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Free Guide: The Pet Owner’s Guide to TCVM Veterinary Food Therapy
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If you’re interested in Eastern food therapy and what it has to offer, then I’ve got great news for you. If you want to learn about warming foods and cooling foods and neutral foods and how to combine foods so that you can create energetic balance for your pet, then I’ve got a simple solution for you. We’ve got this book called the Pet Owners Guide to Eastern Food Therapy and Your Pet.

You can download it now and learn all those things and more. You can learn how to feed your pet when they have a hot disease like a dog that itches with allergies. That’s heat. What do we do? We want to balance that pet so we feed energetically cooling foods.

It’s a pretty simple concept. It’s the same reason why when you eat a jalapeno pepper and you get that burning sensation inside you. We have cucumbers in our water because they’re cooling.

Download our free ebook, Eastern Food Therapy for the Busy Pet Owner so that you can learn and empower yourself to use the energetics of foods to help your pet.

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