How to teach a dog to sit (Hindi).|Dog training in Hindi.

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This is my first dog training tutorial. I made this video with my German shepherd dog Lilly. This video is about how to teach a dog to sit on command and some some normal words that your dog should know.
This video is in Hindi language and you can easily teach your dog to sit on command after watching this video.

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Handling Shyness – Clicker Dog Training

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These exercises are for all dogs, as most dogs do not like to be handled. This video is the first in a series to come…
I am sorry about the big block of text at the beginning of the video, but it is because this exercise needs to be taken seriously, as if done wrong you can scare a dog, and a frightened dog will bite, as will any animal that is frightened.
If you are worried that your dog is too shy or frightened to work with, you can talk to an animal behaviorist first. Another game you can do is just tossing the dog treats, and feeding the dog his meals by dropping the kibble for the dog following you.

Mall Service Dog training! (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Hello everyone! Today we went to the mall! Patches has been in more crowded places then this (U can see videos On my channel) however we’ve never done really any training exercises with this many people around or in this busy part of the mall! We did do “Block” at that other place that had way more poeple then here! (We litterly couldn’t walk) but this was his first time doing more off leash stuff (which we did heel without me holding the leash, I didn’t film it though) and me dropping the leash, and circle, and down stay, and he practiced all these things when the mall was super crowded! I was so proud of him! 😍 I love his new command to pick up the leash though, that with his new fainting respons are both currently my favorite tasks and there so cute when he does them! I didn’t practice the fainting one today, as he’s still getting used to it before we move it out in PA!

Dog Training : How to Train a Dog to Use a Doggie Door

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Teaching a dog to use a doggy door can be intimidating because it is based on a confined space. Use treats that are particularly desirable to teach a dog to use a doggy door with help from a dog trainer in this free video on pet care and obedience training for dogs.

Expert: Heidi Dixner
Bio: Heidi Dixner has been training dogs professionally since 2001 and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 2003.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

TooToo Boy – Dog Training Episode | Videogyan Kids Shows | Funny Cartoon Series | Comedy Shows

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TooToo Boy – Dog Training Episode | Videogyan Kids Shows | Funny Cartoon Series | Comedy Shows

The series features TooToo Boy and his various stints in his day to day life. The episodes are built around different objects and how he invites his own trouble while fiddling with them. It majorly involves gags and funny incidents which grow out of Too Too Boy’s carelessness.

Zool Babies Series Playlist :

Prong Collar Heeling with Prong Collar Dance How To Dog Training

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One of the most misunderstood tools out there is the prong collar and when introduced the way we do as well as how we teach the dog on how the collar works it becomes a wonderful communication tool for the dog. This is a great How To Heel video to help folks get their out of control dog listening to them and on the way to a great relationship with their dog.
Solid K9 Training offers board and train services for all breeds, and ages. Board and train is primarily for dog behavior modification because doing so, produces fantastically behaved obedient dogs. Solid K9 Training offers both private classes and Board and Train services for dog training and behavior modification. Solid K9 Training teaches basic obedience such as proper leash walking, sit, down and come to puppies (puppy development) and adult dogs alike.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training


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How to Train Show Dogs : Dog Training Tips

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Training a dog to be a show dog is a great way to show off if you’ve got a really great example of a good breed, and if your dog has good showmanship. Train show dogs with help from an experienced dog professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Ami Dobelle
Bio: Ami Dobelle has been working professionally with animals for more than 15 years.
Filmmaker: STN Media LLC

Series Description: When beginning to train your new dog, you always need to keep a few important things in mind. Learn about doggie training tips with help from an experienced dog professional in this free video series.

How – To Introduce Fearful/Aggressive Dog To People | Majors Academy Dog Training and Rehabilitation

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Hey guys! This is our latest video added to our “How – To” Series! Check it out!
Is your dog fearful or aggressive towards people on walks? This video shows you a constructive way to introduce your dog to strangers in order to make sure your dog gains a positive experience from meeting someone they don’t know.

Welcome to Majors Academy! Your last stop for dog obedience, dog aggression and dog behavior modification. We specialize in aggressive cases and know that no matter how severe or challenging your dog may be, Majors Academy is the best place for them. We often enlist dogs that have come from several trainers but are still trying to find a solution to their issues. You and your dog deserve a stress free life with inclusion as the biggest reward to your companion. Proudly serving but not limited to the Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and Appleton, WI areas!

Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips (

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Aggression rehab dog training video for aggressive dogs should only be done by a qualified dog trainer. Dog Training video shot in new york ( NY ). Food aggression, dog agression, people agressive dogs, leash aggresion dog training, aggressiveness toward the dog handler, and all other dog problems that cause real dog bites. Aggressive rehab dog training with the “east coast” dog whisperer Mike D’Abruzzo at k9-1 Specialized Dog Training in New York. All dog training by the dog trainers are done with knowledge, respect, and patience. If you would like to learn more about Michael D’Abruzzo’s training techniques go to

Thank you for watching my dog training videos.

How to stop leash biting- clicker dog training

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This is a video tutorial on how to teach your puppy not to bite at his leash.
Don’t start the training games, AS the problems are occurring. Start the games when your puppy is calm and relaxed to set him up for success.

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If your puppy is very excitable, you could have your puppy on leash or in a pen while someone else does the distraction further away from you at first so that the puppy can cope.

Teaching default calm behaviors like a ‘settle’ will increase your puppies abilities to cope with exciting situations and make the correct choices.

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It | Dog Training | CBC Life

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This super helpful safety tip will teach your dog to stay out of things that they shouldn’t be getting into like harmful materials you might find on your daily walks. Try this tip at home and leave a comment if it works for you!

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How to Train Your Dog to Leave It | Dog Training | CBC Life

Blu’Bell (Australian Cattle Dog) Dog Training Video

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Blu’Bell (Australian Cattle Dog) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk on a loose leash, come when called, proper etiquette, no jumping up, meeting and greeting people under control, and running on a treadmill.

Our dog training camp provides programs for Australian Cattle Dogs such as boot camp, obedience training, and puppy camp.

Neuman K-9 Academy is a professional canine training school that provides board and train (inboard) for dogs, and fully trained dogs for sale.

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Located in Hugo Minnesota just north of Minneapolis and St. Paul (MN).