, 两条蛇, 和 5 只鸟。
I have two dogs, one cat, four fish, three mice, two snakes, and five birds.

开玩笑啦。 我家又不是宠物店。
Just kidding. My house is not a pet shop.


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