Pet Store Shelving | Midwest Retail Services

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With the wide array of products constantly entering your pet supply store, merchandising a retail pet store can be a real challenge. Finding reliable, versatile display fixtures to highlight those products in your store is essential. By working with pet supply retailers of every size and in every market across the country, Midwest Retail Services has earned the real world experience required to be a partner in the success of your store.

Rely on our industry specialists to match your store with the right combination of gondola shelving, display fixtures, and merchandising accessories in order to become your one-stop shop for all your retail fixture needs.

Let Midwest Retail Services provide you with dynamic, organized display shelving that grabs customers’ attention and boosts your store sales.

Versatility is paramount when it comes to pet stores; with widespan racking for heavy or bulky items like pet food, dog crates, and aquariums — to attention-grabbing floor stack merchandisers and point-of-purchase displays to maximize your sales potential.

Our pet store experts will outfit your store with peg hooks, scan hooks, and crossbars to ensure you are utilizing every inch of retail opportunity. Including a wide selection of shelving and accessories from major manufacturers like Lozier, Streater, and Madix.

Visit to browse options and view our portfolio, or call 800-576-7577 to get the quick answers, advice, and ideas for the pet shop fixtures, shelving, and accessories you’ve been searching for.