What Makes a Veterinary Practice Financially Successful?

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Alan Robinson, BVSc, MRCVS, DMS, director of VetDynamics UK Ltd, explains that a successful veterinary practice is not an overnight sensation. For most veterinary offices, it is a 3- to 5-year progression.

In making the shift towards becoming financially successful, Dr. Robinson says veterinary practices must improve their pricing models and reinvest their profits into control mechanisms, such as better communication systems. He also says it’s important to put structures in place that make different people responsible for various parts of the business – the marketing, finance, clinical and human resources.

Successful veterinary practices also have key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their business, client care, patient care, team harmony and finances.

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Qualities of a Successful Veterinary Leader

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Dawn Burdette, executive director of sales, leadership and development at Henry Schein Animal Health, talks about the qualities of a successful leader in a veterinary practice.

A leader in the veterinary practice needs to understand that they do have a lot of responsibility, Burdette says. Practice leaders are responsible for creating the culture and vision in their practice, and they are responsible for inspiring those in the practice to follow them.

Being a leader in not innate, Burdette says, it’s a skill you actually have to work at and hone.

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Dog Training Tips – 6 Tips To Successful Obedience Dog Training

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