The outdoor fish tank aka the mini pond Update

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The outdoor guppy pond gets an update in this video as we take a look at the progress. Amazing results on our water quality without any water changes. Guppies are getting bigger and are almost ready to sell off.

Pauls Planted Aquariums:

Kyles Wild World:

Adventures by A Himitsu
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FISH SWALLOWED WHOLE! Pond Monsters show No Mercy to INTRUDERS!

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My Pond Monster shows no mercy to intruders. Shamu is KING!



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Build Fish Pond Around The Rabbit House and Raising 1000 Red Fishes

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After our hard working to build rabbit mud house now we are going to build fish pond around the rabbit house and raising 1000 red fishes. It is very colourful from the red fish and our rabbit very enjoy their play ground.

Keep Fish Food at its Best! Easy No Cost Tips for Aquarium & Pond Fish Food

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No matter what fish foods you buy, these easy no cost tips makes a big difference in keeping it as fresh as possible. Proper storage and handling is key to feeding your aquarium and fish pond better with no additional cost.


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Try the FISH BRAIN APP! (Joeyslay) its a Fishing spot locator that helps you to catch BIG FISH!

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Stock tank fish pond -with stock tank filter – Peaceful serenity

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My stock tank pond. I made this video of my goldfish peacefully swimming around on a summer day. These are the giant rescue goldfish from my other video. And all their babies they’ve had since. Also my container pond goldfish are in there too, but they are very big now. Probably about 3 dozen fish total.

I have a couple rosy red minnows in there too.

The main stock tank pond is over 700 gallons, the stock tank filters are 150 gallons, and 50 gallons.

Finally after years the water is clear (well it’s cleared a few times before but I was never happy with the filters overall so I kept changing it, now I feel I’m very happy with the new filter I designed). No UV light and pretty much no maintenance needed. Just a great filter I designed using stock tanks. It started clearing the first day and within a couple weeks the water was crystal clear.

About the filter: It’s basically a mix of a bunch of types of filters. Bio Shower filter, skippy filter, veggie filter. Took all the best aspects of those and made one great filter. The top tank is a 50 gallon oval stock tank with holes drilled in the bottom. I filled it half way with larger lava rock like you use for BBQ’s. Then threw a ton of those green scrubbie pads on top of the Lava rock. Then on top of those I laid out a bunch of the blue filter media. Then water showers down over it. Shower filters are extremely efficient, and very oxygen rich, perfect for beneficial bacteria. When the water comes out the bottom is goes into the 150 gallon stock tank that is a veggie filter. That acts as a settlement chamber where anything left over from above will fall through and be absorbed by the plant roots. Especially any Nitrates from the beneficial bacteria conversion. I use Yellow flag iris since it sucks up tons of nutrients and can freeze solid and live. They don’t even need soil or anything. The water is crystal clear now. And I get tons of sun. It’s basically no maintenance. Hasn’t clogged yet. When I turn it off for winter it should naturally dry out any gunk in there and be fresh for next spring. It stays pretty clean though. I gave it a name and called it Kazzy filter in case others wanted to find it and give it a try. It’s relatively cheap and easy to do, and works awesome.


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Colorful fish in Street into pool pond

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Here we go again guys! This has been one of my all time FAVORITE videos I personally have ever done! I bring you guys along with our entire Aquascape Ecosystem Pond building team, I like to call the Pond Squad, as we tackle Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch Pond Build!

It’s been a CRAZY three days guys down here in South Florida! We’ve been busting these ponds out like magic! Come tour the Exotic Animal Ranch as well in this video!! Oh my god!! You guys are going to get to see it all! Blake’s got tortoises, turtles, lizards, parrots, goats, A FREAKING PUPPY DOG TAME COW, yes I said COW, and some exotic fish that will make you say ”What the @*!!?”

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Releasing fish into our new pond at Hidden Hollows

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August 31, 2012 – A large snapping turtle has taken up residence in our pond. Should we leave it or remove it?

July 4, 2012 – Feeding Fish in our Pond (second half of this short video):

June 16, 2012 – Catching Small Fish in a Small Pond:

May 1, 2012 – Year 2 – Releasing fish into our pond at Hidden Hollows:

DESCRIPTION: Randy and Diane Wingett released 10 largemouth bass, 25 bluegill and 2 pounds of minnows purchased from Mid-Atlantic Stocking into a new pond at their Hidden Hollows property near Romney, West Virginia. There are plenty of tadpoles, earthworms and other bugs to feed the fish. We hope they thrive in this new environment so that someday we can enjoy some catch-and-release bass fishing!

How to Use Barley Straw for Ponds to Clean Your Fish Pond

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How to Clean Your Fish Pond Using Barley Pond Straw

Barley pond straw allows you to clean your fish pond or water garden without using harsh chemicals.

Instructions for use:

Use 1 eight-oz bag of pond straw for every 800-1000 gallons of water. If your pond is algae-ridden, use the lower number in the range.

Tie the bag in an area of the pond where there is water movement. The bag will float at first then sink.

Keep it submerged about two-three feet below the surface of the fish pond.

As the barley pond straw reacts with the sun and water movement, it will begin to break down and produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide which will clean up your fish pond without endangering your fish or upsetting the fragile ecosystem.

Be patient with this natural process because it takes about three to six weeks to work.

Keep extra pond straw on hand, so you can switch it as needed.

You care enough about your koi fish to find a natural solution, so go the extra mile and make sure that the pond straw is one hundred percent certified organic. This ensures you’re not putting any chemicals into your pond.

So now that you know how to clean your fish pond using pond straw, click on the link to find out where you can purchase a product that is completely natural. For a limited time, you’ll also get a free ebook, “Five Tips for a Healthy Pond” when you click on this link.
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