Interview: Sarah Jackson, Casa De Paz Colorado

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Sarah Jackson joins the podcast to discuss her work with Casa de Paz Colorado.

Several years ago, Sarah Jackson went on a trip to the US/Mexico border with a humanitarian aid organization working on immigration issues. She spoke with people who had been deported. She learned about people’s reasons for migrating, and the dangers they face in doing so. She saw first-hand families being separated.

Then she returned to Colorado and couldn’t go return to her normal life after this experience. She decided to do something about it because she believes families should be together. She opened Casa de Paz, a hospitality home which offers free housing and support for families and individuals affected by immigrant detention.

To keep the doors of the Casa open, Sarah started a volleyball league, Volleyball Internacional. All the profit from the volleyball league is donated to Casa de Paz. They use the money to pay for the rent, utilities, food, transportation, etc.

Sarah’s hope and prayer is to help end the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.


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Jamie Foxx Interviews Sarah Silverman || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

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Sarah Silverman and Jamie Foxx get real about being rejected for roles, comedy, and more in this Grey Goose production. #ad #OffScript

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Protecting Your Child’s Faith at School – Stephen and Sarah Williams Part 1

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Stephen and Sarah Williams share about your rights as a parent, teacher, or student in the public school system, and explain the true meaning of “separation of church and state.” You can find their book, Navigating Public Schools, here:

Stephen Williams was a public school teacher for ten years in California, when he was told by the principal that he could not mention God, or discuss the Easter holiday in his 5th grade history class. Stephen maintained a Christ-like attitude toward his opponents, but insisted that he was abiding by the California content standards, and protected by the U.S. Constitution. That issue became a federal court case, and led to a media frenzy, which would change Stephen and Sarah Williams’ lives forever.

Sarah & Ryan Portland, Oregon Wedding Video LDS Temple

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We loved filming Sarah & Ryan’s Wedding Video at the LDS Temple in Portland, Oregon. They were the most beautiful couple.

Francisca Andrus is a Film Maker for Define

I create & produce beautiful films. From weddings to births to corporate and everything in between.

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Everything Must Go | Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

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When something gets in the way of your relationship with God — it’s gotta go.

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Glorious King – Sarah Kelly (Sunset Riverside CA)

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Amazing scenes from Riverside California with the sunset and this beautiful song from Sarah Kelly – Glorious King!
I lift my hands on high
To praise Your name
To glorify You Lord

Maker of this heart
Creator of the stars
Forever, my heart will sing
Forever, my heart will sing

Glorious King, beautiful One
You outshine the sun with Your radiant love
Eternally, forever You’ll be my glorious King

Time and time again
You rescue me from the depths of darkness
Maker of my storm
but healer when I’m torn and I’m worn

Whatever tomorrow may bring
Forever my heart will sing

Glorious King, beautiful One
You outshine the sun with Your radiant love
Eternally, forever You’ll be my glorious King

Oh, You are holy, redeeming one
And You cover me with Your precious blood
You are holy, my sovereign King
And You cover my with Your majesty

Glorious King, beautiful One
You outshine the sun with Your radiant love
Eternally, forever You’ll be my glorious King

Glorious King, beautiful One
You outshine the sun with Your radiant love
Eternally, forever You’ll be my glorious King

Permaculture and the Church – A conversation with Sarah Robinson

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Sarah Robinson of Audubon Park Covenant Church in Orlando, FL speaks with me about the similarities between church ministries and permaculture. We are joined by John Erik, who came down to visit Audubon Park because of interest in this very topic.

“Amen-Dola” A Parody by Ian Cunningham, Ian Biggs, Sarah Gonzalez, Amy Vento, and Gina Jeannette

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Based on the song “Hallelujah” originally by Leonard Cohen.
Parody lyrics written by Ian Cunningham (@bigianc) (adiitional writing credit for Angelina Nardella, and Ian Biggs Performed by Ian Biggs (@ianbiggsmusic), Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahhgonzo), Amy Vento (amyy24_), and Gina Jeannette (ginajeannetteofficial) Produced by Ian Biggs and Ian Cunningham
Engineered by Ian Biggs
Mixed and mastered by Chris Wallitsch  Video filmed by Ben Hellman, and Eli Gomez Video edited by Ian Cunningham Special thanks to the following inspirations, fame, Kate Voegle, Chelsey Hagan, Amy Vento, the late James Cunningham and the late great “Fishy”.


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Shot 10/28/2010. Palin stumps for Joe Miller Sarah Palin offered a hearty endorsement of Republican nominee for Alaska Senate Joe Miller Thursday night. AK: Sarah Palin Rally with Joe Miller CNN) Amid polls showing a neck-and-neck Senate race in Alaska, Sarah Palin offered a hearty endorsement of Republican nominee Joe Miller Thursday night and called incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s actions “shameful.” “Let’s call her the candidate for the entitlement party,” Palin proclaimed of Murkowski at the evening rally with Miller at her side. “She can’t really find a party. Not independent, not Republican.” PALIN MILLER TRT 2:58 02:58:20 “Joe, bless his heart, he’s running against two candidates who are in complete denial about the problems that big, growing government causes for you all. One of them is an out of touch liberal and the other happened to be the mayor of Sitka.” 02:58:46 (laughter/applause) (:26) //butt to // 03:00:34 ic”And I find it shameful that this same person, let’s call her the candidate for the entitlement party, okay? OCnot getting the truth from the lamestream media about the real Joe Miller. 03:01:08 Okay so we’re going to talk about the real Joe Miller. Joe is a West Point graduate, he’s a decorated combat veteran, a Gulf War veteran (cheers). Joe was awarded the bronze star for honorable service to our country. 03:01:31 You know, I read his read his resume, I read his accomplishments, I read his passion for America and I think, ‘Are we even fit to tie his combat boots?’ 03:01:41 The things that he has done for America already. And his oath that he has taken and he will continue to abide by that oath to protect our Constitution. Who is any politician in Washington DC to question his commitment to that oath?” 03:02:00 (1:26) /// 03:03:11 ic”Here in Alaska, well we know what military honor means. And for a sitting politician ocHe’s kept that oath. He’s been willing to sacrifice his very life to defend that oath. (cheers) 03:03:42 Now this candidate, this supporter of big government accusing Joe of things that are totally false that you complicit media people you just don’t get it. Alaskans are smarter than that, we do our homework, and we dig into the facts and we find out the truth. (applause) You just don’t get it.” 03:04:17 (1:06) . To License This Clip, Click Here:

ICOC HotNews – Corpus Christi Mission Planting (Richard and Sarah)

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Gereja-gereja kita di Texas/Oklahoma dengan semangat mengumumkan Richard dan Sarah Alawaye akan memulai gereja di Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ibadah perdana dilaksanakan pada Juni 2015.

Anggota mission team sudah tiba Corpus Christi, dan banyak lagi yang akan turut pindah ke sana pada bulan-bulan berikut. Ibadah rumah rutin segera akan dimulai.

‘I love the Bible’: Trump talks religion with Sarah Palin – Daily Mail

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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that he attended Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, but a spokesperson for the church said in a statement that he’s not an ‘active member’. The statement comes as thousands of people are questioning Trump’s faith by taking to Twitter with the hashtag, #TrumpBible, in which users are rethinking Bible verses with classic Trump phrases.

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