Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (SEA) – Whitesmith Farming Guide from CA to CR

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This is a farming guide on which monsters to farm after lvl 60+ where stats and gear alone can’t seem to keep up with the hp scaling of enemies. In this video, I show which monsters to farm once you get a certain amount of runes. Unfortunately , I couldn’t include gears to go along with it because it would make the scope of the vid too big.

I also show how to get to aggressive maps in this video.

Plot map links:
Orc Village South:
Kordt Forest Depth:
CREDITS TO: Ecrunale of the ROM Discord.

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QA Science: Climate and the Deep Blue Sea

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Companion Q&A Session to the 2019 #UAScience Lecture Series: #SearchingForCertainty featuring Joellen Russell Associate Professor, Geosciences, University of Arizona and John Pollard, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at UA Honors College.

Bells of St Andrew’s Church, Christmas Bells at Sea

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Bells of St Andrew’s Church, Christmas Bells at Sea · David Coffin

From Parlour to Palace: Victorian Music from the Christmas Revels

℗ 2014 Revels Records

Released on: 2014-10-01

Artist: David Coffin
Artist: Megan Henderson
Composer: Arthur Sullivan

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Travel Jerque #1: Live Free At The Salton Sea

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Amazing Gravy’s Travel Jerque takes a road trip to the Salton Sea – a man-made mistake of a great salt lake near Palm Springs, California. When an engineering disaster lead to a massive flood, a glamourous vacation resort bloomed in the desert – attracting stars like Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra. But, as the Salton Sea dries up, what remains is… a little weird. Explore the artist colony and squatter camp known as “Slab City”. Climb the awe-inspiring art installation called Salvation Mountain. And visit The International Banana Museum. The Salton Sea has an unbelievable history, filled with a bizarre and beautiful cast of characters that you have to see to believe.

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Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea | KQED Truly CA

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Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea | Truly CA Season 3

Narrated by John Waters and featuring the Salvation Mountain art installation, Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea explores the economic, political and environmental issues that face the Salton Sea, a one-time vacation destination for the rich and famous that is now occupied by an eccentric and individualistic populace.

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Tourism in Mexico – Best Tourist Attractions

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Tourism in Mexico – Best Tourist Attractions

Mexico is a federal republic in the southern portion of North America. It is bordered to the north by the United States; to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico. Covering almost two million square kilometers (over 760,000 sq mi), the nation is the fifth largest country in the Americas by total area and the 13th largest independent state in the world.

With an estimated population of over 120 million, the country is the eleventh most populous and the most populous Spanish-speaking state in the world while being the second most populous nation in Latin America. Mexico is a federation comprising 31 states and a special federal entity that is also its capital and most populous city. Other metropolises include Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Toluca, and Tijuana.

Pre-Columbian Mexico dates to about 8,000 BC, is identified as one of seven cradles of civilization and was home to many advanced Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, Zapotec, Maya and Aztec before first contact with Europeans. In 1521, the Spanish Empire conquered and colonized the territory from its politically powerful base in Mexico-Tenochtitlan, which was administered as the viceroyalty of New Spain. Three centuries later, the territory became the current nation following recognition in 1821 after the colony’s Mexican War of Independence. The tumultuous post-independence period was characterized by economic inequality and many political deep changes. The Mexican–American War (1846–1848) led to a territorial cession of the extensive northern territories to the United States. The Pastry War, the Franco-Mexican War, a civil war, two empires and the Porfiriato occurred through the 19th century. The Porfiriato was ended by the Mexican Revolution of 1910, which culminated with the promulgation of the 1917 Constitution and the emergence of the country’s current political system.

Mexico has the fifteenth largest nominal GDP and the eleventh largest by purchasing power parity. The Mexican economy is strongly linked to those of its North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners, especially the United States. Mexico was the first Latin American member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), joining in 1994. It is classified as an upper-middle income country by the World Bank and a newly industrialized country by several analysts. By 2050, Mexico could become the world’s fifth or seventh largest economy. The country is considered both a regional power and middle power, and is often identified as an emerging global power. Due to its rich culture and history, Mexico ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world by number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mexico is a megadiverse country, ranking fourth in the world by biodiversity. In 2016 it was the eighth most visited country in the world, with 35 million international arrivals. Mexico is a member of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the G8+5, the G20, the Uniting for Consensus and the Pacific Alliance.

