Barrel Racing 2016 Calgary Stampede Day 4

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Overall Results for the 2016 Calgary Stampede Barrel Racing! Professional’s Choice athlete Mary Burger takes 1st place!

1st place- Burger, Mary – 17.990
2ed place- Walker, Maryb18.000
3rd place- Ganter, Jackie18.515
4th place- Lockhart, Lisa 22.560
#TeamProfchoice Barrel Racing

Pool A Riders:
Mary Burger
Ivy Conrado
Kelley Schnaufer
Mary Walker
Cassidy Kruse
Sarah Rose McDonald
Julie Leggett
Taylor Jacob
Megan Swint
Fallon Taylor

HEINZ Ketchup 2016 Hot Dog Commercial the ‘Wiener Stampede’

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HEINZ Ketchup 2016 Hot Dog Commercial the ‘Wiener Stampede’ – Extended Version. So cute weiner dog stampede during the Super Game 2016!

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Northwest Profiles: Born to Buck (Calgary Stampede)

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Visit the Calgary Stampede Ranch near Hanna, Alberta. This 22,000 acre ranch produces some of the world’s best rodeo bucking stock.

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Texas Stampede! Rodeo, Bull Riding, Bronco Busting

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From You+Dallas – – The Texas Stampede rides into North Texas every Fall to benefit children’s charities.

North Texas does country right at the Texas Stampede. Big belt buckles shine and giant Stetsons make their way through the crowd. Lambs, ponies, and baby pigs are kid-friendly in the petting zoo, while grown men successfully (and unsuccessfully) ride buckin’ broncos with one hand in the air. Texans, tip your hats and ride out to the country. Yeehaw!

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Do You Want to Work at a Pet Store?

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Do You Want to Work at a Pet Store?

here are the ins and outs of working at a pet store and my experiences

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Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riders [HD]

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Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riders ~ Two amazing young Crazy Cowgirls from Alberta Canada.