California limits pet store sales of cats, dogs and rabbits to rescue or shelter animals only

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California pet stores soon will be allowed to sell dogs, cats and rabbits only if they come from shelters or non-profit rescue organizations. Under legislation going into effect on January 1, store operators also will have to be able to provide records of origin for the animals or face a $500 penalty per animal.

A new shelter for our horses – Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

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🛠 Work in progress: we’re restructuring the layout of the fields to gain space and Rod’s building a new large shelter for the horses – who are happy to assist him. 🔊 Turn on the sound to hear Sue explaining the process.

As a non-profit foundation staffed almost entirely by volunteers, we rely on your donations to continue our work to save horses and to cover their ongoing feeding and care costs.
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Shelter Crowd Control: Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelters

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While innovative strategies are saving lives across the country, euthanasia rates for stray and feral cats remain stubbornly high in many communities. This presentation, given by Dr. Julie Levy, Director of Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida at the 2012 Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Conference, will explore the magnitude of the community cat population problem and redefine definitions for “home” and “rescue.” Data will be presented from a novel and bold program that cut shelter cat intake dramatically and almost overnight, preventing the tragic deaths of thousands of shelter cats.

Learning objectives:
– Learn how to estimate community cat populations
– Recognize the impacts of community cat management programs on cat colonies and animal shelters
– Identify strategies for getting communities – including municipal government – on board with trap-neuter-return programs.

Lucius X Lagunitas X Family Dogs New Life Shelter

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On November 18, Lucius visited the Family Dogs New Life Shelter in Portland, OR as part of their Pacific Northwest tour with Lagunitas Brewing Co.

All proceeds from the 11/18 show at Portland’s Mississippi Studios were donated to the organization. Please consider sharing the message and awareness for all no-kill animal shelters.

Donations are always accepted at

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Florence Pets: Local shelter helps with the relocation of pets in the path of Florence.

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WASHINGTON—Shelter animals now in the path of Hurricane Florence are being relocated to other facilities along the East Coast, including one Washington shelter. Shelter officials say that moving the animals keeps them out of harm’s way and frees up space for pets that become separated from their families as a result of major storms like Hurricane Florence.

Blippi Visits an Animal Shelter | Learn Animals for Children and The Pet Song

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Blippi visits a humane society to learn about animals and pets. Learn about animals for children. Your child will learn about dogs, learn about cats, and other fun animals for kids like rabbits and more with Blippi! This fun Blippi video also has the Blippi Pet Song in it!
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Thanks for learning about animals for toddlers with Blippi.

Special thanks to the Pasadena Humane Society!

Before buying a pet, consider adopting!

Thanks for watching Blippi Toys!

Animals and Their Homes | Animal Shelter for Kids | Learn about Animal Homes for Children

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Like us, all animals need shelter to live in. A shelter protects them from heat, cold, rain and enemies. Their shelters are their homes. Different animals live in different kinds of homes.
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Animales y sus hogares
Les animaux et leurs maisons
Tiere und ihre Häuser

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Shelter Jobs: Veterinarian | The Realities of Shelter Medicine

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The world of shelter medicine is often quite different from private practice. This video was shot over just a 3 hour period on a single day! **Contains visuals some viewers may find disturbing**

Pet store selling shelter animals legislation to be introduced

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Councilman Justin Brannan will introduce legislation that will crack down on so-called puppy mills and kitten factories, forcing pet stores across the 5 boroughs to sell only cats and dogs from city shelters or rescue groups.