The “Shocking” Reason I Quit Dog Training

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most Shocking Animals in the World || T Talks

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most Shocking Animals in the World / Most SHOCKING Animal Mutations Around The World / Most #Shocking Real Mutations In #Animals / #TTalks
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5 Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera

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5 Most Spectacular Snakes Attack
Dr Julie & Mr Nik

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Snake vs Dog – Smart Dogs Bite Vicious Snake | Shocking Anaconda Snake Attacks Caught on Camera

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Snake vs Dog – Smart Dogs Bite Vicious Snake | Shocking Anaconda Snake Attacks Caught on Camera
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[LIVE] Wild Animals Fight Powerful | Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera | Snake’s Word 2018

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[LIVE] Wild Animals Fight Powerful | Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera | Snake’s Word 2018
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MOST SHOCKING 20 Street Dogs Fighting to Death for Female Dog #2

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MOST SHOCKING 20 Street Dogs Fighting to Death for Female Dog #2

I made this video for you about most shocking street dogs fighting each other to the death.
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20 Street dogs fighting on street for female dog.The most fearless dogs are fighting on street. German shepherd dog, pitbull, doberman, husky, rotweiller and more dogs. You will watch who is the strongest dog.

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She sleeps with her pet snake each night until her vet tells her the shocking truth

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Woman starts hallucinating, but her incorrect drawing of a clock helps doctors save her life Terrifive Hyperloop ▻ More videos:.

Women who sleep with pet snake gets shocking news from her vet Terrifive SUBSCRIBE ▻ Music by: CO.AG Music More videos: OWNER’S DOG LOOKS AT HIM WHILE HE FALLS.

The reason why this husband watches his wife by the bedroom door is truly heartbreaking Terrifive Hyperloop ▻ Marci’s GoFundme :.

She Hid Under The Bed To Spy On Her Boyfriend, And What She Heard Left Her Frozen With Fear Terrifive Hyperloop ▻ Music: CO.AG

The Sunken Treasures of the Paris Canal Terrifive Music by: CO.AG Music More videos: OWNER’S DOG LOOKS AT HIM WHILE HE FALLS ASLEEP, LATER FINDS OUT WHY :5 People.

MOST Exotic Pets People Own

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I can guarantee you’ll be surprised by some of theses.. Here are 30 Exotic house pets some folks are just brave enough to own.

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10. A Bengal Cat
For the cat lovers of the world, which, by now you know I am… The bengal cat might be one to consider. These gorgeous cats are known for their striking fur and energetic behavior. They are sure to captivate your attention and keep you entertained for hours with their active pur-senalities. Yeah, pun intentional. You’re welcome.

9. A Llama
Anybody who grew up watching the Emperor’s New Groove totally wanted a llama after watching the movie. Llamas are considered to be friendly and come with good manners. Though they are prone to spitting, llamas like to keep themselves clean so they don’t need much work when it comes to maintenance.

8. A Hyacinth Macaw
The largest species out of all the macaws, this beautiful bird is rather more like a child really. It loves cuddling up to its owner and is rather social, unlike most birds. They enjoying playing with toys and are prone to uncontrollable biting. They also tend to be quite loud.

7. Monkeys
While monkeys are adorable and it might seem like a good idea to have one as a pet while they’re young, please don’t. These primates aren’t meant to be pets and will become aggressive as they mature and require a specific habitat to thrive. Just leave them in the wild.

6. Piranhas
Yeah, these ravenous fish can be kept as pets! but we don’t recommend it. These pack hunters prefer to eat their food live and should be around at least two or more piranhas to thrive. Feeding them can prove challenging and they don’t make the best pet for kids who like to shove their hands in the tank.

5. A Capybara
Would you ever consider the world’s largest rodent to become a member of your family? They are social creatures that require interaction with other capybaras and since they are semi-aquatic they need to be near a body of water to be happy. Just know that they love to chew.

4. A Crocodile
In certain states like in Florida, these animals run amuck and are rightfully declared a nuisance, but some people love a challenge, and have adopted crocs and gators as pets when they’re real young. Yeah, they’re cute now! But.. what happens when they’re adults with 3,700 pounds per square inch [psi] of bite force? [Humans tear into a steak with about 150 psi] A little too risky for my taste..

3. A Python
Pythons only need to be fed every so often, and in those feedings.. enough where they won’t try to eat you! Just one per household to be safe, they don’t always play well with others, and may just swallow each other like is evident from this image…

2. A Madagascar Hissing Roach
Why would anyone want to keep a giant roach as a pet. Well, some people like dogs and others large hissing bugs. They make good pets in the sense that they’re docile animals and rather sturdy thanks to their tough exoskeletons.

