Learn Sea Animal Names and Reptiles Names Education Video For Children

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Learn Sea Animal Names and Reptiles Names Education Video For Children

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In this video, we study marine animals such as the penguin, blue whale, orca, crocodile, alligator, sea turtle, various sharks, rays, octopus and even a dinosaur! This video was made specifically for the study of animals for entertainment and educational purposes, for children from 2-5 years. Subscribe to my channel, because every day you can watch a new video!

Learn Zoo and Farm Animals Names Baby Pet Donkey Toys Video for Kids

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Learn Zoo and Farm Animals Names Baby Pet Donkey Toys Video for Kids

Here’s another upload I created for you guys! It’s in a black pail in a pink background showing different kinds of zoo, wild, farm, and see animal toys I have.

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LITTLEST PET SHOP FARM ANIMALS Toys in Real Life – Learn Names from LPS Farm Animals Collection

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Let’s get to know the littlest pet shop farm animals toys in real life. This video is intended for kids to learn the names from LPS farm animals collection. Check out the best LPS toys here →

Do you like littlest pet shop? Let’s watch this compilation of beautiful Littlest Pet Shop videos of farm animal toys. Kiddopedia team is bringing you the popular and new toys from LPS farm animals collection. These clips include names of LPS characters and video footage of these animals in real life. You can learn what type of farm animal each Littlest Pet Shop toy comes from. We introduce each LPS farm animal first, and then show its real life version with the proper English pronunciation of the animal’s name. We bring you one of the few educational videos about Littlest Pet Shop on youtube. We believe that this is a perfect way to teach farm animal’s to kids, and makes it interesting and engaging for preschool children.

What is Littlest Pet Shop?
Littlest Pet Shop are a line of toys sold by Hasbro. These toys are mainly marketed for girls. Each toy is a small statue of an animal, which are commonly found in pet stores. Some examples of these animals are puppies, kittens, turtles, farm animals and birds. They also sell other types of animal toys, for example horses, bugs, furry pets and aquatic animals. There are many different types of each animal. Hasbro has made more than 300 different versions of the animals. These cute toys are a perfect gift for toddlers who love animals. There is also a television series and a video game about LPS.

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Roma feeding the Horse and learning names of Vegetables

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Roma has a new friend – a horse. The boy collects vegetables to feed her and learning names of vegetables. Learn names of vegetables in English for children with Kids Roma Show
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The shetland ponies from the “rescued shetland ponies” video now have names!!
Black shetland with purple halter on – NAME CHOSEN: Bob
Skewbald shetland yearling – NAME CHOSEN: Alfie
Black shetland with no halter on – NAME CHOSEN: Jimbob.

60 Possible Names For Your Pet Lizard

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Having trouble trying to think of a name for your new pet lizard? Well with a little help from my wonderful Instagram friends, I’ve composed a list of 60 possible names for your little guy or girl.

Thank you to everyone who sent their photos in for this video!

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The Scientific Latin Names Of Various Exotic Animals

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I’m going to use this as a study video for my Zookeeping classes at The Sante Fe Teaching Zoo. This is also the first video i put together here in Florida.
This is also a good video if you want to learn how to pronounce seemingly unpronouncible Latin names.

Pets for kids in german – Sound and names

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Teach your childs their first words in german. Traposo the bear shows them the jungle animals. Hear the name and the sound of the different animals.
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Netherlands Horse Rescue 2006 with names of rescue riders

