Pet Snake Throws Up Diamond Ring – Gross “Sneaky Snack” Festival Gone Wrong

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Trinity had been asking me if we could have a sneaky snack festival. So we did just that! We got all kinds of yummy food and fed them to the snake to get him to cough up moms ring!
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Petco Animal Abuse – Throws LIVE Baby Iguana in Dumspter!!

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Please take note that I am not a clearinghouse for random reports of what you saw in YOUR town. If you have seen something then YOU need to do something about it and contact your local humane welfare organizations and the corporations involved. Don’t drop it in MY lap and act like you’ve done your bit. If you have some kind of emergency or actual useful info to relate to me, then you can message me on my facebook page. I don’t check messages here. If you don’t have something pressing that needs attention, then please don’t message me about this matter. This happened 5 years ago. All the back story is in this video and in the rest below, if you care to know. For a long time over the past few years, comments here have been disabled because I have no tolerance for stupid people. I still don’t. I am re-enabling comments on a tentative basis, but they are moderated. If you try to post stupidity, I won’t even finish reading it in my admin dashboard, I will just delete it and block you. Comments on my other videos are moderated as well by default.

The iguana was subsequently named Irwin. He was anonymously adopted out long ago. Whether intentional or unintentional, the fact is that Petco employees threw a live animal in the trash, and it’s not in dispute. Petco corporate inventory managers crawled all over that store and verified on their books and after reviewing security camera video that they were responsible for him getting thrown in the trash. They issued a statement on that, admitting it. They never issued an apology to me though for their employees and management at this store having accused me of planting him. Later, their VP extended an offer to me of some sponsorship of my rescue, and after thinking it over, I declined. You won’t apologize, then F you and your token offer. I won’t accept anything from these pet stores which helps them to white wash their reputation and give the token appearance that they care about the animals when their behavior and policies clearly show that they do not care.

Full transcript of call from Petco’s VP of Animal Care, Marcie Whichard:

To answer a recurring question, criminal animal cruelty charges wouldn’t have stuck here. For the most part state cruelty laws only apply to domestic animals, and iguanas are considered an exotic and wild animal. Reptiles and wildlife ARE NOT protected in state laws the way that dogs, bunnies, and horses are.

I decided to go the route of youtube and social media in order to spread the word about this incident, because I feel it is far more effective when you recruit the public to provide a rebuke.

[Update: 9/10/12] I’m going public with the fact that the Target store next door has two surveillance cameras pointed right at this dumpster. That’s great news for me! 😉 I’d love to get hold of that footage about 5:15pm or a little after because this will show without a doubt who is telling the truth.


Armenia’s Wealthiest Citizen Throws A Donkey Inside His 2 Pet Lions Cage For Entertainment!

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Disgrace. One of WSHH’s viewers sent them this video and felt they need to put this man on serious blast. We dont condone animal abuse and this right here is sad. This is how “Grant” is reporting it “One of Armenia’s Riches man has two lions . and what he does is throws in a donkey into the cage for the lions can kill it as they watch for entertainment . But the donkey turns around and almost kills the lion and they got scared that the lion was gonna die so they shot the donkey”
This video was shot at what is alleged to be the private zoo of oligarch MP Gagik Tsarukian. Better known to most Armenians by his nickname, Dodi Gago, Tsarukian is believed to be Armenia’s wealthiest citizen . The former world arm-wrestling champion is also head of the second largest political party in the Armenian National Assembly as well as the President of the Armenian National Olympic Committee. Is This is what money does to people? This is sick and horrible

5 yr old throws tantrum in pet store

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My 5-1/2 year old, seen kittens at the store. The kittens seemed very affectionate and playful, and she fell in Love instantly. My daughter decided that she wants to buy these kittens and get rid of the two we already have at home because they are “boring”. This is what happened when I told her that she couldn’t take the kittens home..

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