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Testing Dog or Cat Intelligence with Clear Tape | Funny Dogs and Cats Reaction to Clear Tape

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How smart is your dog or cat? There is a test that can test your pets’ intelligence. Watch this video that funny pets’ reaction to clear tape. If you like our videos, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE us and share with your friends!


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How to: Keep a fish tape moving in a straight line, with this trick.

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Sometimes when you’re fishing in a straight line, the fish tape flops around and will cause the end to go through the wall at an angle. Try this trick of mine to keep it moving straight, where you need it to go.

How To Use Flexible Reptile Heat Tape For Heating Reptile Racks & Enclosures

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For more info & where to buy:

It’s hard to beat Flexible Heat Tape’s dependability, cost effectiveness and ease of use. Flexible Heat Tape for heating reptile enclosures is ultra thin at just .012 inches thick and it’s element is sealed in a tough flexible plastic so that it can be used in many different types of heating applications.

What You Need For The Perfect Heat Tape Assembly:
-Heat Tape – Order by the foot – QTY 1 = 1 Foot, for instance.
6′ Cord with Attached Copper Clip Set – Required equipment for each connection.
-Rubber Insulating Tape Set – Required equipment for each connection. Helpful Hint! You will need 1 Rubber Insulating Set for each 6′ Cord with Attached Copper Clip Set.
-Foil Tape – Use foil tape to adhere the heat tape to almost anything. Helpful Hint! You will need 2 feet of foil tape for every 1 foot of heat tape to run foil tape on both edges of the heat tape. Order by the foot – QTY 1 = 1 Foot, for instance.
-Thermostat – You must use a thermostat to control the heat tape’s heat level.

-Permanently sealed in a tough, flexible plastic so it can be used in many different types of heating applications.
-Versatility – Flexible Heat Tape can be cut to any length, heating a very small amount of space or long and large areas.
-Ultra thin – just .012 inches thick!
-Exclusive and easy step-by-step connection instructions included.

Sticky Tape – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #13

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“A curious cat gets into a sticky predicament.”

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Choosing Your First Pet Snake

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Hopefully a little help in choosing your first pet snake, with a little help from my pastel ball python and grey banded kingsnake.