How to Breed Guppies From Start

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Breeding guppies is a very interesting adventure.
The first step is to set up an aquarium with live plants and aquatic critters.
I prepared 2 aquariums, weeks in advance, as shown in previous video:
The next step is to get guppies.
It’s better to get young guppies, preferably newborn.
Ask for them from someone who breeds guppies.
People like to share!
It’s important to know the ages of fish for breeding.
Immature fish is the best for a clean slate!
Transfer your fish to the aquarium you prepared for them.
Pet stores sell adult fish.
Later in this video, you will see how I start with adult guppies.
Here I have 5 day-old guppies, born on March 23rd, 2018
All newborn guppies look like females.
June 13th, 2018
This one is a male.
Usually male guppies mature first.
Check my previous video on guppy gender:
I transfer young males into a separate aquarium as soon as I can identify their gender.
It is necessary to separate all males from females until a desirable male (for breeding) is chosen.
Be aware that prolonged seclusion of a single guppy is harmful for the guppy
June 15th, 2018
I identified and transferred another male.
Here are the 2 males.
They spend most of the time looking at young females.
Label aquariums indicating fish birthday, generation, gender, etc.
Female guppies will mature in the following months.
Here you can see both males on July 11th, 2018
Variations in color, size, shape and so on, can be passed on through selective breeding leading to a new strain.
I breed a dwarf size strain.
Therefore, I select the smallest fish for breeding.
I put each male with 1-3 females.
Each male with females gets a separate tank.
This large male is with 2 large females.
The small male is with 3 small females.
I don’t know yet whether the fish are fertile or not.
A higher number of females per male increases the chances of successful breeding.
Also, males can be infertile too.
Guppies are very adaptive fish.
And yet, guppies, like all other known living organisms, breed only under appropriate breeding conditions.
Check links in the description about feeding and other parts of aquarium fish care routines
Guppies love homemade fish food
My guppies breed at a water temperature of 72-76 F.
Guppy males work very hard to get the attention of females, constantly chasing after them and sporting tails at every occasion, performing mating dance.
Guppy females are most attracted to males with predominantly orange or red tails.
Each male carries a rainbow of colors in different amounts (some can be seen only through a magnifying glass).
August 19th, 2018
This female appears to be pregnant.
The pregnancy period is about 1 month long.
It’s time to set up an aquarium for newborn guppies.
August 26th, 2018
2 newborn guppies are hiding between plants.
Adult guppies may eat sick or slowly moving fry.
I use a pipette to transfer newborn fry into a new nursery.
1 or 2 babies in the first drop is common for my strain of guppies.
Each following birth yields more babies until it reach the highest number for this stain.
Then the number of newborns per drop declines.
Label the new aquarium.
The average lifespan of guppies is 2-5 years, and they are fertile only for the first couple years.
Larger size fish tend to live longer and yield more babies in each drop.
Guppies give birth every month or so.
Sooner or later it becomes impossible to keep all of them.
I keep only fish chosen for further breeding.
The rest of the fish has to be culled.
I prefer to give them away
As in this example, I give away a male and 3 females (without babies yet) on September 10th to one of my YouTube friends.
Here they go.
Now I can transfer the young fry into the vacant aquarium, where they are going to grow to full maturity.
In this way, I manage to grow one breeding line in just 3 aquariums.
Also, as you may notice, I use small size aquariums suitable only for small size fish
I don’t use man-made filters, air pumps, or water heaters.
And I don’t change water.
It’s all explained in different videos (links in the description).
One of the females from the parenting aquarium can be moved now to make more room in this small aquarium for the breeding couple.
In this example, I move the female to a larger aquarium where I keep a different breeding line – mix 2.
Check the blog post for the rest:
More fun on my website
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The White Horses TV Series “start sequence”

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How to write a business plan for a pet store & start and open a pet store

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In this video I explain how to write a business plan for a pet store. I also explain some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face when they open a pet store. I also get into how to get around and solve those challenges.

One of the most important parts of a business plan for a pet store is to make sure that you have the finances covered. As you begin to write a business plan for a pet store, and think about how to open your pet store, you will realize that you will need at least some employees because you will not be able to do everything on your own. Additionally, you will also need to pay the monthly rent for the pet store. That means you have to make a lot of sales each month just to break even. And what kinds of items will you sell? Pet food used to be a great thing to sell, but because it is bulky and heavy, most people get the pet food delivered and buy it online. That means your pet store will lose out on those sales. So when you write your business plan for a pet store, make sure you have a way to cover the expenses.

Historically, selling pet food was a way to get people into your store. The pet food itself does not have a high profit margin, but after people came to the store for the pet food, they might have bought other items that have a higher profit margin. But now that people are buying the heavy pet food online, and getting it delivered, they have less reason to go inside a pet store. So when you write your pet store business plan, make sure that you have a solid strategy for how to get people inside your store.

That brings me to the second most important part of a business plan for a pet store, and that is the marketing for a pet store. In fact, after you start a pet store, you will need to be focusing on marketing all the time. It should become almost an obsession because marketing is how you get customers to sustain your business.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to do marketing for a pet store. You will need a website so that people will find you on Google when they search for local pet stores. You will also need to make an account in GoogleLocal to appear on the Google map in searches. You should also list your store on local service sites like Yelp. Additionally, you should open your pet store in a place where there is a lot of passer-by foot traffic of people who are in your target market. Plus, you want to do some creative things like maybe having a storefront full of extremely cute animal outfits or toys. You may also want to do pet grooming right inside the store to get people going to your store and to give you another angle from which to promote the store. These are just some of the suggestions for how to market and promote a pet store. When you write a business plan for a pet store, make sure your marketing and finance sections are really solid.

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