Beyond Scared Straight: Losing It All (Season 5, Episode 7) | A&E

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At-risk teens visiting Florida’s Charlotte County Jail learn about the undignified loss of privacy and personal possessions once they end up in jail. #BeyondScaredStraight
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Scam Artist Mother Gets Scared by Social Worker on BART

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Use the captions to understand what they are saying!
I was riding the BART when I saw a woman carrying a child come in the end of the BART car that I was on, and started asking for money. She asked everyone she passed for money, until she reached the social worker. He asked her several times if she needed help, and said that he would get off with her at the next stop to get her some help, but she was so scared she went off and immediately put away her sign and straightened out her child’s clothes. You can see she got right off as soon as she could. She was afraid that he was going to take her child away.

I have seen this woman many times before, and I even tried talking to her before, but her english is limited so I talked to her child instead, and found out that she lives outside of San Francisco and comes in to ask for money. I even have footage of her asking for money that I shot six months earlier. I put it in, you can see it at 01:42.

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Tommie Mabry – Scared To Lose | Jackson, MS | @ShotBySha

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The motivational speaker Tommie Mabry spoke with a group of young boys inside of the Westside gymnasium about being scared to lose.

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Heidi Alvarez is a U.S. born child of Mexican immigrants living in Arizona. She says she’s scared of

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HEADLINE: Child of immigrants: ‘I’m scared’
CAPTION: Heidi Alvarez is a U.S. born child of Mexican immigrants living in Arizona. She says she’s scared of what will happen when the new anti-immigration law goes into effect. Her parents are both awaiting court hearings to see if they can stay in the country. (April 30)

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Failon Ngayon: Drug Rehab

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Watch Failon Ngayon as we discuss the benefits of drug rehabilitation centers. The treatment and rehabilitation of individuals who used illegal drugs. Also the problems of these centers.

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World’s most haunted church (Hell’s Church)

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Created by wamsoon
Hell’s church is a church that has been burnt down and has been rebuilt 3 times. Place next to the cemetery, filled with malice and weird symbols, is known to be the sacred ground of satan. Come along with us as we describe to you, hells church.

Suspicious vehicle call @ 9:45pm near church; Boise, Idaho; smoking marijuana allegation; Copblock

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Jeff Edward Hill of Boise police is not doing anything suspicious, so that gives him permission to ask for my birth date, and not having to give his own in return.

I got out and walked around waiting for them to leave before me. I noticed they drove around a little bit to watch my movement pattern, but it turned into nothing.


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I Ain’t Scared – Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby

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“I Believe I’ll Testify” series 2013 – Psalm 27 – Lecresia Campbell sings and Pastor Cosby preaches – Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church – Houston, TX – To order, call the church: (713) 579-2753

Abandoned School and Church in Corpus Christi (urbex)

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Scary Abandoned Church and school explored. See what is inside as I walk through the sometimes dark building.
Long Note One by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Please watch: “The Perfect Night”