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Yetbark Demoze, who died in sea accident, buried in Seattle

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Yetbark Demoze, a 36-year-old successful Ethiopian who died in a sea accident last week was buried in Seattle yesterday, July 27, 2017. Thousands attended the funeral. Yetbark was a beloved hard-working married man with two kids. His death shocked the Ethiopian community in the Seattle area.

Sea Grant Film explores a diminishing Smithville

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Smithville is a community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on the edge of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (see main story). A century ago, Smithville had more than 100 residents. Today, it has four, in two homes: an elderly couple, and one elderly woman and her son, who cares for her. Many factors led to the near-abandonment of this town so rich in history it is now a stop on the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Tour. Canneries closed, jobs left, opportunities beckoned elsewhere. But crucial to the town’s demise is the marsh that is encroaching on the town’s church and on its cemetery, connection to its past.

When we decided to write about Smithville, we knew it was a visual story — one that could be told again and again, in the Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf Coast and in other low-lying areas. The climate is getting warmer, the oceans are expanding, and extreme weather is becoming the norm. The slow-moving encroachment of water, rather than severe storm-driven disasters, is hardest to address, according to emergency managers in Dorchester County. And those who watch their lands disappear, and feel powerless to stop it, don’t often have an opportunity to tell their stories. The slow, inland march of marsh is far less dramatic than a hurricane or flood.

We thought a film could help tell the story from the perspective of Smithville residents, the county officials who want to help them but lack the resources, and the anthropologists from the University of Maryland who are studying their shifting attitudes about climate change. Two interns came to the film project from Morgan State University, where they studied multi-platform production. Wyman Jones, Jr., is a senior at Morgan State; Jalysa Mayo graduated last year. Both make documentaries. Sea Grant science editor and writer Rona Kobell executive-produced the film, choosing the interview subjects and writing and asking the questions. Our graphic designer and photographer, Nicole Lehming, assisted with some of the visuals.

Our film, Smithville, is available to watch on Maryland Sea Grant’s YouTube channel — We’d like to thank the people of New Revived Church and local government officials for their time and generosity.

– Rona Kobell and Nicole Lehming, Chesapeake Quarterly

Sea Kayaking Ireland – Cruit Island

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Two fragments of heaven, chipped off the old block, and landed on the Donegal shore – Cruit, and Owey Islands. We journeyed back from Port Salon, in wintry rain, fully expecting another day off paddling, but remarkably, descending the road from Glenveagh, the weather suddenly cleared up, and was in fact, high summer once again. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a rapid change in the UK. So we drive down this road, and on the O.S. Map, it states, there is a ‘Quay’ at the end, and nothing else. The place is called Kincasslagh, but I’ve seen it spelled Kincaslough, and Kincashla, so take your pick. We seek, and get permission to use the slip, in fact we were encouraged to do so, by the extremely welcoming, and friendly locals. The rest you can see for yourselves, suffice to say, it was one of the best paddles of the trip, and one of the best we’ve EVER done.The weather turned bad again that night, wind and rain, as we stopped overnight on the Quay, then, remarkably it cleared again, and we met up with Dessy, and Catriona, and paddled Crohy Head, in the most fantastic light available to man or beast.

The Dead Sea Scrolls | Denver International Christian Church

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Jason Bond shares some history about the Dead Sea Scrolls and their significance in terms of discipleship and Christianity.

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Priced at $174,900 – 5697 BLUE SEA Street, Las Vegas, NV 89110

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No HOA on this 3bed 2bath 1-Story Townhouse on a c

No HOA on this 3bed 2bath 1-Story Townhouse on a corner lot for plenty of parking space. Garage has been converted into a 3rd bedroom with a separate entrance for a mother-in-law, a teenager or simply an extra bedroom? New roof and many amenities to mention. Check the location, churches, schools, stores and bus stops… easy to show on prior appointment.