Veterinary Rhino Dehorning Procedure | Wildlife Protection Solutions

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Watch a rhino being dehorned by a team of veterinarians to protect it from poaching. Horns grow back over time, with recent studies claiming that the re-growth of dehorned rhino horn appears faster than growth in non-dehorned rhinos.

Some wildlife reserves believe this to be an effective deterrent against poaching, and are therefore removing rhino horns every 12-24 months.

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Veterinary Cryosurgery Behind the Scenes: Watch the Procedure Now

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Watch as Marc Smith, DVM performs cryosurgery on a 17-year-old cat. Cryosurgery uses extreme cold to destroy diseased or damaged tissue. Dr. Smith often uses cryosurgery in his pet cancer treatment plans.

Dr. Smith:  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Doctor Marc Smith, 20-year practicing veterinarian and co-creator of PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products, and I’m gonna work on this fine kitty. Do you all … Look at this great kitty. This is a 17-year-old kitty. Snowbell. This is a good little geriatric kitty that gets really nervous in here. And what I’m gonna do today, we can see this mass on the ear. I don’t know what kind of mass it is. It really doesn’t matter. There are really two options on this thing. You cut it off right there and that would require anesthesia and we don’t wanna do that because Snowbell is 17 years old and above all, we don’t wanna do anything that’s gonna harm Snowbell.

So what we’re gonna do and what I’m gonna demonstrate is this product right here, it’s called the Cool Renewal. It’s a simple, easy way to get cryosurgery in your clinic. It comes in a spray can and I’m gonna show you how it’s gonna work. We don’t even have to use any anesthesia or any sedation or anything of Snowbell and we’ll get that thing off. And it’ll take about a week and it’ll dry up and go off. I did about two years ago. See entire script at:

Veterinary Surgeon Explains TPLO Procedure

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This ten minute video is meant to be informational. The relatively “slow” film is of my dog’s veterinary surgeon explaining tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. With this video I am trying to get information out to dog owners who are faced with a pet with a “torn ACL” and the resulting lameness or limp. As I say in the video – I do not endorse the procedure. Nor am I endorsing this particular vet.

I did have the procedure done on my dog and so far so good. In the months and years to come I will have a better view of how successful the procedure has been and if it was worth the money. All pet surgeries seem expensive these days.

Again, the video is informational. If you Google “TPLO” you will find a great number of sites with information and opinions about this procedure. As in all medical situations (people and pets) information is the key to making informed and appropriate decisions.

Veterinarian Canon City Pet Veterinary Hospital Watch Video of Surgical Procedure 719-275-1909

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We don’t believe in the treat ’em and street ’em mentality. We will give you every option available for the care of your animal, whether that keeps you in our care or sends you to a specialist. You and your animal are our priority and giving the best care to your animal is what we do do best.

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