Note in the Pocket – Wake County non-profit organization clothing children with dignity

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What We Do:
We provide needed clothing to children who are identified by various schools and social service agencies in the community as impoverished or homeless and needing clothing to wear to school. We accept donations and supply all seasons of clothing year round. We process incoming donations and outgoing orders at our Volunteer Center located at 5100 Lacy Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27609.

Note in the Pocket grew out of a family ministry started in 2005. One family took it upon themselves to provide clothing for some children in an impoverished school. As word spread, more people became interested in helping and more needs were identified. In the spring of 2012, this family ministry became a church ministry of Our Lady of Lourdes, operating under their nonprofit status.
In March of 2013, Note in the Pocket became a legally formed North Carolina corporation. A board of directors was established and we filed for our own Federal 501(c)3 nonprofit status which was granted in August of 2013.

Our future plans include obtaining funding to support our growth, operating and overhead expenses as well as future paid staff positions. We are working toward building a clothing distribution model that can eventually be replicated in other counties of North Carolina and perhaps one day,nationally.

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Baltimore coddies: investigative historic research at Faidley’s; MD photographer pocket doc

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Coddies, a unique Baltimore fishcake, are shrouded in mystery. Once delivered citywide to drugstore soda fountains to lie in wait under glass to be snapped up by schoolkids and workers needing an unrefrigerated lunchbox Friday fish item, only a few now live on.

Served with Saltines and bright yellow mustard, the memory of the codfish cake’s taste drives those of a certain age to find them. Now, a few churches make them to recall their religious heritage; the best may be at Faidley’s, the standup raw bar and fresh seafood retailer in downtown’s west side Lexington Market. They sell fresh seafood in high volume but also cook what their vendors catch: crabcakes of backfin and lump crabmeat (not the fake stuff many local restaurants deceptively use), broiled filets of fish you can buy whole and coddies made from salted (and then de-salted) Atlantic cod and real mashed potatoes.

Like their fresh fried haddock sandwich, housemade tartar sauce and scratchmade cucumber and potato salad, it’s most definitely worth the trek. And, a nice bonus is eating elbow to elbow with people from all walks of life at communal stand-up tables, a reminder the mixing bowl of urban America is alive and cool.

Faidley’s Seafood and Raw Bar – 203 N Paca St, Baltimore, MD 21201 – 410-727-4898 –
Note: they ship these coddies and crabcakes overnight, and they aren’t made of unrefrigerated, cheaper, pasteurized imported crab like others locally with advertising and social media managers.

Marty Katz – Baltimore commercial photojournalist – editorial and corporate photography for news and social media – 410-428-9000