Neglected Shetland pony’s in the Netherlands

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This is also part of Paardentango, we call it Ponytango.
It is helping our small friends with the knowledge and possibilities we have.

There is no excuse for this, never ever as long as the owner lives.
This makes me cry because such a horse once was my teacher in riding.

Spa day for Shetland Pony Batman – TV Episode 101

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Our Shetland ponies are a native mountain and moorland breed, so their manes and tails should be left to grow naturally.
Batman, however, has an amazingly long tail. Find out what happens when he visits the Shetland Pony Club spa to get him ready for his winter holidays.
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Misfit my shetland pony!

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I am about to buy another horse so i am not getting rid of him because hes bad but bc i want him to have a job and be in shape.
Misfit is a 23 year old Shetland cross. He is about 10 hh and he is stocky. Misfit has been ridden before but not for about 5 years. He used to be a carousel pony and hes not got a mean bone in his body! If you are looking to buy him for a little girl i would preferably say around 6 or 7 that he will need to be re trained! I am 5’4 and he lets me sit on him! hes the sweetest pony! He trailers well but needs encouragement sometimes. Up to date on ALL shots and coggins was just done in October. He leads very well on the lunge line and stands for the farrier! He needs a job and i bought him as a companion for my horse but they are getting too close and misfit and my horse both need to move on and be separated. Misfit is not afraid of anything! And with the right little rider and trainer HE JUMPS!! he can jump barrels laid on there side which is the same height as him! He can jump and would be an awesome little hunter pony! At the moment he is just on pasture and round bale! He gets a handful of feed every so ofter just to feel like hes doing something! He has been ridden in the past two weeks by an 8 yr old bareback!

A Shetland pony which went missing for four days has been rescued from the bottom of a slurry pit

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These dramatic pictures show a Shetland pony being rescued from the bottom of a slurry pit – after being trapped in it for FOUR days.

Wayward mare Maple disappeared from her field on Friday morning – leading her owners to fear she had been stolen.

But after days of searching, owner Jay Jenkinson said he heard neighing from the 9ft deep hole in the corner of her enclosure.

And he said he was “over the moon” when firefighters winched an uninjured – but rather dirty – Maple to safety.

Horses & Shetland Ponies in The New Forest, England

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This video is from a relaxing walk I took in The New Forest in Hampshire, England. As usual I had a visit with the horses and Shetland Ponies. I hope you enjoy walking with me.
Take care
Lucy & Harry Jesse

Music by Kevin MacLeod