A Tribute to one of dog training’s very best – Richard Heinz “The Miami Dog Whisperer”

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We the people behind the scenes wanted to put something together about Richard because it is truly remarkable the things that he achieves with clients dogs on a daily basis whether it’s Obedience Training, Protection Training, or fixing Aggressive Dogs. Unfortunately the public has only gotten to see less than 1percent of the AMAZING things that he does through YouTube, so since Richard really doesn’t like to put things up about himself we felt the need to do so because to see and hear about all the miraculous things he does everyday from clients we just felt compelled to put something together for him. Hope you Enjoy!.

Tc Dog Training’s ‘Three Point Whistle Recall Training’

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Week by week…
1) Conditioning
2) add a little distance
3) long line, add a lot of distance and distractions.

Once the behaviour of coming back is well established and working you can ease up on the food rewards and keep the dog guessing. 
Vary the following rewards after your dog returns…
Toys/games(if your dog enjoys playing)

different foods
touch collar and release back to dogs/smells/distractions (can be a huge reward)