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God bless those who save the horses, names at last.
The video answers why we are with horses – they make us better, stronger, bigger then ourselves could be without them. This was sent to me in 2006 as a file—-I have no idea who the creator was but it is the first edit. I take no credit for photography or music or any content but it is priceless and inspiring. For almost 2 years I have tried to find out the horsewomen’s names. Finally I have.
There were 7 woman critical to the rescue One woman risked her life cutting fence in neck high water and contacting authorities has never been recognized Norma Miedema. Then there were the 6 women (ages 19-40) who rode that day and were honored by their government for their bravery and courage for riding into frigid flood waters that had hidden ditches, strewn with broken fencing and other hazards.
Norma Miedema the first responder.
The riders’ and horses’ names
Susan Fransen riding Blizzard,
Micky Nijboer riding Berber,
Antje Dijkstra riding Humphrey,
Hinke Lap riding Guinever,
Christina Stormer riding Perfeft and
Fardow de Rueter riding King.
Norma Miedema started the Netherlands Horse Rescue must receive credit. For years no one has heard her story of the role she played in the Netherlands horse rescue which no one can forget. Her story is mostly unknown because there is only one report of it which is in Dutch. The waters were rising she was on her way home to her own animals and the horror would begin in Marrum. Norma Miedema was the one who contacted authorities of Marrum the evening of Tuesday, October 31, 2006. She began the rescue before the authorities could mobilize knowing there would not be time. She held a drowning foal in her arms as it died the first day, trapped by the wire under the water. She was one woman, 40 years old trying to save those she could waiting for help. She waded into the frigid water neck deep to cut the barb wire with bolt cutters to allow the horses escape to higher ground. During the first 2 days she fought to get the horses fresh water so they would not drink the salt water. She held sickened horses as they died. She would not relent on the authorities. She fought authorities to think outside the box. She offered to ride her own horse to lead the stranded they had “better ideas”. It was them against one horsewoman. Finally with the international press taking the story and the authorities failed efforts, November 3rd , 2006 the other riders came on the scene. They were fresh and public opinion over ruled. Norma exhausted and becoming ill (eventually pneumonia) was still there the day of the ride out with her trailer to help transport them on her third day of hell. She is an unknown and unsung hero, quiet and modest, a loner who stays to herself. Perhaps that is why she remains unknown. She holds no grudge against those who have been recognized and has never cried out “unfair!” I’m sure there were others as well who were never recognized for the bravery because it was not captured dramatically on camera. I give gratitude and recognition to Norma Miedema a true horsewoman and hero and so should you.
The Riders came on the third day as again the waters were due to rise with the next storm. This next storm would be the horses end. The horses caught by the flooding were weakening and many were showing signs of giving up. The nature of the horse herd kept them from trying to save themselves.
For three days the media broadcasted the unsuccessful attempts to rescue them. Then a posting appeared on the Friesian horse forum, by Micky Nijboer: “horses and riders sought…..Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water” could try the idea of leading them off the small mound of land. They would meet the next day and the video is what they accomplished by risking themselves and their horses.
Fardow de Ruiter was 33 at the time of the rescue. She rode her horse King, the Paint Stallion. Her guest book can be found at www.tboek.nl/gastenboek/colouredstable
I know this video has been missing so here it is – pass it on to those who need inspiration to succeed when everything else has failed.
Please see for a better understanding of the dangers 1:47 one of the rider’s horse trips with the island horses moving forward. He stands between them and her as she remounts: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrMjAKEfB8c
Awards ceremony introducing riders. It is in Dutch but identifies horses and riders www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvNZOqRc25Q
~Quintin de Verneuil BWP

Names Petstore’s Give Hamsters.

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Most people Go to the petstore without research choose a Hamster and just go by the name it’s cage says Petstores often use names like; Panda Bear Hamster, Teddy bear Hamster, Black Bear Hamster and sometimes Fancy Bear hamster Which are all Syrian Hamsters! They are not Species of there own they are nicknames and are often call those names because of the fur pattern, type or color. Here my’s videos on Syrian hamster Fur Types, Colors and Patterns:
If you need any help with a petstore name and what species they really are comment down below and I’ll try to help!

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Donkey – Animal Sounds and Names for Kids & Toddlers | BabyTV

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Kids can have fun learning animal names and animal sounds with BabyTV’s special animal series. Toddlers and babies will learn about the donkey in this episode. What sound does a donkey make? What does a donkey look like?
This animal series will introduce a variety of animals: dog, lion, penguin, bear, mouse, elephant, monkey, whale, horse, donkey, giraffe, pig, sheep and many more.
Kids can enjoy guessing which parts or steps belong to which animal, while learning the names of the animals and the sound they make. Children can enjoy participating in fun animal games and watching playful animated animal videos.

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Learn Amphibians and reptiles animals | Learn Names and sounds Animals for Kids | Animals in English

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Animal videos especially made for children.Teach your children the amphibians and reptile animals and the with this educational video for kids.Learn names and sounds of animals in english.

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