[ASMR] Dalton Plays Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 3)

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Saddle up folks! Dalton is playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and you are comin’ along for the ride! We gallop along this beautiful game and run into a little bit of trouble on the way. We also show off our amazing Arabian White Horse. As everybody knows if your horse ain’t happy, you ain’t happy!

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Highlight Reel #444 – Red Dead Man Can’t Keep Head On Straight

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1. Ring of Elysium – Zip Line Massacre – Ripskin16

In Ring of Elysium, zip line massacre.

2. COD4:BO – Blackout 200 IQ Play – TokageDemon

In Blackout, fantastic trucking.

3. COD: BO4 – “the one with the legs” – Ah!Jan

John Carpenter’s Call of Duty.

4. Just Cause 4 – Birds – (direct file) Noah Martin
A bunch of people sent me these perfectly frozen birds in Just Cause 4.

5. Just Cause 4 – Rico spins his beyblade – RandomRoll

Also in Just Cause 4, rockets turn this blimp into a beyblade.

6. Just Cause 4 – I love this game – SSJ_Daniel

Lastly in Just Cause 4, creating a glider.

7. RDR2 – NPC Hunter is so kind in sharing his game – Priscent Snow

In Red Dead, so kind of this hunter to share his game.

8. RDR2 – “hold up fam i got this one” -god – bLoOoodHoUnDD

Divine intervention with this witness.

9. RDR2 – The horse gotta go – Roberto Hidalgo

OK, act natural

10. RDR2 – a real head turner – Kazzerx

This one’s a real head turner.

11. RDR2 – dismount with style – TehGriffzor

Stylish dismount, but he’s still dead.

12. Red Dead Online – I nearly choked on my drink – tyrionb

In Red Dead Online, this guy has a familiar face.

13. Red Dead Online – no need to be on your guard – Lee Stuart

No need to be on your guard

14. Red Dead Online – Horse Kick Catapault – Waka sandman

His horse thought he was saving him from his friend

15. Red Dead Online – IM BLACK JEZUZ

You know the old saying, two men can’t catch the same….fish?

16. Red Dead Online – Red Dead Redemption 2 Flashbacks – Raidkill

Apparently the secret to getting unstuck in time is to have a bear thrown at you.

17. Red Dead Online – the slowmo horse – YuukiFayt

[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Tingles) Buying A NEW HORSE

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▲[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Mouth Sounds) Buying A NEW HORSE

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Disease in aquarium fish in hindi(Dropsy, Red Patch, scale protrusion, tail rot and many more)

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Guys in this video I have explained all types of bacterial disease your fishes may have due to bacterial infection.
Diseases in fishes can be categorized in six types. Please check the video for details.
Bacterial disease is can be of seven types.
1. Red Pest
2. Mouth Fungus
3. Tuberculosis
4. Dropsy
5. Scale protrusion
6. Fin rot & Tail rot
7. Vibriosis

Please check the video for more details about the symptoms of those disease and how to treat them.


Happy fins and nature

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Fishyfish06 – fishbank

Please watch: “Best and cheapest DIY aquarium filter”


Dovii vs Red Devil? Wolf Cichlid Comparison

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– Dovii Fish vs red Devil Cichlid is today’s topic. This is the penn Plax canister filter that I swear by. It’s a top rated seller and does 700 gallons per hour.

Penn Plax 700 Filter:

Who wins this one: dovii vs red devil. Get a few fans and blow them across the top. They can be cheap clip on desk fans, or something to that extent. No need for ice in the tank, as that creates cold spots. Using fans helps the water to evaporate faster which helps keep things cooler. BUT my outdoor stock tank reached 85 during the summer and my fish were perfectly fine. Just make sure they have loads of surface agitation for gas exchange, because warm water is low in oxygen.

I’m in Sydney. If your water gets a little warm, add some air stones to increase the oxygen in the water. If you can’t do water changes to decrease the temp, as the others have stated, float a couple frozen 2 litre bottles of water in the tank. My tank is outside, remember when we had that 47C day? I was doing water changes daily keeping the temp down!

Once my heater went crazy and shot my temp up so I had to think quick. I got a baggie full of ice and floated it in the tank. It slowly brought the temperature down (I had to replace the ice several times) over a couple hours. I am being very serious here, I have had to do the same thing. I had a turkey in my freezer I put it in a plastic bag and floated it. It worked great and not to fast to kill the fish. I did make sure it didn’t touch the sides of the tank.

I recommend the powdered version of this, Seachem Safe. Same chemicals and one bottle so far has lasted me 2 years and is only 1/2 used with water changes every 5-7 days with a 75 gallon and 40 gallon tank. Let’s do a mind/spirit experiment. JUST SEND A QUICK ONE-SECOND GOOD VIBE!

Everyone send That fish and her sick fish some positive thoughts tonight. Her fish seems to be sick, but it still has a chance; it’s just up to its little body to heal itself, and perhaps it needs our extra help. I’d guess the adorable rock decoration. He might have swam into it, while goldfish are beautiful they’re clumsy lol keeping water clean will help heal

It is great how much my fish has healed over night. Still a red streak but the scales are no longer raised and the streak has shrunk. All I did was a 75% waterchange. Just wanted to let you know that my fish fully recovered after 2 days. I still have no idea what caused the read streak on its back, but it has been fine for 2 weeks now with no other sign of redness.

My goldy seems sick. I checked my parameters and I have an ammonia spike. Probably because I changed substrate. Do i need to treat with medication or will daily water changes work? I think it may be fin rot. Dovii cichlids vs red devil

Hello! Is there an easy way to do water changes for a 50 gallon tank? I’ve been using a 5-6 gallon bucket and dragging water back and forth from the bathroom down the hall. It’s really kicking my butt 😅 I don’t mind burning calories but every now and then I end up making a mess. Photo of my little Thor for attention!

How To Breed Red Russian Lace Guppy Fish Breeding Guppies with Shrimp in the Guppy tank

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This is how I breed Red Russian Lace Guppy Fish. There are several techniques for breeding guppies. I find this one the most enjoyable way to set up a Guppy Tank. Check out other videos for other methods as they’ll be released as well. I’ve got some Red Delta guppies, and some blue moscows in the fish room as well at the moment.

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Red Dead Online Brandywine Drop Treasure Map Location Guide (Easy Gold and Money!)

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Treasure map location guide for the Brandywine Drop treasure map in Red Dead Online. Finding this one will give you some easy money and gold aswell!
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#RDR2 #RedDeadRedemption2 #RedDeadOnline

Red Devil BEAST Tank with 10 Fish

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– Red Devil cichlids can be super aggressive. I highly advise you keep your fish well fed. One of my favorite foods is the Northfin Cichlid brand. Here is a link:

Northfin Cichlid Food:

Additional talk:
I do not get why people try and cycle with fish food. It takes so much longer since you have to wait for it to decay, it makes a huge mess, and you can’t confirm the amount of ammonia you’re dosing. I would DEFINITELY go with Dr. Tims Aquatics Ammonium Chloride listed above.

Where I live, the water is very hard, what are your guys ways to getting it down? This is my 20 gal hex tanks reading for the day. None of the fish are weak or sick but I have always had hard water.

Red Devil Cichlid Community tank. I have a new 90 gallon tank coming. I have sold my 60gallon community tank to a friend. I am unsure of what to stock my tank with. I really loved discus fish but I understand they can be a lot of work. I currently also have a 45gal tank with 8 african mbunas. Im debating on doing discus tank, a rainbow tank, south american, or moving my mbunas to the 90gallon.
What are some things I should know about discus? What are some tank mates I can keep with discuss? Can I keep rainbows with them? What should I know about water parameters for them?
I am newer to keeping Mbuna. I currently have (1) Bumblebee, (2) Red Zebra, (2) johanni, (1)melanochromis auratus, (1)Pindani, and (1)albino flame tip. So far they seem to get along but I am not sure if I have stocked correctly. What should I stock if I move the mauna to the 90gal?
Thank you for your help! Tank pictures of 90gallons would help as well.

Do you have any issues with your kh levels? Mine dropped from 6 to 0 in two days, with this substrate, I didn’t want it that low as I have a snail. Just bought some better remineralising powder as I use ro water and a bit of tap water (tap has too much copper in it to keep snails unfortunately). Hoping today’s water change will help.

I know, was going it wouldn’t do that otherwise it can crash the cycle in the filter as surely it would destabilise the pH so that could shift a lot and cause pH spikes? I had to upgrade to a bigger tank, I’d already bought the substrate, then I found out I had too much copper in tap water which is why I couldn’t keep snails alive before, hence going ro route, the cycle from old sponge wasn’t enough to see the new filter so suffered an ammonia spike and yesterday there was nitrite too, although this has gone today. But I’m worried it’s because the kh is none existent, I’ve heard though it won’t work for so long and it will probably all rise again but that would be months away, possibly a year, I don’t know. I’ve hot cuttle bone in for the snail but he doesn’t go near it and hasn’t been in long enough to break down, as the tank is only about 11 days old.

Online Advertising For Veterinary Practices | Red Wiz UK

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“When You Need To Reach The Right People At The Right Time” – Facebook Ads & Google PPC Specialists For Veterinary Practices Find Out How We Can Do For Your Business!

UK Digital Advertising Agency For Small & Medium Businesses

Main Website: www.redwiz.co.uk
Veterinary Practices: www.redwiz.co.uk/vets
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0203 314 0433

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Mission #98 – Home Improvement for Beginners [Gold Medal]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Mission 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in 4K

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medal Missions Walkthrough Playlist:


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Epilogue 1: Part 2 – Beecher’s Hope

Mission #98: Home Improvement for Beginners

Given by: Uncle

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Complete within 18 seconds


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Gold Rush – Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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Red Fronted Macaw, the talking parrot, for Sale at Salman’s Exotic Pet Store

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THE SECRET HOUSE YOU MUST SEE in Red Dead Redemption 2! Secret Easter Eggs RDR2!

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Welcome to THE SECRET HOUSE YOU MUST SEE in Red Dead Redemption 2! Secret Easter Eggs RDR2! Gameplay Guide

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