National Anthem of The Equestrian Democratic Republic – Full Version

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EDIT: 15/06/16 – Comments are disabled from now on. Too many Neo-Communists commenting who can’t accept that this is a PARODY, a JOKE, a LAUGH. They also probably have no idea how brutal and oppressive Communism was. I do have a rough idea as I had family in Lithuania during the Soviet Times. Join the real fucking world you Neo-Communist idiots.

PRAISE THE EQUESTRIAN SOCIALIST FATHERLAND!!! Here is the full version of the Equestrian Anthem written by me and sung by my friend Nicolle.

Vocals: IMShadow007

Lyrics: SonicFan39Returns
Flag Design: SonicFan39Returns
Music: Auferstanden Aus Ruinen written by Hanns Eisler (East Germany National Anthem)

French Olympic Announcer: Angryjon
English Olympic Announcer: SonicFan39Returns


From the ruins risen newly,
to the future Ponies stand.
Let us serve our Princess truly,
Equestria, our Land.
Ponies used to live in sorrow,
But in unity we won.
For we shall attain a morrow,
when over Equestria,
there is radiant sun,
there is radiant moon.

May both peace and joy inspire,
For Equestria, our land.
Peace is all Ponies desire,
With the Princess in Command.
With the Ponies now united,
We shall crush every great foe.
Let all paths by peace be lighted,
that no Pony shall again
mourn their foal in woe,
mourn their foal in woe.

Building the nation is our goal,
learn and work as never yet,
A free world for every foal,
faith in its own strength beget!
Pony youth, for whom the striving
of our Ponies is at one,
For the sake of reviving,
and over Equestria’
there is radiant sun,
there is radiant moon…


NCC Students Gearing up for Republic Day | Through Horse Riding Practice

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NCC Students Gearing up for Republic Day | Through Horse Riding Practice | Vijayawada
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A Thousand Horses – (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial

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Music video by A Thousand Horses performing (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial. (C) 2015 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings Republic Records (Republic Nashville)