Review of Shetland Pony Club Year 2015 : TV Episode 54

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What a wonderful year its been at Shetland Pony Club . Join us to relive some of the best bits at the ranch this year. Thank you for all your support this year… the ranch reopens in March 2016 but Shetland Pony Club TV will be here every Wednesday at 4pm to keep you up to date with our adorable Shetland Ponies.
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Review Teaker Dog Training Shock Collar

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Review, Teaker Dog Training Shock Collar, Love the rubber looking smooth electrodes on this collar, look like it would be a lot better on our dog’s neck. There is a button for every training feature on this with the ability to adjust the level of vibrate and shock so you get the correct level and type of training you want.

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Dog Training Shock Collar, Wireless Electric Collar With 1800ft Remote Rechargeable IP7 Waterproof with Beep Vibration Shock Harmless Safe for Small Medium Large Dogs

Teaker dog training collar is the latest and upgraded dog training system

4 Training Modes: beep, vibration, static shock and LED light. With 1-100 level, it is safe enough for your dogs.
Uses basic dog obedience, barking, hunting, digging, aggressive, jumping, convulsions, etc.
1800ft Long Range: controls up to 3 dogs with three collar receivers, up to 1800 feet or 2000feet more(550 yards)
Adjustable: suitable for small, medium, large dogs and puppies with Neck Size from 9-29 inch, 15 lbs or more.
Rechargeable: the lithium battery for receiver and transmitter can be charged simultaneously.
Long Battery Life: once fully charged, the collar can last 15 days or more.
Waterproof: the receiver is rated depth waterproof which can work below 1.0 meters.
Skin-Friendly: made of Skin Friendly Premium Material, the remote dog collar is very soft to your dogs.
LED Light Mode: help locate your dog quickly and easily in the dark.
Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function.


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The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff REVIEW

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In this review, I’ll show you exactly what you get, and how to make your own custom content instead.
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Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Beginner Rider Review

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presents a beginner rider review of Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 motorcycle. Here I explain what I like about the bike and what I had to add/change. Enjoy and don’t forget to like, to share and to subscribe.

Asked to Review this Handling Bucking Issue Video – Importance of Moving Horses- No Bits

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I was asked if I agree with this method – this is a good example of working with a horse and not against the horse. This guy gives Helpful direction to the horse, unlike in the video with Linda Parelli where she just confuses the horse.

This horse was ten times the horse problem that Linda worked with and her explanation is it was the horses fault – I say BS, both horses needed help and direction, this horse gets help, this guy changes what he does to get change in the horse. Watch the little things here, he is hitting the horse in the face with a large metal rope buckle, he is not fighting with the horse, he is smooth, calm, consistent, soft and firm with he needs to be, he keeps contact with the horse with a rope halter (no buckles), he pays attention to the horse to give smooth and immediate direction when the horse gets scared or tries to go back to what it knows. This horse was made this way he was not born this. He was probably made this way by scared horse people pushing it, yelling respect my space, hitting it, bullying it, and only knew the common BS being spread in the horse world – and then when all the humans failed it, finally the horse got a break and got this guy who actually understands a horse.

In my opinion, this is a much better example of horsemanship, understanding horses, getting results and not blaming the horse. My hat goes off to this guy, well done.

I put links below to this video and the Linda Parelli video I am referencing:

Here is link to this video:
Stop a horse from bucking

Here is link to Linda Parelli video:

Link to Think Like A Horse site:

Playfoam Pals Series 2 Pet Party Blind Box Unboxing Toy Review

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All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Tulsa Outstanding 5 Star Review by Katherine Black

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(918) 481-0440 All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Tulsa reviews
New Review

Very nice, very professional, and very knowledgeable. The vet thoroughly explained everything, and gave us honest advise.. They care about our animals, not their pocket books.. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital
8134 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa Oklahoma
(918) 481-0440

Little Live Pets Hatching Surprise Chick #review

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Little Live Pets Hatching Surprise Chick from Character Online.
Will it hatch quickly or slowly? Will it be one of the 4 Chicks or the 5th limited edition gold one?!
Hatch them again and again.
Batteries included
Ages 5 and over.
RRP £14.99

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I was sent a Little Live Pets Hatching Surprise Chick for purposes of review

Fish Keeping Jamaica -2018 Year In Review ( part 1)

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Hi everyone, so today I had a few technical issues. My internet system failed me for the first time. So I have 19 persons watching, And the tablet crashed, sorry about that. Today I was suppose to take you through my journey of 2018. It did not go according to plan. I will have a live stream on monday after Emoney’s breakfast stream. I hope you will join me as I officially close this chapter. 2018 was a great year for me I expect that 2019 will be even greater.


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Darby Extend-A-Truck Hitch Cargo Carrier Review – 2011 Ford F-150 –

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Full transcript:
Today in our 2011, Ford F-150 we are doing a test fit of the Darby Extend-A-Truck hitch mounted load extender. That part number is DTA944. Now we already have it here in our first position. We will show you our second position and take a few measurements and then also explain more as to what you can put on our extender. Now, here in this position it’s going to be great if you plan on carrying anything on the cab of your truck or maybe you have crossbars and the load is a little longer. So say you have PVC pipe or lumber or even a large kayak or boat; you could stick that on the top. We have these nice tie downs here on either side to secure with any straps that you may have. Now, on our T-point here we actually have different spots where you can mount our Extend-A-Truck so if you do have those crossbars and they’re a little higher than your cab you can always lift it up or lower it wherever you need to. Now, in this position we will take a few measurements. Overall, to our truck we are adding about 8 inches there. Our closest point is going to be about 5 3/4 inches between the two. And then our ground clearance down here.we’re going to have about 17 inches. Now to put this into our second position; we’ll first need to remove this T-piece here by removing the pin and clip. You can lift that off and set it off to the side. Then we will take our bottom piece and remove this pin and clip as well and switch that around. So we’ve got that switched into place. We’ll just line up our pin holes. Reinsert one of our pins here. Now whenever you do purchase your load extender, it does come with both of your pins and clips. One for your hitch and one for your other piece. And then if we lower our tailgate here, we will be able to line up our T-piece with that. It looks like we’re going to be on the last spot here. We’ll replace our clip. And we’re ready to go. So here we can load up anything that we need on our truck bed that again is longer, again like your PVC pipe or lumber. You can use those tie-downs once again. Now if we take a few measurements to figure out the distance between the tailgate and our Extend-A-Truck; we are going to have about 28 1/4 inches there. Adding to our actual truck; we are adding about 49 1/2 inches. So there is some regulation with Department of Transportation where you may have to put a red or orange flag on the back.

So depending on that, you will want to follow those rules. Now as for our distance from the ground to the bottom of our Extend-A-Truck that’s going to be the same in both positions there. So with that, it’s going to complete our look at the Darby Extend-A-Truck hitch mounted load extender, part number DTA944 on our 2011 Ford F-150. .

Equestrian Year In Review 2018!

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Shetland Pony Club Review of 2016 – TV Episode 106

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Watch the Shetland Pony Club ponies having fun in 2016. Maybe you came to visit us? Or perhaps you watched us from one of 171 countries around the world? Enjoy the best moments of the year now. Watch the video to find out more.
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