21 horse tricks. Clicker training. Liberty groundwork. Bareback and bridleless riding.

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Bob reads flash cards, does the Spanish Walk, Obstacles, Free Lunges, comes to a whistle, Smiles, Kisses, Bows, Podium and about 40 more tricks and skills.

Horses love ‘Clicker Training’. Also known as ‘Positive Reinforcement’ or ‘Reward Based Training’. It’s fun for both the human and the horse, and very bonding.

These ‘tricks’ are stepping stones to very practical behaviours, because they build confidence in the horse, for things they’ll need to be able to do in the human world. Here are some examples:

– Trailering is made easy, because the horse has learnt to step up onto the ‘podium’, and to back up from the ‘tail’ cue.

– Throwing the scarf in front of his face is great for desensitising him to weird things like plastic bags blowing past.

– Mounting a horse from the ground puts a lot of strain on a horses spine, but mounting from a fence is less compromising. Also, if I drop something whilst out riding, the horse can ‘fetch’ it for me, so I don’t need to get off and remount from the ground.

– Bowing comes from teaching the horse to pick up his feet on cue. Essential for daily grooming.

Having this communication between the horse and human, helps the horse feel more confident in scary situations. When my horse sees something weird when we’re out riding the trails, instead of following his instinct and bolting, he trusts me when I reassure him that it’s fine. Essential for safety.

Clicker training is used by trainers in all disciplines, as a training language. Olympic level trainers use horse clicker training for dressage and jumping, for a joyful, progressive and rewarding training experience.

It’s great for:
– Bomb proofing (de-spooking) (sacking out).
– Cooperative health care.
– Trailering.
– Trail riding.
– Western and English connection.
– Trick training.

People are concerned that the horse will become pushy for treats, however teaching respect around food is the first step of clicker training. The result is actually a more polite horse.

Cowboy RODEO! Riding Bulls n’ Horses + Sheep at Fort Worth Stockyards Our First Rodeo HobbyFamilyTV

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Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Horse Riding Moment | Bollywood Actresses Horse Riding Practice

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Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Horse Riding Moment | Bollywood Actresses Horse Riding Practice

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Sport Bike Stunt Riding in Santa Cruz – Aaron Colton 2013 Bolivia

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Aaron Colton shows off his best stunts on a sport bike in front of hundreds of spectators in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Aaron Colton muestra sus mejores trucos en moto frente a cientos de espectadores en en Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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Langholm Common Riding Documentary

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This is a documentary I made for a college project. I shot all the footage on Langholm common riding 2013. This was the reason why I actually filmed it in the first place.

Thanks to my interviewees (Alastair Cavers/Langholm Cornet 2013, Christine Calvert/Member of the Langholm Town Band, Simon Railton and Henry Jeffrey/Members of the Langholm Flute Band, and Kate Turk and Sandra Graham/Langholm Day Centre
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Horseback Riding in Colorado | 2011 Elk Hunting Trip | TrophyQuestOutpost.com

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This was all of the horseback riding footage we filmed while in Colorado for our Elk Hunting Trip. We thought that this footage was pretty cool and definitely worth sharing. Tell us what you think!

All of this footage was filmed in 1080p with Mark’s camera and edited and color corrected to look even better. Watch in 1080p for the best watching/viewing experience!

Horse Riding Fails Compilation

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In this funny animal compilation, watch all these people having a string of bad luck on top of their horses.

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