Aquarium Co-Op Fish Unboxing – Meet Robert

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Robert is the manager of Aquarium Co-Op. In charge of the retail store, ordering fish and helping oversee operations in the warehouse as well. He unboxes fish every week at the store and this time I was in a meeting I couldn’t get out of and Jimmy was there so we had them shoot it.
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On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish in general we find are a great way to learn about ecosystems. Your fish aquarium will reconnect you with nature. If you’d like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos.
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WHISPERING SMITH-(episode 2)–Audie Murphy -Robert Redford-western series

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Full series, Episode 2
A conspiring Ma Gates comes into town with her misfit son and daughter wanting revenge on Tom Smith who was forced to kill her husband ten years earlier in an arrest shootout.
Guest stars – Robert Redford and Gloria Talbot.
Audie Murphy … Tom “Whispering” Smith
Guy Mitchell … George Romack
Sam Buffington … John Richards
June Walker … Ma Gates
Gloria Tabott … Cora Gates
Robert Redford … Johnny Gates
Tom McKee … Warehouse Manager
Gail Bonney … Hotel Manager

Dog Aggression and Positive ONLY Training – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Dog aggression is a very primal characteristic in dogs and where it stems from is often feral in nature. In this video (filmed during a Bound Angels University training) I discuss the flaw of using positive only training and how it fails dogs who are in escalated prey drive and aggression drives. It is the drives that is the focus. The result of the drive can lead to aggression or just plain disobedience.

There are countless dog trainers who will lie and say that aggressive dogs can be retrained using positive only methods, but they are selling you a bill of goods. I have worked with countless aggressive dogs in animal shelters nationwide as well as protection dogs and personal dogs. Positive only training is limited in what it will do for certain dogs.

The primal defensive drive of a dog will never be trained with positive only dog training. That is not to say I don’t believe in positive training or reward based training – in fact I love it… But it has its place and if we are to be fair to dogs we must understand what the dog needs, not what feels good to us.

This lecture should shed a lot of light on the topic. It covers much of the dog’s drives and talks about using positive reinforcements in obedience and the need for fair corrections on dogs for being disobedient.

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My 1 Year Old Dog is Insecure – Dog Training Videos – Robert Cabral – ask me anything

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If your dog is fearful or not confident please don’t make the mistake of trying to make him into a “BEAST.” There are a few important facts that you MUST understand to give your dog a happy life, I talk about them in this video.

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Teach Your Dog to STAND – Dog Training Video – Robert Cabral – the STAND Command

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The stand command is perhaps the most difficult to teach your dog because it seems un-natural to both the dog and people. If your dog is STANDing, he should be doing something or going somewhere, right?

Well if you are interested in competitive obedience, your dog will need to learn to stand on command and STAY there.

I address this in this video. I break down how to shape and reinforce the technique and how to proof it. I’ve had many requests for this video, so here it is.

Remember, teaching anything new to your dog takes time. Be very patient with your dog and give him or her a chance to learn and make it fun. Short – fun sessions are the best way to train any dog.

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Socializing Your Dog – the do’s and don’t – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Socializing your dog is one of the critical things that people often fail in with their dogs. Who should your dog meet and who should they avoid? I give a brief talk to get you some basic information on getting your dog socialized with people. This is a lecture format video without dog demonstrations, one you should definitely watch!

All dogs must be socialized if at all possible… its best to do this with young puppies, but even in later months – it is critical for a well balanced dog that the puppy be socialized.

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The Binary Dog – Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and Approach to Canine Communication #3

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In this video I discuss the “Binary Dog” approach to communicating clearly with dogs. Using a simple YES and NO training exercise, dogs can be taught basic commands as well as complex behaviors. Using clear communication with your dog through luring and shaping will develop solid obedience, quick sits and downs durations in obedience.

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How to Make Dog Training Fun – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video #1

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In this video I discuss the outline to my method of training dogs. Using toys and food as rewards, using motivation to get dogs to want to train and rewarding dogs for training and helping them learn and succeed.

The most important thing to make dog training successful is to make it fun!

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Pepperdine University – Robert Cabral Dog Trainer and Behaviorist – Animal Behavior Lecture Clip #2

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This video is part 2 of my presentation to Pepperdine University’s Biology class on canine behavior. In this clip I discuss dog’s drives, hard wired predatory behaviors, corrections in dog training and building solid relationships with dogs as our partners. The clip also includes an obedience demonstration with my Belgian Malinois Goofy.

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Teach Your Dog SIT on Command – Perfect SIT – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Teach your dog Sit on command is one of the very most basic things we teach our dogs. As we know all dogs will sit at one point or another, the issue becomes getting our dogs to sit when we ask them to. This is the core of dog obedience training and I cover this in this video.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series!

