(Update) Sanford NC Tornado kills 14 horses and 6 cows on Hwy 42 Horse Ranch

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We was unable to get to the Horse Ranch the day of the Tornado due to downed trees and debris on the roads.
This video is the best shot of the area which was taken on April 23, 2011
7 Days after the Tornadoes struck Sanford, N.C.

We would like to send out our prayers to the victims of the Tornado outbreak in Alabama and Georgia. Over 200 People have died in that one so far.

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Tornado Siren?! Cat Reacts to Emergency Warning Alert System! Cute & Funny! Cat Blep!

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What do you do during a Tornado Drill? Well, here is what Simon the Burmese Cat does. Not the best plan. If this had been a real tornado warning we would have gone downstairs with all our animals. No danger was present during the filming of this video. This siren was part of a monthly test of our state’s Emergency Outdoor Warning System.

Hilarious & Adorable Cat!

Canton, Texas – Tornado Damage/ Interview With Victim and Exotic Pets – April 30th, 2017

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Dogs Meet Owners After Tornadoes

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Tornado victims who love their animals very much.
never give up hope. fight to survive.
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Thanks again Everyone! Keep your pets Safe!!!!!!!!

*Izzy was lost in a wildfire*

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