Dog Training in Hindi – Apne Kutte ko “Potty train” kaise karein? Lesson #4

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Aap apne dog ko ya fir puppy ko 24 hours mein potty train kar sakte ho. Iss ke liye apko bas vinegar chahiye aur ek napkin. Iss video ke end mein iska proof bhi hai. Please apne baaki friends ke saath bhi share karein. Bahut saare friends potty training na ho paane ke kaaran hi dog nahi rakhte ja fir give up kar dete hain.

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Prison inmates train dogs for the disabled

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(4 Feb 2010)
AP Television
Warwick, New York – November 2009
1. Medium of inmate at New York”s Mid-Orange correctional facility training his dog on how to sniff for explosives
2. Medium of dog finding target and being rewarded
3. Wide of inmate training his dog how to sniff for explosives
4. Medium same
5. Close of dog finding target and being rewarded
6. Wide same
7. Close of dog”s face looking on
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Francis Milazzo, Inmate:
“They might have been a different type of person years ago, ten years ago, the crime that got them here. They might have been murderers. Now they are nice guys. You know what I”m saying? They”re great to their dogs. You see them cuddling with their dogs and speaking all these little baby sounds to their dogs. Things they never would”ve did ten years ago.”
9. Zoom into inmate walking in hallway with his dog
10. Medium of President of Puppies Behind Bars, Gloria Gilbert Stoga during classroom session with inmates
11. Tilt down from inmate to his dog
12. Close of inmates passing class work papers
13. Close of puppy chewing on bone
14. Close of dog sleeping on floor with class going on in background
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Gloria Gilbert Stoga, President, Puppies Behind Bars:
“The tangible skills are these guys are really, really good dog trainers. They know everything from housebreaking a puppy and teaching a puppy its name to teaching them really sophisticated commands that can go on to help a disabled person in his or her daily life. The intangible skills are empathy, are, working together as a team.”
16. Medium of inmate performing exercise in which he falls to the floor, which cues his dog to dial emergency
17. Close of dog dialling
18. Dog being rewarded after successfully completing exercise
19. Wide of dog turning light switch on and off
20. Close same
21. Dog being rewarded after completing exercise
22. Low shot of inmate and dog walking out of classroom
23. Pan of inmates and their dogs in recreation yard
24. Medium and close of inmate Jonathan Bias playing with his dog
25. SOUNDBITE (English) Jonathan Bias, Inmate:
“This is my way of not only giving back to my victim, but to other victims that have been harmed through terrorism or through bombings and been disabled during those bombings. So this is my way of giving back and hopefully my victim, the victim of my crime, will be able to see, ”ok, he is a changed man, you know, he was misguided in his actions, but now he is on the right track and he is doing the right thing.”
26. Inmate throwing a ball to his dog
27. Various of dog running to retrieve the ball and being rewarded
28. Various of inmate training his dog to follow commands
29. Medium shot of dogs playing in recreation yard from outside the fence
30. SOUNDBITE (English) Gloria Gilbert Stoga, President, Puppies Behind Bars:
“We hear constantly that our dogs have a bond with humans that has really never been seen in other dogs and I think it is because not only they spend 24/7 but they are already used to spending their life with someone who needs them.”
31. Various of inmate Michael Jenkins showing his diploma after finishing a dog grooming course from prison
32. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Jenkins, Inmate:
“They see the role model in me and they come to me, they want to pet my dog and the programme and you know? Everybody from the staff to the superintendent. I made it and I”m proud of myself and I”m proud of the dogs.The dogs really changed my life.”
33. Various exteriors of Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in New York State
34. Wide of ceremony in which trained dogs are given to war veterans
35. Close of inmate singing national anthem
37. Medium of dog during national anthem

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How to Train Deep Pressure Therapy || Service Dog Training

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A quick how-to for teaching DPT!

*** I am NOT a professional. There are many ways to teach this and this is just what worked for me.

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Can Dogs Cats birds pets travel in train ? Detailed Guidelines of Indian Railway. Exclusive Video

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Dogs Pets can also travel in train. Complete video with Guidelines of India Railway.By Royal Soldier

Dog Training – How To Train A Weimaraner

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How to Train a Weimaraner – Learn how to train your Weimaraner obedience and discover tips and techniques you can use in this video. You can also get more information on Weimaraner training by getting the FREE Dog Training Blueprint at:

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How to potty train your cat

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Wouldn’t it be heavenly if your cat took care of its business in the designated place? Cats are very smart animals and are capable of being potty trained easily. Watch this video to learn how you can potty train your cat.

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How to Bag Train & Travel | Dog Training

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One of the greatest things about having a small dog is that you can take them almost anywhere and include them in your travel plans,as long as you train them to relax comfortably and calmly in their travel bag.To get started,it’s always best to do with a puppy that’s very open-minded but even if your having a adult dog,there are exercises and things that you can do to get them happily enjoying their bag.First you can just have the bag kinda hanging out in your house,especially maybe were the dog bed used to be and you can randomly just throw little treats in the bag so that your dog investigates the bag on her own and when they look in there, there’s a yummy treats available.So they start checking out the bags on their own quite a bit.When they are tired and they might normally be resting on your lap or at your feet,you can encourage them to go into the bag to rest instead.It’s best not to squash your dog into the bag,let them kinda make that decision themselves to get on in there if you can be patient.

