How To Make Equestrian Art For Your Room

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Hello Awesome Equestrians!!!! Continuing on my DIY equestrian accent pieces, I have a fun and easy project for you today. All you need is some acrylic paint, a horse shoe, some material, an 8 x 10 frame (without glass) and a glue gun.
This project can be made in just a few hours, including drying time for the paint.

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DIY Miniature Doll Bedroom for BARBIE Dolls – How to Make a Miniature Room for Barbie Dolls

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DIY Miniature Doll Bedroom for Barbie Dolls – How to Make a Miniature Room for Barbie Dolls. In this video I will show you how to make a miniature dollhouse room for Barbie Dolls as well as other accessories and items for your Barbie’s Dollhouse.

For this craft I am using the following materials: Foam Board, Decorative Paper, Fabric, Foam, Plastic Gems, Stickers, Zipper, Wire, glue & Scissors

On this video:

How to make a miniature dollhouse bedroom for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature bed for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature canopy bed for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature dresser for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature vanity for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature wall mirror for Barbie Dolls
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Bookbag Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls shopping bag Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls book Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls coloring pencils Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Pencil Holder Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Coin Purse Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Notebook Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Lamp Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls perfume Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls Water Bottle Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls calculator Tutorial
How to make a miniature Barbie Dolls ruller Tutorial
How to make a miniature Anna & Barbie Dolls Bookbag Tutorial
How to make a miniature Mirror Tutorial
How to make a miniature Picture Frame Tutorial
How to make a miniature Brush Tutorial
How to make a miniature Comb Tutorial
How to make a miniature Perfume Tutorial
How to make a miniature Pencil case Tutorial
How to make a miniature Purse Tutorial
How to make a miniature Cream Tutorial
How to make a miniature Basket Tutorial
How to make a miniature Book Tutorial

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Reptile Room Vlog (12-10-2018)

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Welcome Back!! Kick up you feet, relax and enjoy the show! I’ve got some new pickups and charges to the reptile room.
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Check out the new reptile room additions! Some extremely cute geckos being added to the reptile room today, the neon day gecko, and the Madagascar clawless gecko.
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Designing The New Ant Room | Vlog #330

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I am so thrilled with the proposed #InteriorDesign of the future home. #Architect Dennis has been amazing with this #HomeBuilding project! We also spend another fun day with Ligaya, our #AfricanGrey #parrot who is weaning. #pets

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REPTILE ROOM TOUR MARCH 2018 (20 pets!!)

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Reptile Room Tour March 2018. I hope you all enjoyed this update. I will be getting new reptiles soon. Also will be updating enclosures. Be sure to like and subscribe to stay updated. Thanks for watching.

Insane Reptile Room Tour

New Rare Gecko

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Reptile Room Automatic Misting System Setup | MistKing Review!

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Review of the MistKing and comparing it to other misting systems!
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∆CATALEAH’S CRITTERS∆ – Adopt your very own gecko! Leachies, leaf tail geckos, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, and more! We also have tons of sneks. 😀



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Reptile Room Tour December 2016 | New TEGU and TINY Turtles!

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UPDATED Room Tour Spring 2017!

So excited to FINALLY have another room tour up! Some huge renovations have taken place since the last tour, and I have TONS of awesome new animals and setups for you guys! In total, this video features 8 lizards, 4 snakes, 3 amphibians, 3 turtles, one tortoise, 4 species of invertebrate, 2 fish, and one rat!

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Reptile Room Tour !! Part 2 (the BIG stuff)

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In Part 1 we went through the “Snake room”, and this time we go through the rest of the house!
Now I should specify: Falsies are mildly venomous, just like hognose snakes (and even garters). But, just like hognoses and garters, they are not listed as a venomous species like say a rattlesnake. A bite from them can cause some itching and minor swelling, with a chance of diarrhea, but it will not kill you or anything. Since they’re rear-fanged, you’d have to wedge your hand into their mouth in order to even reach their enlarged back teeth (they’re not actually fangs).

Note: The baby snakes got upgraded to larger containers today as they have officially outgrown their previous ones 😉

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