2018 THRILLS & SPILLS + 20000 SUBS!

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What a wonderful year it’s been! I hope you’ve all enjoyed watching my year unfold as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you! I can’t believe I’m now sharing my riding journey with 20,000 of you lovely people!! Your continued kindness and support really does mean the world to me, so thank you so much for continuing to be such an amazing & positive bunch ❤️

QOTD: What was your favourite part of 2018 (can be horsey or non-horsey)?

Helmet cameras:
Drift Ghost 4K
GoPro Hero 6

Music: Safari Song – Greta Van Fleet

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Equestrian Thrills “N” Spills

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plz don’t copy my videos without permission

Some thrills and spills of eventing and showjumping!!!! Enjoy 🙂

these are all original clips, i did not get them from any other videos!! 🙂

PS. None of the horses where badly injured in any of these clips they all got up after the falls!!

Songs: Operator Please- Leave it alone
– Yes yes
– Cringe

Horse racing thrills and spills – Horse says no!

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Watch a number of horses refuse to cooperate with their jockeys in our compilation.
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