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This video covers the basic concept of SIT and also the elements of using sit in competitive dog sports and obedience such as AKC, IPO and ring sports.

Getting your dog to understand the finer points of the obedience is covered as well as the difference between a tuck sit and a roll sit. This training video will give you all of the information to get your dog to understand sit clearly, do it effectively and to make it THE PERFECT SIT!

Robert Redford Movies & Tv Shows List

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Using Rewards in Dog Training – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video #2

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In this video I discuss the use of rewards in training dogs. I describe the difference between balls, tugs and treats and how the reward influences and shapes the dog’s drive.

I believe that the only way to train a dog is by the use of rewards (and consequences) Controlling the dog to make the best decisions and minimize failure.

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Robert Calvert’s Last Gig With Hawkwind – 28th May, 1984, Ramsgate Marina Park

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Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton, Nik Turner, Clive Deamer, Dead Fred + special guest Robert Calvert in what would sadly be his last ever appearance with Hawkwind.


Coded Languages
Angels Of Death
Dragons And Fables
Watching The Grass Grow
Ghost Dance
Born To Go
Ten Seconds Of Forever
Waiting For Tomorrow
Motorway City
Uncle Sam’s On Mars
Sonic Attack
Dust Of Time


The Right Stuff
Spirit Of The Age
Silver Machine

Here’s a review of the gig that I got from here:

Hawkwind played an amazing one-off-gig at Ramsgate’s Marina Park as special guest + top band at the end of a 3-day ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition, with Nik Turner being the judge!
It was all relatively un-promoted, and Robert Calvert joined the band for this one gig on the Southcoast, one of the best gigs I’ve witnessed in the past few years. Taking the stage at about 10pm and playing ’til well after midnight. They opened with ‘Coded Languages’ & ‘Angels of Death’.

Calvert was playing a small synth unit, dressed in black trenchcoat, red scarf and black beret, with Dave to the far right, thrashing out chords.
Harvey Bainbridge and Huw Lloyd Langton were far-left keeping things together with drummer Clive, and Dead Fred was adjacent to Bob, playing a larger keyboard. He also played violin.
Nik runs on, blasting sax through the monitors unaware that it’s not coming out the P.A. Everyone carries on playing and as the number draws to a finish, Nik grabs a vocals mike and shoves the sax over it, straining a climax on a lengthy unheard solo.

Suddenly, all you heard was sax, and the raptuous applause from the thousand or so fans present. The full light show was very impressive, projected onto the band and cliffs above, and the whole gig seemed surreal and reminiscent of a Stonehenge gig.

‘Dragons & Fables’ & ‘Watching The Grass Grow’ followed, then the hypnotic ‘Ghost Dance’ The ‘Countdown’ cued Bob to take the lead vocals stagecentre for a fantastic Born To Go, and the 7-piece went mad. Bob chanted ‘We were born to go’ sixteen times, and the mantra must have hit him as much as it hit us.
Metamorphosing into ‘Paranoia’, Huw’s lead slows down and Bob reads the Ten Seconds Of Forever, ever-slower, until the beat is so slow that even Bob seems to strain. lt was very effective and seemed to become the ten minutes of eternity – very weird.

Nik, then took the lead and welcomed us to ‘Utopia’. He had a stunning fluorescant day-glo luminous sort of skin-tight psychedelic suit on which combined with the strobes/lights/liquid to give incredible visual hallucinations.
Nik took us to ‘Motorway City’, where Bob takes over and then explodes into space with Ejection’. Excellent vocals take the song to Mars, where the tempo slows a bit and Uncle Sam takes over. Calvert lets rip, gold megaphone in one hand and HW Iyric book in the other, whispering, speaking and singing the vocals like he always has, backed with conviction. Visually I was transfixed. lt was too much.

Nik takes the lead vocals for a medley of ‘Brainstorm’, Sonic Attack, ‘The Island and the climax of ‘Brainstorm’. Throughout, Bob echoed vocals and the band played flat out until gone midnight, when they left the stage. Everyone screamed for an encore.

A few minutes later, the band emerged to play an incredible encore of The Right Stuff (from Calvert’s solo album Captain Lockheed…) Spirit of the Age & Silver Machine. Until the encore, I’d felt that Bob had been holding back. slightly, not too over-the-top, but now, he just let rip, screaming, ‘I don’t feel fear or panic, nothing brings me down…’

lt all sounded as good as on the album ten years previous, different but full of energy and emphasis. Bob needed the HW Lyric book for guidance through Spirit of the Age, which he spoke softly (at times) through the megaphone. Nik announces ‘Master of the Universe, to then add, ‘Er, we don’t know ‘Master’ so we’ll play Silver Machine instead. ‘Oh no’, thought I, but even this was really good, and a nice ending to a mindblowing gig! – © by Trevor Hughes