Oh Rats! | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

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Dr. K examines two male rats that have come into the office for their wellness exams.
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About Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER:
Dr. Susan Kelleher owns and operates one of the busiest exotic animal care practices located in South Florida, Broward Avian and Exotics Animal Hospital. “Everything but dogs and cats. If it will fit through the door, I’ll treat it!” is Dr. K’s motto. And through the door they come. Rabbits, reptiles and birds of all shapes and sizes, foxes, ferrets, fish, marsupials, and even primates.

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Oh Rats! | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

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The Vigilante Group Of New Yorkers Who Hunt Rats At Night (HBO)

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Rats aren’t only a part of New York City’s underground — they’re an inseparable part of its pop culture. There’s Master Splinter from the Ninja Turtles, Pizza Rat, and even Cannibal Rat. But for every celebrity rat, there’s another 250,000 to 2 million anonymous rodents living in the city — and the city health department is fighting to bring down.

The battle can be deadly. Last year, three people in a Bronx city block contracted leptospirosis through rat urine. Only two survived.

To combat the problem, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a $32 million initiative to rid New York of its signature rodents, concentrating on hyper-infested areas that the city describes as “rat reservoirs.”

Multiple city agencies are currently focusing their efforts around public housing buildings, where they plan to replace dirt basement floors, block passageways and amp up trapping, baiting and poisoning efforts.They also apply dry ice to the rats’ burrow systems, effectively suffocating them as the carbon dioxide gets released while the ice melts.

But if all else fails, a small group of dedicated rat hunters are ready to step in.

When dusk settles, Richard Reynolds and his vigilante rat hunters known as “The Ryders Alley Trencher-Fed Society” — or R.A.T.S for short — roam lower Manhattan’s streets and dumpsters, keeping their dogs’ instincts sharp and the hunting tradition alive.

In the three decades Richard has been hunting rats with his dogs, he says he must have killed thousands of rats. But he doesn’t really keep track.

A hunter through and through, he only counts the ones that get away.

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Mink and Dogs DESTROY 30 RATS!!!

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Matthew’s Mink Manor

In this video my mink Iki ska’, Iki sa’be, Bear, Piranha, and Rio clean up a bunch of rats with the help of my bull lurcher Boss (1/4 pit bull, 3/8 whippet, 3/8 greyhound), Matthew’s jack russell Neela, and Cade’s dog Carl (1/2 border collie, 1/4 pharaoh hound, 1/4 catahoula leopard hound).

That Time Snakes, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Rats, and a Gorilla Took Over a Ship

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Can You Really Legally Land a Helicopter in a Fast Food Parking Lot?

In this video:

While some of the details of the event have been lost to history, what we know for sure is that sometime in the closing months of 1889, a ship called the Margaret set sail from the city of Durban in current day South Africa helmed by one Captain Sargent. The Margaret was headed for Boston with a rather curious cargo that included at least 100 cockatoos, a dozen or so snakes, two crocodiles, an orangutan, a gorilla and an unconfirmed numbers of monkeys and parrots.

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The Retarded Rats – Pony Girl (26.01.2013 Strasbourg, France @ Mudd Club) [HD]

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The Retarded Rats live at Madd Club in Strasbourg (France) 26.01.2013.
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Enjoy !

Gambian pouched rats: exotic pets and an invasive species

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Gambian pouched rats: exotic pets and an invasive species
Gambian pouched rats: exotic pets and an invasive species Linda Crampton is a writer and teacher with an honors degree in biology. She loves to study nature and write about animals and plants. A HeroRAT trained by APOPO to find land mines receives a reward. | SourceInteresting and Helpful AnimalsGam…

Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

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RATS and cats aren’t famous for their strong friendship, however this New York cafe en’tails’ peace and harmony between the furry animals. The Brooklyn Cat Cafe located on Atlantic Avenue has recruited two rodents, Emile and Remy, to help care for young orphaned kittens.

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Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski
Editor: Sonia Estal

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Facts & Myths | Pet Rats

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Rats are amazing pets, and I think there are a lot of misconceptions
surrounding pet ownership. Rats are not street rats, and that’s oftentimes
what people confuse them with. They think of them as subway rats, or
they’re some confusion that they’re wild animals. The rats that people keep
as pets are affectionate, loving animals. They were domestically bred and
domestically raised and intended to be pets living in our homes.

Another misconception that people often have with them is that they bite. It’s
extremely rare that rats bite. If they are socialized well, are handled
often. If they are acquired without any previous history that would lead
them to becoming biters, it’s extremely rare that a pet rat is ever going
to bite you.

Another misconception that people often have with rats is that they carry a
lot of diseases, I think people have historically been concerned about bubonic
plague and silly things like that. And those things are not issues at all
with keeping pet rats today. The likelihood of them carrying a lot of
diseases or being infested with anything that’s ever a risk to humans is
extremely low. But there are some possibilities, but the risks, like I said,
are extremely low.

