Amazing Old School Local Fish Store Tour Aqualand Pets Plus

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Old School Local Fish Store Tour Aqualand Pets Plus in Des Moines, IA! In this tour we meet the owner Michael and see some interesting fish. This is an old school aquarium shop tour! Most of the tanks are not on any system.We also see in the LFS tour many species of barbs and tetras.

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Aquarium Store Tour 2019 | Getting New Aquarium Fish | Pet Store

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In this video I show my first aquarium store tour in 2019! This pet store is in Louisville, Kentucky and is called Pets Palace. After a brief tour of all of the exotics, I show myself getting new aquarium fish, and plants!!!

When you first walked into Pets Palace pet store you are greeted by a very unusual salt water tank. This tank is contantly over-flowing down all 4 sides of the tank! After over-flowing it goes down to a sump filter, filtered, and sent back up to the main display!

Along with this salt water tank I got to feed a massive poisonus fish…The Lion fish! I also go to feed an awesome looking dog face puffer fish! 🙂

After getting to feed these incredible salt water beasts I went to check out the freshwater fish where I seen a silver arowanna, large peacock bass and common plecos, and a jogsaw catfish that was 30+ in. long!!!!!

I even got a few ideas for some upcoming projects where I checked out some really nice koi (pond coming in the spring of 2019), a huge turtle tank, and a very detailed betta rack! All of these have been on my project list for awhile now so it was nice to get some inspiration for them!

What did I bring home?

I was able to bring home a massive portion of cryptocoryne (not sure which species it is. Hopefully I will be able to identify it once I get some new growth! I also scored a nice portion of ludwigia repens and moneywort. I was so satisfied with the crypt and the ludwigia repens that I ended up going back and getting 2 more portions of each!

I also picked up 6 corydoras. I am still doing research on which corydoras they actually are considering they were sold to me as the corydoras schwartzi (which they are not). If you have ever kept these corydoras let me know down in the comments section!

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More about me:

I am a hobbyist from Southern Indiana. I currently have 15 tanks and have a few more to add to the fish room. I keep a variety of livebearers, angel fish, rainbow fish, barbs, tetras, rasboras, corydoras, plecos and NeoCaridinia shrimp. I love helping people succeed in this hobby and hope to learn from you all as well (my subscribers). I hope to grow more in the FishTube community so I can reach more people both as a subscriber to my channel and me subscribing to theirs. Help me create an amazing Otter Creek Aquatics community!

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Tank on!!! I hope to talk soon 🙂

2019 Reptile Room Tour!

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Today, we walk around the (very unorganized) reptile room, and show off 36 animals I have the pleasure of caring for. About half are my personal animals, and the other half belong to and will be rehomed once ready!

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Reptile Store TOUR: AE Herps and exotics!

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Incredible reptile store tour in Phoenix, Arizona filled with including monitor lizards, geckos, tarantulas, snakes and so much more! Remember to mention this video and recieve 15% off.
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Aquarium Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta

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Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta
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This LFS tour was amazing! It has more fish and dry goods than any other fish store I have been in! They had approximately 14,000G of fresh water and also had Marine tanks! I hope you like it! Not only was it an Aquarium store tour, they had all kinds of other animals!
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Full Fish Room Tour: Fall 2018 Part 2 – Check Out All These Fish!

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Hello Fellow Fish Keepers!
In this video we continue our fish room tour and look at the other side of the fish room. There’s lots of variety and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

Thanks for watching!

Pet Market Tour | Vlog #370

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Today I take you on a pet market tour through my favourite #petmarket in Manila, Philippines, called Cartimar Pet Center. I show you cages, aquariums, a variety of different #animals, plants, and fish. It’s a place where pet-lovers in Manila love to shop for their #pets.

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I take you on a tour of one of my favorite local fish stores in Arizona. It’s a mom and pop locally owned pet store known as The Pet Shop in Mesa, Arizona near Phoenix. Take a look at my LFS for discus, freshwater tropical fish and saltwater! Thank you so much to the owners for letting me film!




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Full 2019 Ant Room Tour & Update Video (Millions of Ants + Other Animals)

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Fire ants, Asian bullet ants, crazy ants, to Dracula ants, from tarantulas to axolotls, snake, fish, and parrot, this video is my ultimate 2019 full ant room tour and update video! Hope you enjoy it! Happy new year 2019! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Tour a Luxury Equestrian Ranch in California

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Enchanting 190 Acre Equestrian Ranch located in guard gated Calabasas Park Estates. Nestled in a private valley, through gates and down long private road, this spectacular and unique property provides an exclusive retreat and an exceptionally tranquil setting. Custom built in 1999, the apx. 7,500 sq.ft. Traditional Farm house offers a wonderful blend of classic country living and modern day elegance. Formal entry, living room, formal dining room, and spacious family room with adjoining breakfast room and Country gourmet kitchen. Luxurious master suite. The property is truly incredible and offers various structures, expansive grounds, and a multitude of options for boundless entertainment and recreation. Equestrian features include 16-stall horse barn, sand riding ring, 1 acre horse pasture, and miles of private trails. 2 full guesthouses, pool, spa, cabana, gardens, N/S clay tennis court, duck pond, and fruit orchards. Rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a private valley and enjoy true ranch living.