How To Treat Fleas In Young Kittens And Nursing Mothers | How To Get Rid Of Fleas on Kittens

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Dr Pam Popper: Get Rid of the Fish Oil; Keep Your Mind Sharp wtih Diet

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Fish and fish oil are not health foods! A new study shows that the risk of prostate cancer is increased by eating two additional servings of fish per week or taking fish oil pills.

Dietary excellence and staying employed can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Eat well and postpone retirement in order to stay mentally sharp!

How to keep Birds from Eating Pond Fish: How to Get Rid of a Blue Heron

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Trying to keep a Heron from eating the goldfish in my pond. Not this time sucker! Goldfish win.


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Heron attempts to eat my goldfish. Not this time sucker! Goldfish win.

Blue Heron not working to keep my fish safe. Night Heron in my Yard!

Gold fish back in the Garden Pond. Ryukin Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish Garden pond

Garden Ponds


Last year, I had some really awesome Ryukin goldfish in my back garden pond. They were an awesome red color, and then randomly disappeared one day. I am now sure that my goldfish were eaten by the blue herons that live on the next street over from us. The problem is that I can’t sit and watch them all day long (as much as I would like to). The stupid birds nabbed my sweetest gold fish. They even ate the parents of the babies I had. Luckily, the babies made it.
I spotted the heron sitting in the tree staring at my pond the other day. This was the back pond, the one with the beloved baby fish in it. I was not about to let him snack on my fish. I walked over and grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it at him. I don’t think this will keep him away forever but it definitely got him to fly away. I had actually been preparing for this. That’s right: I had a PLAN.
Last weekend, I ordered a giant fake blue heron to help scare them away. I hear from my girl Holly that they are very territorial and that seeing one of their own kind would scare them off. We shall see.
The stupid bird hasn’t showed up yet. So, that’s how I am going to keep a heron from eating my goldfish out of my garden pond. I have read that nets over the pond are good at preventing this, but A.) I don’t want to look at them, and B.) I have heard the birds can easily get their beaks through them.
So I am battling a blue heron. Wish me luck. For more on this and all kinds of great information on keeping fish, check out We have live chat and custom user profiles. I also have a personal blog that I talk about stuff on at You can also buy aquarium plants from me there! Drop me a line or ask me questions.

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