Meet Manolo the mule – Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

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If you have already visited the rescue centre, you have probably met this strange little creature, half pony and half donkey. Poor Manolo the mule was found in 2014 by Callosa De Segura Police, hidden in a falling down disused factory in complete darkness. Once at the centre, he needed time to recover from the psychological problems caused by past life abuses, but he’s now a very happy and friendly guy with a strong character. We love him! 💙

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North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association

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J. T. Hoggard held his annual plow day on April 20, 2013 in Bertie County, North Carolina. Rain, the night prior to the event, did not hinder teamsters or visitors from enjoying a great day. Watch a 12 horse, 6 horse, 4 horse and a 3 horse team in action. Take notice of the different people plowing because we had a large number of visitors participating.
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Zack the Zebra Jumping

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Zack the zebra shows that zebras can be versatile. At 6 years old, he rides western, english or bareback. Here, he is jumping 2 foot 8 inches. He jumps, trail rides and lays down on command. As his training progresses, we learn more skills and continue the ones he already knows. Subscribe to keep up with not just Zack, but also Charlie the Zebra, Wilson the Water Buffalo and all the other critters!

Zack Facts:

He is a Grants zebra, which is a variety of Plains zebra. There are a total of 3 species of zebra, with a number of varieties, or “Breeds”

Zack is 6 years old in the video, they have a similar lifespan as a horse

The jump is 2 foot, 8 inches tall

Zack is 12 hands, 2 inches tall at his withers (where his back and neck meet). A hand is 4 inches, and is the standard for measuring equines.

There are a number of regulations involved to own a zebra. USDA permits, as well as regulations on state, county and city levels.

Zebras are not mean, but they are wild animals and require special care and attention.

Me and My Pet Zebra Donkey-Red Dead Redemption

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I love my zebra donkey herald. I found him today from a level 50 and I have other videos with him too. This goes super fast but one bad thing is it cant jump, oh well its a zebra donkey enjoy and tell your friends.