TriCity Veterinary Hospital – Responsible Pet Care Tips

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Tricity Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and takes both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical and dental cases.

TriCity Veterinary Hospital
37177 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 676-4710

Jamie Penrith – the Association of Responsible Dog Owners challenges veterinary behaviourist

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The APBC are veterinary referred behaviourists.
Please listen to the claims being made by one of their members in a live radio debate.

LOTS and LOTS of claims.

Not a shred of supporting evidence.

And a total and committed refusal to actually witness a dog being trained on an e-collar.

She also left the building with a refusal to feel the collar I had with me …

Why would you resist the opportunity to prove your point?

Jamie penrith of take the lead dog training and The Association of Responsible Dog Owners .
How do I train a dog? Through a healthy balance of motivation, based on reward training; consistent repetition of consequences; establishing boundaries and discipline early on; understanding what makes each dog tick and so developing a healthy relationship between my dogs and myself. The same consistent method – namely fair, situational training, with a committed undertone of enhancing welfare and establishing freedom through control. This might involve clicker; verbal marker training; whistle trained commands; slip lead or leash pressure; physical pressure; verbal and spatial pressure and e-collar pressure and a TON of love and respect for being the amazing animal that is the dog!
If you would like to build your relationship with your dog or young puppy; if you would like to learn more about how to train your dog to perform reliably and how to use a variety of different training tools to get the very best out of your relationship with your dogs; contact Jamie Penrith either through his website or email him directly at: [email protected]
Jamie Penrith at Take the Lead Dog Training offers professional, private 1-2-1 dog training and behaviour modification services throughout the U.K. and beyond. Having worked with thousands of dogs and owners, Jamie Penrith is the national media lead representative on the humane, professional and proportionate use of electronic training aids ( electric collars / shock collars / e-collars) throughout England.
Jamie Penrith has been involved at English parliamentary level; advising members of parliament in London and throughout England on the professional use of electric training aids for dogs, in line with enhancing animal welfare, safety, control and responsible stewardship.
Jamie Penrith is incredibly passionate, dedicated and committed to educating dog owners and persons involved in the care, control and stewardship of dogs throughout the British Isles. Jamie is the founder member of The Association of Responsible Dog Owners ( This is the first and only association of its kind in Britain, representing and educating responsible dog ownership from ordinary, everyday dog owners and e-collar users. The Association is not-for-profit, and runs an active survey for dog owners with experience in the use of electronic training aids for pets – including e-collars, electric pet containment systems and anti-bark collars. This survey is unique, since it serves to gather first-hand information regarding electronic pet training aids, without bias of agenda. Presently, from hundreds of dog owners who have completed the training aid survey, over 99% report NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS on the welfare and behaviour of their dogs or cats, with 92% reporting that training their dog or cat with the use of an electronic training aid RESOLVED the problem behaviour. For further details on this survey, please email: [email protected]
Jamie penrith has appeared on multiple national and regional TV and radio shows throughout the U.K. He is a passionate, intelligent and polite national expert speaker on the use of electronic training aids for dogs, speaking and providing honest, accurate, expert advice on live TV debates against the U.K. national vet of the year, prominent U.K. doctors in animal behaviour and professional animal behaviourists. Jamie Penrith has been sought and trusted to live and train with many dogs, including a those of high celebrity status. He is confidential with an exceptional level of personal integrity.
Jamie’s appearances include:
ITV Good Morning Britain
ITV This Morning
Channel 5 The Wright Stuff
Sky News
BBC Breakfast
Channel 5 The Dog Rescuers
TalkRadio Matthew Wright Show
BBC Spotlight Southwest
BBC Radio 5-Live
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Radio Newcastle
BBC Radio Cornwall
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Oxford
BBC Radio Hereford
BBC Radio Merseyside
BBC Radio Solent
LBC Radio
Radio Plymouth

Travelling to provide expert and discreet dog training and behaviour modification throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Jamie Penrith is also available for public speaking, canine behaviour seminars and workshop appearances for all dog-related organisations and businesses throughout the U.K. and beyond.

Making Responsible Choices about Antibiotic Drug Use: Understanding Role of Veterinarian

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UW Milk Quality is back with a new video series: ‘Making Responsible Choices about Antibiotic Drug Use.’ As consumer consciousness about the food system increases, so do the concerns over antibiotic drug use and the potential of drug residue in the dairy industry. In this episode, Dr. Pamela Ruegg speaks of the importance for producers and dairy professionals to understand these concerns and make sure that drugs are used responsibly. She explains what the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship is and how to establish one with your vet. Working closely with your veterinarian can ensure that your animals receive appropriate care and food produced from these animals will be safe for human consumption.