1. A Wallaroo
Wallaroos aren’t as tall as kangaroos and not as short as wallabees so hence the combination of its name! Don’t let their frame fool you. They are strong individuals that are known for being smart. They of course bond well with humans that have raised them since birth.

15 Exotic Animals You Can Actually Own

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15 exotic animals you can actually have as pets from giant pythons to adorable squirrel monkeys there’s something cute for everyone!

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10. A Sugar Glider
For around $200 one of these cute little sugar gliders could be all yours. These marsupials are native to the Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesian regions but they are bred here in the United States with certified breeders who have a permit. They’ve become quite popular in recent years and bond with their owners remarkably fast, so you will need to spend a lot of time with them.

9. A Skunk
When you think of a skunk you don’t automatically think of these stinky mammals as pet material. Yet, in some states here in the US it’s perfectly legal to have a skunk as a pet with the exception that you first have the animal’s scent glands removed, which is kind of cruel as it’s their most effective defense mechanism. Plus, skunks are nocturnal which means anyone who values their sleep should not get one.

8. A Wallaroo
Wallaroos are called so because their size is a tiny bit smaller than a kangaroo but they are larger than a wallaby. There are only four species of wallaroo that are native to Australia and these animals need a lot of space to jump around and dig, which is one of their favorite things to do. Sometimes they can dig holes that are up to 3 feet deep.

7. A Capybara
Know as the largest living rodent on earth, the capybara is definitely an unlikely pet. They usually grow to be around 100 pounds and are becoming quite a popular alternative to cats and dogs. Most notably they can be trained, though not always, and some have even been certified as therapy animals. These animals do require a large amount space and prefer to live near a large body of water as they are semi aquatic.

6. Piranhas
Piranhas are small but they sure are fierce considering that they’re able to strip flesh off with their sharp teeth. Piranhas are found in the waters of South America but they’ve been showing up in other areas with bodies of water because it’s believed that the owners of these fish are just getting rid of them. This could prove to have ecological consequences to the native area.

5. A Python
Pythons can grow to be extremely long with some of them measuring up to 17 feet long. That being said, you’d think these enormous animals would be quite a challenge to care for. However, that’s not the case here. See, certain species of pythons are pretty docile and can be cared for pretty easily. Some of them also come with special mutations that enhance their appearance and have said to been sold for thousands of dollars.

4. A Capuchin Monkey
This species of monkey, like most, are extremely clever and have been made famous by the media in productions such as the tv show Friends and the Night at the Museum franchise. These primates demand a vast amount of interaction with others of its kind and tend to become quite aggressive when it reaches sexual maturity. Remember, just because you can legally own one of these with a permit in certain areas doesn’t mean that you should actually buy one of them because often times they get abandoned by their owners.

3. A Squirrel Monkey
These adorable little monkeys are found out in the tropical forests of South and Central America. They typically only grow to be around 2 pounds because of how relatively small they are but they actually have the largest brain out of all the other primates. These monkeys are very affectionate and social creatures that require lots of attention. Keep in mind though that they do cover their limbs with their own urine in order to mark their territory. A baby squirrel monkey can cost up to $800 dollars, while an adult can be anywhere between $1,000-$1,400.

2. A Chimpanzee
Chimpanzees are one of our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom but that doesn’t mean that they should be living with us in our houses. While chimpanzees are legal to own in certain areas of the US, it should be noted that mostly male chimpanzees can have rather aggressive natures and can attack without any given warning at a moment’s notice. Some owners have even had their entire faces completely destroyed because of the primate’s sheer strength that out matches a human’s by 5 times.

1. An Alligator
Alligators are one of nature’s most ferocious living creatures what with their destructive bite force and notorious death roll. So why would keeping one of these as a pet be completely legal? To be more specific, this is only allowed in the state of Florida, where it’s one of the two states estimated to have a gator population of more than 1 million, the other being Louisianna. Further restrictions state that you must obtain a special permit in order to keep the Class Ⅱ animal, with the exception of American alligators. Since there are only two species of alligator alive, that means you’d only be able to keep a Chinese alligator.

Most Dangerous Pets

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What ever happened to people being ok with just owning a dog or a cat?

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7- Crocodile monitor – The crocodile monitor is considered a large and carnivorous reptile and can grow up to 8-12 feet. It’s one of the largest reptiles commonly sold as pets. Due to its large size, intelligence and impressive appearance, the crocodile monitor lizard is popular among very experienced reptile owners. Generally high strung, this is not the animal you want to mess with. With serrated teeth and strong jaw, the crocodile monitor could amputate a finger, cause deep tissue wounds, or cause severe infection. Ouch!

