Identifying Upper Respiratory Infections in Snakes

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It’s something nobody likes to deal with- Upper respiratory infections (URI’s). With the proper treatment most snakes can bounce back from them, especially if caught early enough. Learn how to inspect your snake’s mouth and what to look for in regards to URI’s!

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Measuring GIANT Snakes without a Snake Attack

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Had some fun on a Living The Dream day, pulled an amazing clutch and check it out we are measuring a big one this time. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and tell us what you think. What snake should we measure next?

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Pet Snakes : Python Habitat

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Habitats for Python snakes include deserts and tropical rain forests, depending on the type of python. Learn about Python habitats with tips from a certified animal control officer in this free reptile pets video.

Expert: Tim Cole
Bio: Tim Cole is the owner of Austin Reptile Service, and has been keeping reptiles for over four decades.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

Ten of the Funniest, Cutest and Most Lovable Snakes You Are Ever Going to See

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth 2

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Me commentary on a thrilling scene between a hatchling iguana and a pack of racer snakes. This is from BBC’s Planet Earth 2.
They’ve uploaded the source video here:

Now screening weekly in the UK and coming soon to your country too I reckon! A 4k ultra HD telly has never been so tempting.

Music: Hans Zimmer – Drop Zone OST

Fair Dealing – Parody, Satire, Review, Commentary

The Wreath of Snakes (NORMAL) Trial Guide – FFXIV

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::Final Fantasy XIV – The Wreath of Snakes (Normal) Trial Guide::

A quick overview of the new trial on normal, guaranteed to get you through it!

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YBS Lifestyle Ep 41 – NYE | Spearfishing For Blue Bone | Amazing Sea Snakes And Dolphin

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Join Brodie Moss and Amberleigh West as they travel from one town to the other on NYE. No time to go to the shops so spearfishing for a blue bone is on the menu. Conditions are perfect plus an amazing encounter with two sea snakes and a friendly dolphin.

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A one of a kind show was made by the group of BOA KEEPERS PHILIPPINES in celebration of their 6th anniversary!

See various exotic pets, like the veiled chameleon, organe spotted roach, marauder ants!

Hunter EX is an RWC original webseries that showcases different exotic pets from around the Philippines

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