News Wala Present | Indian Donkey Mela | Funny

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News Wala Present | Indian Donkey Mela | Funny
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Pannalal, a Donkey in Mumbai Revealing secrets of peoples and It Will Leave You Stunned | Mahim mela

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Pannalal, a Donkey in Mumbai Revealing secrets of peoples and It Will Leave You Stunned .
#mahim #pannalal # Donkeyshow
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Pannalal is no ordinary donkey, the crowd is informed. He’s on a mission to foretell people’s future, locate a child in a crowd, or an old person, or a person wearing a red shirt and a cap.

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Two-and-a-half-year-old Pannalal is a trained performer. Amit Chakravarty
NOT FAR from suburban malls and multiplexes in Malad, jousting with the lure of tinseltown, is an entertainer who is part of a 20-year tradition of an itinerant family based in Aurangabad. Meet Pannalal, the donkey, who enters the ring as a crowd gathers around in a makeshift fun-fair that draws several thousand people from the suburbs and slums around Malvani.

Pannalal is no ordinary donkey, the crowd is informed. He’s on a mission to foretell people’s future, locate a child in a crowd, or an old person, or a person wearing a red shirt and a cap. Sometimes Pannalal’s handler will even ask him to locate a person in the crowd who hasn’t bathed for two days, the results of which always provide uproarious laughter.

When Pannalal “foretells visitors’ fortunes”, his handler Akbar Khan stands in the middle of the ring asking questions. Pannalal circles around, occasionally stopping to answer Khan’s questions about what the future holds by halting in his heels or pointing his ears in the direction of a man in the crowd or other gestures.

The Khans, who live in Aurangabad, used to take their donkey to far-flung places in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Goa. However, arranging the finances and logistics have proved to be a problem lately, and they now travel with their wandering virtuoso pet to fairs and exhibitions in rural areas around Maharashtra or in far-flung suburbs of big cities.

The Khans have been running their show for around 20 years. Earlier, the show comprised some rides and a magic performance. Then, in Sangli’s Bita village, Akbar Khan came across a female donkey which gave way to his vehicle when he honked. He managed to find owner and asked for her donkey.

Pannalal, now two-and-a-half years old, is a trained performer. In fact, his performance replaced the magic show that wasn’t doing very well at the fair. The current Pannalal is the fourth donkey to play the part, after three other donkeys passed away.

The Khans say they look out for young foals whenever they require a new Pannalal, and then train it. “Baby donkeys can walk and feed themselves by the age of two months. Initially, we make a circle with a rope and we train them to walk inside it, recognise objects like spectacles, colours, odours, differentiate young people f
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Camel Ride deva sharif Fair Grounds Barabanki India new camel video waris pak kartik mela camel

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Camel Ride deva sharif Fair Grounds Barabanki India new camel video waris pak mela

Camel HD Video. Ridding on Camel. deva Fair. deva sharif Mela. Camel ride video. deva sharif Fair HD Video. boy fun Activity in India. indian deva sharif camel. Camel ki Sawari. Unt ki Sawari. People on Camel. Camel India. Indian Camel. Camels in India. Kids riding on Camel. Joyful Camel Ride by Small Kids at deva sharif waris pak Fair, Rajasthan, India. Indian Camels. ऊंट. deva sharif kartik Mela


A living example of Hindu – Muslim unity, Dewa Sharif is a religious place which enshrines the tomb of Syed Haji Waris Ali Shah. During the months of October and November the Dewa Mela is held which attracts thousands of devotees from all around.”

Dewa Sharif is a famous pilgrimage town about 25 km from Lucknow in Barabanki district. It is the seat of renowned shrine of Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah, an exponent of universal brotherhood and has a special place in the history of Awadh. Haji Waris Ali Shah commanded mystical powers and revered by members of all communities. His father Qurban Ali Shah too was a Sufi Saint. Devotees from far off places visit their “Mazars”, popularly known as Dewa Sharif.

A splendid monument stands in his memory in Dewa which is visited by his followers in large numbers throughout the year. On the occasion of the annual Urs, a 10 days fair is held here in the month of October-November every year known as Dewa Mela to commemorate the saint. It includes an all India Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan, music performances etc.
The place also offers a good range of handicrafts for the tourists. A brilliant display of fireworks marks the conclusion of the fair. An annual fair in November is a perfect example of universal brotherhood.

came ridings price Prices for camel trekking start as low as 10 usd for sun set excursion and 40 to 50 dollar to a camel trekking into the dunes and sleep in a nomad camp also called bivouac, diner and breakfast. If you want a lux bivouac prices at 80 dollar per person inside a luxury desert tent with bathroom inside.came ride

During the ride, you can expect to feel unstable, since you’ll have to be either at an angle or directly on top of the hump. The ride itself was a little bumpy, but probably smoother than most horses. That’s because camels move their right two legs, then their left two legs, unlike the horse gait.

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