Do Animals Talk on Christmas Eve, The Donkey Cross, Veterinarian Writes Hit Song, Awkward Pet Pics!

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Welcome to Off Label Veterinary News, your source for commentary on animals, medicine, and practice life.

This special holiday episode:

1) Do animals kneel, face east, or talk at midnight on Christmas Eve? That’s what my late grandmother told me when I was a child.

2) Do you know the story of the Donkey Cross?

3) Did you know a veterinarian wrote the holiday hit song, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer?” We tell the story.

4) Awkward Pet Holiday Photos!

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How many African Cichlids can I put in my tank Tank Talk 7/11/13 Pres. by KGTropicals

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This is the latest edition of my weekly video series where I update you on the comings and goings of KGTropicals and highlight some of our current projects, new fish and specials. We also take time in each episode to answer some of your emails about fish keeping. Subscribe to the channel and get in on the action. My goal is to make each episode fun, entertaining and informative but not overwhelming.

Why I’ll Never Keep Snakes | Let’s Talk

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[ASMR ENG+ITA] True Pillow Talk! | Scratching, Tapping, Whispering, Fabric & Zip Sounds, Sea Waves

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[ENG] Hi lovely friends, FALL ASLEEP SOFTLY with my whispering and my “True Pillow Talk”! : ) We will listen together to what the pillow says… And when pillows just get tired, you know: they are used to go to the seaside, lay on the shore, and relax listening to Waves… till they softly fall into a deep restoring sleep… Good night friends, good night… Sleep and dreams… And dream to tell me if you liked this falling asleep with me, and to comment, to SUBSCRIBE… so that you’ll really do it while siping your tea or milk or coffee next morning! : )

THE TRIGGERS: Whispering | Fabric sounds | Scratching | Rubbing | Tapping | Hand movements | Zip sounds | Waves sounds | Pillows sounds | Bells sounds (?) | Dogs sounds (?) | What else? | Nespresso sounds!

* Footage of the sunset in the city of Trieste (Italy) was filmed by me some years ago.

★ ★ ★

[ITA] Salve bellissimi amici, ADDORMENTATEVI DOLCEMENTE con il mio whispering e con le mie “Vere Chiacchiere del Cuscino”! : ) Ascolteremo insieme quello che il cuscino ha da dirci… E quando i cuscini sono stanchi, lo sapete: sono soliti andare al mare, stendersi sulla riva e rilassarsi ascoltando le Onde… fino a che non cadono dolcemente in un profondo sonno ristoratore… Buona notte amici, buone notte… Dormite e sognate… E sognate di dirmi se vi è piaciuto o no questo addormentarvi con me, e di commentare, e di ISCRIVERVI… così che lo farete davvero sorseggiando il vostro tè o latte o caffè la mattina dopo! : )

I TRIGGER: Whispering | Suoni di tessuti | Grattare | Strofinare | Tapping | Movimenti delle mani | Suoni di cerniera | Suoni delle onde | Suoni di cuscini | Suoni di campane (?) | Suoni di cani (?) | What else? | Nespresso sounds!

* Gli spezzoni del tramonto nella città di Trieste (Italia) sono stati girati da me qualche anno fa.


of this ASMR video is bringing you relaxation, nice tingles, and a soft and quiet falling asleep if you are in bed or laying somewhere for rest. Hope you can really enjoy these sounds and images! Feel free to Subscribe, Like, Dislike, Share, Comment or +Write on Facebook, on G+ or to my Mail below. Have a nice day or night and see you later for a next video! 🙂

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This acronym stands for ” Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response “. To discover which particular phenomenon these words want to describe, you could just google it or have a look on wikipedia: . Or, even better, you can carefully watch this wonderful explanatory video made by one of my favorite ASMR Artist: Ilse Blansert (TheWaterwhispers):


◇ APOLOGY: English is not my native language (I’m half italian half balkanic), so please forgive me if something should result bad written or spoken. If you want to report a mistake please write to the channel e-mail and I’ll be happy to check and correct.

◇◇ ADVICE: Please USE HEADPHONES 🎧 to listen to ASMR videos: this really improves the experience! 🙂

◇◇◇ WARNING: ASMR is intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. ASMR videos CANNOT replace any medication or professional treatment. If you suffer from serious sleep/anxiety/panic/depression or other psychological problems, please consult your physician or doctor. DO NOT listen to ASMR videos while driving or operating machinery: they can induce drowsiness.

Free Golden Angel Giveaway!! Fish Keeping Q&A!! Tank Talk Live!!

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Lets Talk – King and Queen Cichlids said it ! ( extended) improving youtube viewership

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Hi everyone, this video adds to the points made by King and Queen Cichlids last week. We are on the same page. Check that video out @ . I know you will like it.


Lets talk: cyber kitten

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ahaaa,,, a little something different this time!!

also: when i freak out over an animator she put in here, i do NOT mean to be sort of cringey. i really do like those animators, but not in a way where i fangirl like “OMGSGSGFGGDGS NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!!!” it’s just like “hey, i really like your content! keep it up”

where do i even start with her?? cyber kitten is a sans fangirl who pretty much thinks she can do better than any one else, she puts much more skilled animators in her cringe comps and gives them horrible threats. honestly, cyber makes me SICK.

outro song:

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Uber Drivers Talk About Pet Peeves

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“What are you, savages?!”

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My Fish Keep Dying But I’m Doing Everything Right, What’s Going On Here? Tank Talk Live!!

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Every fish keeper has been through those difficult times in the beginning. In this episode of Tank Talk John will cover the struggles of a new aquarium and how to get through it without spending a fortune or pulling your hair out in the process. If you’re starting a new aquarium you might believe you’re doing everything right but your fish keep dying or your water always seems to be cloudy, we’ve all been there trust me. This episode of Tank Talk is for you. Sit back and relax while John from KGTropicals explains what needs to be done to get your tank to rebound in a no nonsense, common sense way.

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