Another misconception that I think people have about rats is that they
don’t tend to like people, that they’re not friendly enough to be kept as
pets. People are used to other rodents type species, like hamsters and
gerbils and they’re used to the level of interaction they have. You can
absolutely get that with pet rats. They long to be held. They love to sit
on people’s shoulders. They like to be part of the family unit.

Though rats may not appeal to everybody, what I’ve often heard people say
is that the tail sometimes bothers them. The fact that rats do not have fur
on their tails, for some reason as a personal opinion, bothers some people.
The other thing that bothers certain people are some of the colors because
pet rats come in a variety of different color mutations. There are people
who just feel, for lack of a better term, weirded out by red or pink eyes
or a white animal with red eyes. But there is really no reason for that to
be. There is no negative impaction from that. It’s more of just somebody’s
personal feeling or personal opinion about the rat in general.

These rats, as you see here, pet rats or fancy rats, are domestically bred
to be pets. They love human interaction. They’re friendly. They’re social.
They want to be around their owners, and they enjoy being groomed. They
enjoy being petted. They will actually give kisses. It is extremely rare
that they will bite, and they’re overall great and amazing pets.

I Became a Mom to 3 Baby Rats. (They Should’ve Been Food)

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Please listen to all my disclaimers in the video (16:50) before thinking or assuming any feeder rats/mice need to be “saved” from becoming meals. They absolutely do not need to be, snakes need food and feeder rats are typically bred in ways that would make awful pets. They have poor genetics a lot of the time and also are not socialized in a way that a pet rat would be. These rats for some reason are sold simultaniously as pets and feeders at this store, and I somehow accidentally brought the Dumbo home instead of the typical all white rat…and i just couldn’t feed it. This is just my story, not a lesson on what you should do. Never take on a pet you are incapable of handling. I made sure I was capable of handling rats before announcing them to my channel because I want to be responsible. It’s been 2 months and they are thriving, and I adore them endlessly.
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How to Pick a Pet Rat | Pet Rats

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When deciding to choose a new pet rat, you’re generally going to have to decide whether you want to go through a standard pet store chain, which is probably where most people would acquire one, or if you want to go through adoption, or if you want to go through a breeder. And generally I think that those are the three categories or the three places where somebody could acquire a new pet rat.

If you choose to go through a breeder, generally it means that you’re looking for a very specific breed, a very specific variety or type of rat, or even a specific color pattern or color mutation of the rat. And breeders can be found both through local rat clubs, you can often find breeders by going online and doing internet searches, as a means to find them.

The majority of people probably are getting their pet rats through rescues. There are a lot of rescue organizations. There are a lot of people who choose to take in unwanted rats, who take in litters of rats when somebody unexpectedly has one, or the rescues will often acquire the rats through hoarding type situations, which is an unfortunate aspect of what sometimes happens with these animals, and they’ll take in a large number of them, and then have to go through the process of rehoming them.

Otherwise, people will sometimes go to the pet store to find a rat. Sometimes the rats that are available in pet stores are actually there, and intended to be sold as, food for reptiles, like snakes. So, sometimes it’s most ideal to consider going through adoption, going through a rescue organization, to try to pick out the type of rat that you want.

When looking for a rat, generally you want to find one that’s happy, healthy, looks contended, is social, doesn’t appear to be fearful, looks like it has pretty clean, healthy-looking eyes, no nasal discharge, no trouble breathing, overall appearance of that rat looks like a generally healthy animal with a well-maintained coat, normal activity, normal alertness, and find what’s most appropriate for you. Most people choose to adopt a rat that’s younger, that way they can socialize it, that way they can handle it more, that way they can raise it in the way that they want, and have it used to their home life and to their environment.

So overall, when choosing a rat, look for a healthy animal, decide if in fact, you need a specific type of variety, but most people don’t. You can generally check online or check with local rat groups, check with local veterinarians that see and treat rats, and try to get put in touch with rescue organizations, sanctuaries, or generally people who do pet rescue, that may have a number of rats available for adoption.

A rat lover’s experience owning exotic pet rats: Phoebe Blue’s Story

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Phoebe Blue of Stapleton is also known as “Phoebe the Rat Girl.” After having guinea pigs for years, she decided she wanted to take her pet game to a whole new level. Blue, 30, is also a singer/songwriter who recorded her song “I love my little rat babies” with Tommy Bones at Studio Bones with the Make Baleaves and “Ratcall” with a beat by American Anymen. The songs are featured in the above video along with Blue’s story about her pet rats. (Video: Shira Stoll)

Giant snake at the exotic pet store

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Giant snake at the exotic pet store (UK)

Exotic Pets : How to Care for Rats

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When caring for rats, it’s important to get a good cage because rats are intelligent and can often escape. Make sure to provide a rat with plenty of toys with help from the manager of a pet store in this free video on pet rats.

Expert: Ashlee
Bio: Ashlee has been the manager of Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah for the last three years.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton