Diesel – Blue Nose Pit Bull – Oklahoma Dog Training

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Diesel is a Blue Nose Pit Bull who went through our board and train program here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His owners live in Mooreland, Oklahoma so we met them in Oklahoma City to pick him up. Diesel has tons of energy and is a rowdy little guy, specifically jumping, biting and pulling on the leash badly. Now he is sitting, downing and walking great on a leash and has very good manners. We are taking Diesel back to his owners very soon. If you’re interested in obedience training for your dog to be like this pit bull, call us at 918-991-8634 today! More Oklahoma Dog Training, Oklahoma City Dog Training, Blue Nose Pit Bull Training, Oklahoma Dog Trainers

7 Month Old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog | Best Dog Training Oklahoma | Board and Train

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Ironside, 7 Month Old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog | Best Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training Oklahoma | Off Leash K9 Training | 2 Week Board and Train | E Collar Training | Trainer: Maegan

3 Year Old Basenji Mix | Best Basenji Dog Training | Off Leash K9 Oklahoma | Board and Train

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Rosie, 3 Year Old Basenji Mix, Best Basenji Dog Training Oklahoma | Off Leash K9 Training | Board and Train | 2 Weeks | E Collar | Oklahoma City | Tulsa | Norman | Trainer: Ally.

Off Leash K9 services all of Oklahoma! Visit our website for details and contact info!

Misery and Cruelty at G.W. Exotic Animals Memorial Park in Oklahoma: A PETA Investigation

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A 2006 PETA undercover investigation exposes misery and cruelty at G.W. Exotic Animals Memorial Park. Learn more:

Water Gardens Keeping Fish

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(9/28/13)-Oklahoma Gardening host, Kim Toscano, joins with Mike Miller of Pond Pro Shop to discuss the various aspects to keeping fish in water gardens.

HORSES GALLOPING –With donkey walking

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Horses galloping in the pasture. Donkey walking.

‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’

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ANIMAL lover Jeff Lowe provides care and shelter to more than 220 big cats – and they live in his back garden. 51-year-old Jeff owns the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, one of the largest private zoos in the world that rescues and protects over 500 wild animals, from tigers and lions to bears and crocodiles. Jeff, a multimillionaire, spends his days closely interacting with the most dangerous animals, walking them on leads inside his cabin house and laying in and around their enclosures – he even takes his smaller tigers to the vets in his Ferrari. Lauren Dropla, Jeff’s 25-year-old fiancé, offers a helping hand with looking after their exotic pets and maintaining the park on a daily basis.

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