6- Wolfdogs – Believe it or not the wolfdog is actually said to be more dangerous than just plain old wolves! Because the wolfdog is part wolf and part dog – there’s a combination there that makes it very unpredictable. Like the wolf, the wolfdog is independent and hard to control, but like a dog there’s little fear of humans. While some people swear that wolfdogs are the only way to go as far as a pet is concerned, there are still those who will argue that when it comes to aggression and unpredictability, you just can’t teach an old wolfdog new tricks.

5- Old World Monkeys – The real issue with keeping an old world monkey as pet is disease. This coupled with their temperament – especially when they reach sexual maturity and begin having dangerous and spontaneous tantrums -make old world monkeys a real threat. Although diseases from monkeys has subsided quite a bit since they are no longer imported from the wild, it’s still probably not a good idea to keep one as a pet, just in case.

4- Venomous Snakes – There’s a distinct difference between venomous snakes and poisonous snakes – venomous snakes will take you down, poisonous snakes will kill you. That doesn’t mean that venomous snakes aren’t seriously dangerous. Among the species of venomous snakes include, vipers, cobras, black mambas, and rattlesnakes to name a few. Venomous snakes are a serious danger if not cared for properly. The most popular venomous snake for a pet is the copperhead snake and it can cause some serious, but not fatal injury – painful reactions to the bite would require medical attention.

3- Bears – Bears are extremely smart and are very interested in approaching humans and some have even been known to break into houses. They have a taste for human flesh and will take the first opportunity they can to satisfy that taste. Most likely, when someone keeps a bear as a pet it’s going to be a black bear. Black bears are also responsible for the most injuries and deaths inflicted on humans. Coincidence? We think not! Despite the fact that bears can weigh over 1500 pounds full grown, people still envision owning a one to be like snuggling up with a teddy bear. The only problem is, teddy bears can’t kill you with a swift blow of its paw. At least, none that we know of…

2- Big Cats – These aren’t your typical, purring, adorable housecats that we’re talking about here. We’re talking about tigers, lions, mountain lions, and jaguars. Surprisingly, the most dangerous of all big cats is the leopard – it’s non-social and aggressive. Lions and tigers are actually the most trainable big cats and handle human domination well. But the mere size of these animals make them dangerous alone – a big cat being playful could accidently cause injury or worse. By their very nature, these animals are wild and potentially dangerous and do not adjust well to a captive environment. If the danger aspect isn’t enough to convince you not to have a big cat for a pet, consider this – it costs approximately $12,000 a year to feed and house a big cat adequately! Talk about living large!

1 -Chimpanzees – Apparently chimpanzees, who share about 98% of their DNA with humans are dangerous. Chimpanzees are, by far, the most dangerous wild animal to keep as a pet. Chimps are very intelligent and it’s hard to tell what they’re thinking, or how they’ll react to a situation. Their aggressive behavior combined with their strength makes them very risky pets. Their average upper-body strength is five times that of a human. They attack by biting off body parts – noses, fingers, whatever they can easily grab – and their victims will usually survive to tell about it. However, they can transmit diseases like Hepatitis A and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Electric Shocking Wild Horses at Owyhee Complex Roundup; 12-14-12

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The Bureau of Land Management under the direction of Winnemucca (NV) District Manager Gene Seidlitz and Melanie Mirati (wild horse and burro “specialist”) allow the government contractor Sun J to repeatedly use electric prods on wild horses — one horse was shocked more than 10 times as they loaded him in the trailer. Paddles are used aggressively — hitting horses in their faces. This video shows a “rodeo” mentality and lack of understanding of working with wild horses. The government contractors are paid by the “head” meaning they have a financial incentive to get done fast … despite how brutal they treat the horses. For more information visit StopTheRoundups(dot)com.

Pet Shops in Japan ARE CRUEL

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In this video I want to share with you what we know about pet shops. We have this info not only from our experiences, but also from other animal activists in Japan.

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Top Amazing Mixed Breeds Dogs

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Top Crossbreed Dogs That Prove Mutts Are The Cutest

Due to the popularity of our last post on mixed-breed dogs, we decided to update it and make an open-list! If you’re considering getting a purebred dog, this list might change your mind! Mixed-breed dogs are not only beautiful but also have less health issues.
Do you have a beautiful mutt? Post your pictures below, or vote on your favorite!
#1 Aussiepom (Mini Australian Shepherd + Pomeranian)
#2 Labsky (Labrador + Husky)
#3 Cheagle (Chihuahua + Beagle)
#4 Chowsky (Chow Chow + Husky)
#5 Pomsky (Pomeranian + Husky)
#6 Bullmation (Bulldog + Dalmatian)
#7 Goberian (Golden Retriever + Husky)
#8 My Dog Toby (Pem Corgi + Shetland Sheepdog)
#9 This Is Django, My Beautiful Dog When He Was 2 Months. He’s Mix Labrador, Doberman And Boxer
#10 Shepsky (German Shepherd + Husky)

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