7 Month Old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog | Best Dog Training Oklahoma | Board and Train

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Ironside, 7 Month Old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog | Best Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training Oklahoma | Off Leash K9 Training | 2 Week Board and Train | E Collar Training | Trainer: Maegan

First things to train and to avoid – puppy dog training

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Puppy Tips 3- First things to train and avoid- Clicker Dog Training

Puppy Tips 3- First things to “how to teach dogs to be calm” “dog training” “dog trainer” “clicker training” “first things to teach a dog” “how to train a dog” and avoid- Clicker Dog Training

How to train a RELEASE CUE! – dog training tutorials

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Adding a release- clicker dog training tricks

This is a portion of a previously uploaded video called “The best way to teach a stay” however, I am uploading it as a reference as to how to teach and proof a release cue and get it under stimulus control. This part of the video only appears 9 minutes into the stay video. You can apply proofing a release cue to many things, including teaching invisible barriers, and this is the specific reason why I am posting the video, in preparation for releasing the tutorial on how to teach invisible barriers.

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Columbus Ohio Dog Training with Terry Cook: What Will Your Dog Learn During a Board & Train Program

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What will your dog learn during his/her stay with Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer Terry Cook? Watch this video to find out! offers free in-home evaluations for all new clients in the Columbus Ohio area! Schedule yours today!

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(Bite Inhibition) Dog Training: How To Stop A Puppy From Biting And Train Dogs Not To Bite

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How To Stop A Puppy From Biting And Train Dogs Not To Bite

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Puppy biting and mouthing is a perfectly normal behavior, and it is not anything you should be worried to stop a puppy from biting

A puppy that’s biting you is not being aggressive, or dominant, or trying to be the boss, he is simply being a puppy and behaving the only way he knows how.

Before you teach a puppy to reduce the frequency of biting (and eventually teaching him not to bite at all) you first much teach your puppy to reduce the force of his bite.

Teaching a puppy the power of his jaw is what we call bite inhibition, and it is something that must be done to ensure your dog is not dangerous as an adult.

You have probably noticed that your puppy has very sharp teeth, and there is a reason for this.

When your puppy bites down, even with a little bit of pressure, it can be quite painful because their teeth are so sharp.

Those sharp teeth are exactly what we use to teach our puppy how powerful their jaw is.

If you were to leave a litter of puppies with each other, they would teach one another bite inhibition.

When one puppy bites down on another puppy with to much force, that puppy would yelp, and the puppy that was doing the biting would stop and learn “that bite was to hard”.

Puppies naturally understand that high pitch yelp means “that hurt”, and if we left puppies with their litter mates for 4 – 6 months, they would teach this to each other and we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Since most people tend to get their puppies between 8 – 12 weeks, and the litter mates are no longer around after that point, teaching bite inhibition now becomes the humans job.

When your puppy starts mouthing you, you are going to allow him to continue doing so.

Then you are going to wait for a bite that is a little bit harder then the rest.

The second that happens you are going to yelp, shriek, or make a startled sound, and then get up and walk away.

You don’t get mad at the puppy, you don’t say bad dog, you don’t do anything else besides what you just read above.

Simply make the sound that lets him know he hurt you, and then you walk away to show him that all play ends when he bites down with too much force.

After a couple of minutes come back and start playing with him again.

If he mouths you and it isn’t hurting to bad, let him keep mouthing you.

The second a bite has a little too much force, you yelp and walk away.

What we are teaching the puppy here is that when you bite down to hard it hurts, and the thing you enjoy (playing) stops immediately.

In the beginning you are only going to react when your puppy really bites down hard.

After a few weeks, you start reacting when your puppy bites down with even less pressure.

Then after a few more weeks you start reacting when your puppy bites down on you at all.

In the end you will have taught your puppy how strong their jaw is, and now in the future if your dog ever gives a warning bite ( most often this happens when your dog is sick or injured ) you won’t be at risk of getting seriously injured.

Now that we know our puppy has a safe jaw because we have taught him bite inhibition, it is time to start really working on teaching him not to mouth us at all.

The first step is to tell the puppy what we want them to bite, which in this case will be their dog toys.

Another thing that you can do to work on reducing the frequency of your puppy biting you is a reverse time out.

The second that your puppy puts teeth on you, you walk away, completely ignore him, say nothing, and isolate your self for about 10-15 seconds.

Go in a bedroom, bathroom, a closet, somewhere that your puppy wont be able to see you and can’t get to you.

When you do this you don’t get mad or angry at the puppy, you just simply walk away and stay completely silent.

After 10 – 15 seconds you come out of isolation and resume what ever you were doing

Again you aren’t angry or mad at the puppy, in fact you act like nothing happened at all.

Your puppy WANTS to be around you and WANTS to play with you.

When he gets too excited and bites you and you disappear every single time that happens, he learns that biting makes his favorite person go away and he will learn very quickly that biting is NOT a good behavior to repeat.

Unfortunately there is a lot of outdated information out there when it comes to handling puppy biting.

Here is a list of all the things NOT to do when a puppy bites you:

Roll them on your back and hold them there
Grab the back of there neck and shake them
Hold their mouth shut
Hit them underneath the chin
Bite them back (Yes I have actually seen trainers tell people to do this)
Put the puppy on a prong collar and give a leash correction every time they bite
Put the puppy on a shock collar and shock them every time they bite