Sunrise Preschool Video

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Take a look at Sunrise UMC Preschool in Holly Springs!

Our goal is to provide an optimal learning environment that enables children to grow and learn according to their unique learning styles.

We use a combination theme-based and biblical-based curriculum. We will be using Handwriting Without Tears for our 4-year olds.

We believe that the preschool experience should include activities to promote spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and language development.

We also want to emphasize our commitment to teaching Christian values for the children enrolled in our preschool through Bible stories, songs, prayer and chapel time each week
Why We Are Unique

We are the only church-based preschool program in Holly Springs so that caregivers can stay close to home, if they choose to do so, while their child is in preschool. If you decide to run errands or make appointments that take you out of Holly Springs then you have an extra half hour (3 1/2 hours total as opposed to the typical 3 hour program) to get back for pick-up in plenty of time!
Car pool drop-off and pick-up is available for our 3 and 4-year-olds.

First Lutheran School of Knoxville, Tennessee

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Discover the best kept secret in Knoxville. First Lutheran is your home for quality, Christian education for children ages 3 to 8th grade. Faithfully Learning and Serving since 1870.

Upper Room Church of God in Christ Raleigh NC Bible Study

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Find some spiritual fulfillment for you and your entire family with Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina. They offer complete Sunday school programs as well as private schooling for preschool to high school students. Their curriculum combines Christian values with a well rounded education including art, music, and computer courses.
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The Springs Church – Springfield, MO – MOPS Promo 2016

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The Springs Church – Springfield, MO – MOPS Promo 2016

Video – Ken Jansen –

Music – Its Your Love – Hillsong