3 Week Residential Dog Training Program At Royvon

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In this video, Royvon dog trainer, Emma Riedlinger, shows us how Bailey improved after a 3 week dog training at Royvon dog training schools.

Bailey is a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Like any Lab, she is sunny, smart, and friendly. Due to these characteristics, Bailey was very bouncy and excitable at the start of her residential dog training. And she was guilty of pulling on lead towards other people and anything that looked interesting to her. Since Labradors are people-oriented dogs, Bailey loved to jump at people all the time. This sweet nature of hers needed to be toned down a little as it could develop into a bothersome behavior sooner or later.

After undergoing a 3 week dog training with Emma, Bailey improved her behavior in no time. Now, she can heel forwards and backwards. Even when her favorite distractions are all around her, she can stay obedient and focused. Bailey is still an active dog but she is no longer as bothersome to the people and dogs around her.

Labradors like Bailey are excellent friends and companions to people. They are known for being great around elderly and sick people, and families. Although they are not suitable watchdogs, their sweet nature gives pleasure and relaxation to any family they stay with. Their athletic build and strong nose also enables them to be a big asset in search and rescue operations.

Do you also own a loving Labrador retriever? We can help improve your quality of life with your Lab. The earlier we train your buddy, the better it will be for you and your canine pal. With our long history of training experience, Royvon Dog Training Schools promises that your dog will be a happy, active, and well-trained one after staying with us. As you have seen in the video, Bailey is only one of many dogs which improved after our quality training and excellent care.

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UT Veterinary Social Work program to host emotional CPR training

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Veterinary Social Work is conducting an Emotional CPR training event in February. While it’s veterinary-specific, all are welcome. Visit www.vetmed.tennessee.edu for details. Jan 8, 2019-4pm

MCC Veterinary Technology Program

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Turn your love of animals into a rewarding career!

Veterinary technicians are kind-hearted professionals committed to animal health care. As part of a team, they are entrusted with animal nursing care, lab diagnostics, anesthesia, surgical assistance, dentistry, radiology and more. This work can have a profound effect on a patient.

Our program prepares you to perform the nursing and technical duties used in clinical practice and research on small, large and lab animals. Housed in a state-of-the-art facility, our outstanding program has many advantages:

* Full accreditation by the AVMA since 1975
* Hands-on involvement with 12 different animal species
* Instructors with real-world experience
* Classes four days a week encourages employment at a veterinary facility
* National board pass rate of 94-100% over the past 12 years

We’ll give you every advantage to become a highly skilled veterinary technician. You can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree and be on your way to a great career!

Accreditation: American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Veterinary Research Scholars Program

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With temperatures soaring this summer, 12 veterinary students discovered that the laboratory was the cool place to be. On July 31, the students presented the results of research they had completed as part of the Veterinary Research Scholars Program, or VRSP. This program aims to give first and second year students with limited lab experience an introduction to biomedical research.

“This program provides the students with an opportunity to learn what goes into a research project and to generate a manuscript,” said Dr. Elizabeth Davis, associate professor in Clinical Sciences. “For some students, that will allow them an opportunity — perhaps a career opportunity — to choose that they may otherwise would not have selected.”

The Veterinary Research Scholars Program is an intensive research-oriented experience directed towards attracting our most talented professional students into biomedical research careers.

To read more of the August 2012 issue of Lifelines, go to

Columbus Ohio Dog Training with Terry Cook: What Will Your Dog Learn During a Board & Train Program

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What will your dog learn during his/her stay with Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer Terry Cook? Watch this video to find out!

www.dogtrainercolumbusohio.com offers free in-home evaluations for all new clients in the Columbus Ohio area! Schedule yours today!

When you choose Terry Cook as your certified Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer you will get guaranteed results. Your dog will not only learn all his/her obedience but be off leash reliable with lifetime support guarantee!

In this video we have Sacha, the Rottweiler, who just graduated her 10 Day Board & Train!

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Equine Science & Equestrian Program at Ottterbein University

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If you loved horses as a kid, competed in 4-H, took lessons in English riding, don’t think you have to give it up when you come to college. At Otterbein you can ride and compete nationally at our new facility just three miles from campus. We are also one of the select schools in the country to offer majors in Equine Science. Come see what the neighing is about!

Texas Children’s Therapy Dog Program

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Meet Elsa, Texas Children’s new therapy dog. Elsa is part of the hospital’s newly launched facility dog program that uses animal-assisted therapy to enhance the emotional well-being of patients who are having trouble coping with hospital stays, a new diagnosis or other traumatic experiences.

Service Dog-Training Program

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During winter quarter, service dog training at Wright State University officially launched with a pilot program, three pups and three students volunteering to foster the dogs during their training. Deemed a success, it continued into the spring term with four new canines and the help of 4 Paws for Ability, an assistance dog placement agency based in Xenia, Ohio. The agency has trained and placed about 600 dogs since 1998.

Service dogs are trained best in public places with a wide array of environmental settings, and exposure to many different kinds of people. It’s particularly important that the animals are comfortable in school settings for long periods of time, as many will accompany youngsters in the classroom.

Agencies like 4 Paws are quickly learning that college campuses fit their training needs perfectly, and schools like Wright State that already feature a robust accessibility culture are an even greater fit.

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What to expect when starting a formal dog training program!

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My opinion on what constitutes the most important elements in the beginning phase of a formal dog obedience training program! For more information about my services, check out my website: If you just like cool photos of dogs, you can head over to my Instagram: