Feeding All My Reptiles! (9 Reptiles) July 2017

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In today’s video i FEED ALL MY REPTILES including my boa constrictor, corn snake, royal python, leopard gecko, satanic leaf-tailed gecko and crested geckos!

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3 Cool Facts about Legless Lizards | Pet Reptiles

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Let other people have cats and dogs! Jungle Bob is here to show you that owning a pet reptile or amphibian is not as crazy as you might think. In this video, he tells you three cool facts about legless lizards.

One of the most unusual reptiles for sure is the Legless lizard. Hello. This is a Russian variety. We see these in the United States too, down south in Florida they call them Glass lizards, very similar, because they have a couple of unique characteristics.

First thing is, anybody seeing this for the first time says, “Jungle Bob, that’s not a lizard, that’s a snake, because it’s got no arms and legs.” Well, if I’m a scientist and I didn’t make this up, but scientist classifies snakes as animals that do not have any arms or legs, of course, but snakes also can not have ears or an eyelid that they can shut. So, they give that designation to lizards. If an animal or reptiles, a cold blooded, scaly animal, has no arms and legs, does not mean it’s a snake. But if it has an ear opening, and if it has the ability to close its eyes, it is a lizard.

One or the other would make him a lizard. Now if you look really close at this animal, he’s got about an inch behind his eye, he’s got a true ear opening. So, this is a lizard, not a snake. And then if it’s nighttime, of if I can touch his eyes, he would close his eyes, just like you and I do, whereas snakes can never do that. So, an animal that has, a reptile that has an ear opening and/or an eyelid, has to be classified as a lizard, not a snake, and that’s what we have here.

This little guy is from the Ukraine area of Russia. Over there they call him the Scheltopusik, I don’t know why but that’s his name in Russian. Here we call him the Legless lizard, and down in Florida there’s another species called the Glass lizard. They’re called Glass lizards because of their ability to do that trick called autotonomy, where they will just snap off their tail at a moment’s notice. If something was to grab them by the tail, he would leave it behind that I’m trying very hard for that not to happen.

The anal opening of all reptiles, and birds actually, is called the cloaca, and on this particular animal, right where my finger is, is where his opening is. So, from that point down, all the way down, is his tail. That’s all tail, that’s the end of his body, way up top there. So, that whole thing would snap off, which would be a shame; we don’t want for that to happen.

You see the way he moved his body when he wanted to move, lizards do that type of a roll. Snakes don’t usually try to get away from somebody holding them by rotating their body, lizards do that, alligators do that, but he’s got that in his DNA, to roll over like that. So, most people conject that these animals at one point had arms and legs. We know from scientific and fossil records that snakes descended from lizards, no question about it, and this is an animal I think is kind of an in-betweener.

So, he’s a great animal to talk about when we’re doing educational shows, to talk about the Russian legless lizard. He’s a ferocious carnivore. He devours mice, but he can’t grab them with his legs and arms; he kind of just swallows them.

He doesn’t have the same kind of body strength to wrap up a prey item like a snake would, but he kind of walks over it. So, one of the most unusual animals we can see in the reptile world, the legless lizard from Russia. He can open his mouth there, and he didn’t bite me, so this is a good episode.

How to make a Career with Reptiles!

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So you want to make reptiles your living? Watch this video to learn about the career options you have!

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Rockin’ Reptiles

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The song is from the CD by the same name, made by NorthSound: the Music of Nature. The images are from everywhere but not from me. ^^;

It’s random and kind of cheesy, but I was obsessed about these songs when I was little and then I lost the tape. Then I found the CD on eBay! So many memories. I couldn’t resist making a movie.

There are nine more songs, too! Sorry if I’m infringing on copyrights, but the songs are so great a tribute deserved to be made. Share the fun with your kids, and enjoy it yourself!

UNBOXING 3 Ball Pythons from Dynasty Reptiles!

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Our first video of us unboxing 3 ball pythons that we ordered from Dynasty Reptiles in Miami.

