Marmoset and Hairdryer Exotic Pet Vet Unedited and Uncut

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This is “Celcie” the marmoset getting dried off after her bath. She is a very sweet little monkey, but she does not like a bath. Therefore, she has been lightly sedated with a mild tranquilizer which has has almost completely worn off.

7 Exotic Pets That Stink

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Some exotic pets are really smelly! This is just another reason why all new pet purchases should be thoroughly researched. While it might seem exciting to own a unique pet like a fox or a monkey, potentially having your living quarters smell bad for their entire life may not be worth it. Some of these animals need to be kept outdoors or have their cages cleaned constantly to reduce the odor. However, some animals will have a smell regardless, so contact other people living with your desired pet before you take the plunge.

~Education is Key~
Welcome to MASpets! A channel dedicated to providing high quality information about exotic, alternative, and unique pets, as well as traditional ones. This channel supports the freedom of pet owners to care for the species of their choice as long as that animal has been shown to thrive in human care under the right conditions. We strongly believe that facts and education, not admonition, is the best policy for encouraging potential pet keepers to choose the best pet for their living situation. We believe there is no such thing as a ‘good pet’, and do not promote any particular species as pets, however we understand that the desire of some to own something different is essential to their expression and existence as an individual. Whether you are considering a pet, or are just interested in the subject, this channel invites you to become informed about the exciting world of animal diversity.

There are hundreds of species of exotic pets! Some examples include: fennec fox, porcupine, serval, wallaby, boa constrictor, rainbow crab, bush baby, zebra, squirrels, ostrich, kinkajou, macaws, springhare, lemur, leopard gecko, tarantula, capybara, sloth, owl, cockatoo, muntjac deer, lion, short-tailed opossum, raccoon, scorpion, green iguana, and more.

Domesticated exotic pets include: camels, alpaca, reindeer, zebra finch, pot-bellied pig, hedgehog, domestic rats, hamster, gerbil, goldfish, guinea fowl, Bengal cat, peacock, fainting goats, and sugar gliders.

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