Home sweet home (Pricey style) | Katie Price’s Pony Club

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Saddle up for Katie Price’s Pony Club, Thursdays at 9pm!‪

Katie Price’s Pony Club is a brand new reality tv show on TLC that see’s Katie teach her children as well as four of their young friends a series of pony club challenges.


Discus Fish Care – Tank Size, Food, & Prices

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– Discus fish need super good filtration and that’s where my favorite canister filter comes in. This filter was last years most sold canister on the market. Here is a link:

Cascade Canister Filter:

Discus fish are the coolest freshwater fish to keep. In this video I talk about taking care of discus fish in 5 steps. I know the step thing is sort of stupid but it’s good for me to stay on track haha. Let me know what you guys think of the discus care guide.

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-here are some example topics.
What could this be (white bump on tail fin)? Looks to me like a lump of scar tissue. No new tank mates in over 10 months, please excuse the photo-bombing platys. Fish is a Blushing Skirt Tetra. Bump seems hard, not fluffy or irritating the veins. Just odd.

What are some of the biggest, most unique, or most colorful fish that I could have in a filtered, heated, planted 29gal? I don’t want them to just be able to survive, but I want them to be comfortable and thriving. Pictures would be great too! Thanks!

Hi people,
My DIY CO2 generator was kicked by my dog and leaked into the 50 gallon planted aquarium when I was away. This happened yesterday and it seems that almost half of the bottle was displaced to the aquarium (around 40oz or so). After a couple of hours the water turned cloudy and fishes and snails started to come to the surface (perhaps due to lack of oxygen?). Discus Fish Tank Care – Overrated and Expensive
I did a 50% water change last night and another 50% after 12 hours, but I see almost no improvement. No dead fish yet, but it seems that some fishes are less active than before.
Any idea about the possible fix without removing all fish and washing the aquarium and plants?
I have angle fish, cories, guppies, tetras, serpae, apple snail and gouramis.

Discus fish really aren’t that hard to keep in your aquariums people!

Talk to me about ramshorn snails. I bought some because they were pink and I thought they were so cute. I have had them a couple of months now and they have multiplied from 4 snails to about 8-10. People keep warning me to get rid of them, saying they will take over my tank and my filter, but so far I am not seeing it. Like I said, after 2 months, I still only have maybe 10 max and I could easily pluck them out and dispose of them if I wanted to. I think my fish eat a lot of the eggs, and I also suck out eggs with a turkey baster when I see them. Do you think it is OK to keep these snails in my tank? Do any of you keep them and have good luck with keeping their population under control over a long period of time? Or am I just setting myself up for long term disaster here? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

bought several pink because like you I thought they were cute. We now have will over 200 snails in three tanks. I will never buy anything but nerites again. The other bad part is if they hatch and you don’t realize it they will clog up and ruin your filter.

Yeah I’m having the same issue. Mine came with a plant. Now they are everywhere. frown emoticon slowly but surely picking them out and throwing them away. One day I picked 30 something…. if you find a little slimy sac with white dots throw that out too! What a pain.

I have pond snails, ramshorns and assassin snails. I probably over feed the fish a little to be nice to the snails, but not enough that they’re going crazy. And the assassin snails would take care of that if I did. They’re interesting! And I don’t have a lick of algae.

said bout they produce by how much they eat…. if they mass produce its not their fault its yours “the hobbyist” because u over feed ur fish, i have pond, mts, ramshorns, assassin and even rabbit snails, out of all my snails the assassins produce way more then any of them, thats because they r over fed which over feeding causes mating

hanks guys! I will keep an eye on them and be mindful to not overfeed the tank, and keep removing extra eggs. I do think my fish are eating some of the eggs too. I bet they love them! I do love snails. I just don’t want hundreds of them. I also have 1 blue mystery and 1 yellow mystery snail in with my female bettas, and I have 2 nerite snails and 1 black devil snail in with my male betta. I actually always have gunk in my substrate, no matter how many times I vacuum, and I have algae on my glass too. My otos and ramshorns don’t take care of it at all! Grrrr. I just ordered a python and I am hoping it will do a better job cleaning the gravel than my cheap hand-pump one.

Just wanted to show off my new baby. I know she’s not fish related. She’s a land turtle Wood turtle. Supposed to be 10 months old but

John McCririck keeps score.. | Katie Price’s Pony Club

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Saddle up for Katie Price’s Pony Club, Thursdays 9pm!

Katie Price’s Pony Club is a brand new reality tv show on TLC that see’s Katie teach her children as well as four of their young friends a series of pony club challenges.


Vaccines for Your Horse – Best Prices On Vaccines For Your Horse

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Vaccines for Your Horse

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Kieran’s Pony Club? | Katie Price’s Pony Club

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Saddle up for Katie Price’s Pony Club, Thursdays at 9pm!

Katie Price’s Pony Club is a brand new reality tv show on TLC that see’s Katie teach her children as well as four of their young friends a series of pony club challenges.