You can check out his website here:

Our 3 morphs we got are..

Male Butter Bee (Butter, Spider)

Male Banana Pastel Het Pied

Female Enchi Bee (Enchi, Pastel, Spider)

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MK11 – Reveal details, celebrity voices, and reptiles

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Going over the latest in the rumor mill for Mortal Kombat 11. As well as some speculation on what i think will happen.

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Facts about Meller’s & Pygmy Chameleons | Pet Reptiles

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Let other people have cats and dogs! Jungle Bob is here to show you that owning a pet reptile or amphibian is not as crazy as you might think. In this video, he tells you five cool facts about Meller’s chameleons and pygmy chameleons.

We find chameleons only in certain parts of the world and they’re confined, really, to the island of Madagascar and the eastern part of Africa, which Madagascar is right at the coast. So, they really evolve in that area of the world and that area only. And there’s a wide variety of types.

Unfortunately, again, most chameleons are in trouble. There’s all kinds of myths associated with them. In the island of Madagascar, natives there think they’re venomous and they can bite you and they can kill you, and this of course is folly. They’re really peaceful creatures who want to be left alone and everything about them is, again, about trying to hide.

What we have here is a really interesting twosome of the big guy on the left here is the Meller’s Chameleon and you’ll find him in the rain forest of Africa. And you could see, even as we’re talking, he’s throwing out all kinds of colors. When we first started talking, he didn’t have those black spots. If he gets irritated, if he feels like he’s being exposed, he may just darken up or lighten up certain patterns on his body. If you could see how dark he is right there because the light is on that side.

On the other side of the animal it’s not as dark. So, he can move each scale of his body and change the pigmentation of it in an effort to escape being seen, whether it’s from a predator or from the light we have from the camera. One or the other. Dark on one side, light on the other. That’s about as much a chameleon can do. A male n combat mode will throw out all kinds of colors and a female who’s gravid or pregnant will throw out colors again.

That is I’m already pregnant, don’t bother me boys. That’s what she does to ward off people. Ward off a potential mate. What we have here on the other side, if you can even see it because it’s so small, this is the smallest chameleon, while the Mellers is one of the biggest. This is the pygmy chameleon. And this animal has got an amazing story in that what he is, if he could stay still, is a leaf mimic.

If you look at his body, the lateral shape of it, with that little tiny tail, it looks like a leaf. Don’t step on him. He looks like a leaf and you’ll find these animals really in the understory of bushes and trees. He likes to hang on dead branches and really sit among sometimes the dead leaves. That’s the way he can camouflage himself. He does not have the ability of his chameleon cousin here of changing to all those fantastic colors.

He is pretty much going to go from brown to green and back again. But just by being able to sit there still, he’s kind of looking like the branch right now. And then the lateral shape of his body looking like a leaf, a predator would go right by him and not even see him. And that’s how he lives in a very inhospitable area of the African forest.

Pygmy chameleons in general, very, very short lived animals, live almost insect-like in their life cycle. They breed quickly. Six months old they’re already throwing out eggs and they drop eggs their whole lives in the leaf litter in the bottom of the bush. And they’re born very, very quickly and proliferate quickly because, unfortunately for them, they’re food to almost everything.

But they are insect eaters in their own right and are making interesting terrarium subjects now that people are understanding their habitat and how they should be kept. So, chameleons are absolutely wonders of nature. Their independently rotating eyes, their ability to grasp onto branches perfectly, their ability to change colors and their amazing tongue mechanism to search for and grab their food, make them very, very unique, not only in the reptile and lizard world but in the animal kingdom. Chameleons. You can’t make this stuff up.

Bourse aux Reptiles de Colmar : Edition 2018

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On se retrouve pour l’édition 2018 de la Bourse aux reptiles de Colmar ! Cette bourse ce n’est pas que des reptiles, c’est aussi des arthropodes, des escargots, des associations, …
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