Rabbits Guinea pigs for sale pet market || exotic rabbit || #Guinea pigs for sale Rabbits Manglore

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Bunnies 4 Sale Friendliest rabbits for sale in manglore

AQUARIUM STORE visiting Manglore this store has everything related fishes hobby
This store located in nellikai road near state Bank circle Manglore
Contact to store person:9741474746 ,9606868617

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In this video, check out PETCO with 2 year old Dylan! He go to see a very active guinea pig, tropical birds, ferrets, fish, bearded dragons, geckos, cats AND he got to TOUCH A PYTHON!

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Playtime with Dylan is a fun family channel for kids and toddlers who love to watch other kids playing! Dylan is a 2 year old little boy who lives with his mom and dad, big brothers, twins Connor and Lucas (14) and big sister Olivia (12).

Dylan is Ryan ToysReview’s #1 fan and one day told us “Me want a selfie like Ryan”…(He calls videos “selfies” 😉 And boom- Playtime with Dylan was born!

Dylan’s channel will be an assortment of educational, silly, musical and age appropriate toy review videos. He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, Kinder reveals, play doh , Pixar Disney Cars , Disney Planes, Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Teletubbies, Hot Wheels, Doc McStuffins, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure, Chuck E. Cheese and so much more! Videos are aimed to help teach toddlers colors, numbers, the alphabet, songs, games and nursery rhymes. Check back often as we release videos daily!

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Exotic Pets : Breeding Guinea Pigs

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It’s important for people not to breed guinea pigs unless they are trained breeders, and breeders should make sure that the mother weighs at least 200 grams. Discover how gestation takes about nine to 10 weeks for guinea pigs with help from the manager of a pet store in this free video on breeding guinea pigs.

Expert: Ashlee
Bio: Ashlee has been the manager of Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah for the last three years.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Pet Store Cages Are TOO SMALL! Guinea Pigs Need Bigger.

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Almost 99% of pet store cages DO NOT meet the minimum size requirements to happily and healthily house your guinea pigs. Meeting the cage requirement for your guinea pigs is just one of their basic needs.

2 guinea pigs require 28 by 56 inches or about 9 square feet of room. If you are talking c&c cages the minimum you’d want to build or buy is a 2by4. A Midwest Habitat is just a touch below the standard for 2 guinea pigs but is much better than using your traditional guinea pig store bought cage. If you have a Midwest that is just fine, connecting 2 together is always a great idea if you so desire.
Want to get crafty? Make your own cage using other supplies, I will link channels who have awesome DIY cages to give you safe and helpful tips on how to do so.

Cages are your guinea pigs home, so please make them something they will love to live in for the next 7 years. Spending a bit more on a DIY cage is SO WORTH IT. Cheap pet store cages or expensive, they are not even something to consider.

New Pet Room Tour:


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How To Bath A Guinea Pig:

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Building C&C Cages:

Coroplast Base Making:

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Meet My Boys | Riding Baby Donkey Part 2

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Once again welcome to my ranch life! Meet all the farm animals on our ranch! It’s never not crazy around here!


Looking at Guinea Pigs in the Pet Shop – plus Rats and a Bearded Dragon

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We couldn’t find any hamsters though

(Sam thinks it’s funny when I add Gaston to the pictures 😉

The Truth About Mini Pigs

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Do you really want a pet pig? This video will help you answer that question!

Shop Exotic Nutrition and use the coupon “HAPPY810” for 10% off your entire order. This code is good for one purchase per customer each month.

Sorry for all of the noise in this video. A lot of noise gets picked up while filming outside.

The Song of My People recording is mildly upset pig, it has not reached its full potential of “upset.”

For more info about getting a pet pig please read my blog

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Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

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