09/15/2018 Whiteville, North Carolina Major Flash Flooding/Power Truck Army

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Historic flooding continues to pummel North Carolina as Florence refuses to leave. One of the hardest hit areas I have come across so far is Whiteville where someone who I had to rescue from their flooded home told me it came up in just minutes as a heavy rain band setup directly over the town. A shelter has been setup in the town to take in folks who have over a foot of water in some homes

Man in Monster Truck Rescues Texas Flood Victims

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Texas Man Rescues Flood Victims in Monster Truck | Cole Geeo is using his 8-foot-high monster truck to save his neighbors trapped in high waters.

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Karmeshia Thomas | 25 Year Old Female Truck Driver Found Dead Inside Her Truck! Part One

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Karmeshia Thomas is a 25 year old female driver for KLLM who was found Dead, covered in blood inside of her truck at the Mardi Gras Truckstop in New Orleans, LA.

Lady Truckers be sure to watch this video on how to stay safe as a Female Truck Driver!

Fruneral Arrangements for Karmeshia Thomas will be held at:

803 Mlk Blvd Clarksdale,MS 38614
New covenant church @11

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FOOD Truck ! ELSA & ANNA toddlers & Barbie – KETCHUP everywhere – Hotdogs Burgers Pizza Sandwich

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This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA, ANNA toddlers being hungry when they suddenly see the FOOD Truck arriving!
BARBIE is the truck driver and the food server. She cooks delicious food ! She also has yummy, tasty fruits and cupcakes!
What food will the toddlers order?
At one point, the toddlers get bored and want to have some fun and they start doing something silly on Barbie’s truck ! What did they do ?? Wow… see what happens! Enjoy!

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( Something bad Happened Here) Abandoned Truck Stop With The Fam and Breaking the Shell

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The final stop on our 3 State 1 night challenge We were tired and maybe a little goofy but we had a blast.

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2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93′ S10 vs 95′ Grand Cherokee vs 75′ International – Dirt Every Day 32

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What happens when you take three low buck trucks driven by cheap truck drivers on an off road shoot out? You get Cheap Truck Challenge. Put on by Petersen’s 4Wheel and Offroad Magazine, Cheap Truck Challenge is the annual low buck truck competition where Fred and his pals must buy and build a 4×4 for under $4000. On this Dirt Every Day Fred finally takes his Chevy S-10 to Reno, Nevada for a battle of the budget beater rigs!

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State-Licensed Food Truck Banned by Town: Family-Owned Business Threatened With $500 Daily Fines

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Two million tourists annually come to Wisconsin’s lovely Door County for breathtaking lakeside views, water sports, cherry picking and much more. Unfortunately, one town there—Gibraltar—has recently made Door County a little less lovely. In a fit of anti-competitive pique, Gibraltar has banned restaurants on wheels, to the detriment of the town’s entrepreneurs and their customers.

Lisa and Kevin Howard, along with Jessica and Chris Hadraba, learned this the hard way. The quartet owns a family business named White Cottage Red Door in Fish Creek, an unincorporated area in Gibraltar. After opening their store, they wanted to open a food truck on their property to feed hungry campers. To that end, they got state and county permits for their truck. But the truck’s first customer, Gibraltar’s constable, told them to stop vending. Gibraltar’s board demanded that Door County revoke the truck’s zoning permit. And when the county refused, the board passed a total ban on vending goods from mobile vehicles, including food trucks.

The ban makes no sense. White Cottage Red Door can sell cherry pie legally indoors at its brick-and-mortar store, but not at its truck parked a few feet away. The truck meets all of Wisconsin’s requirements for a safe restaurant. Indeed, the state even classifies it as a mobile restaurant. Nonetheless, Gibraltar will not let the truck’s owners use their own property to grow their business.

That is because members of the town board fear food truck competition. The board’s chairman owns a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Fish Creek. The board’s principal proponent of its ban works at another. And, after eating a food truck sandwich he called “out of this world,” a third board member cautioned that restaurants “should be up in arms.” But politicians should not be protecting restaurants’ profits from competitors’ sandwiches.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin Constitution acts as a check against towns trying to stack the deck in favor of industry insiders, and protects entrepreneurs’ right to earn an honest living. Gibraltar cannot ignore the state Constitution and stop White Cottage Red Door’s owners from supporting themselves on their own property.

Moreover, Wisconsin law preempts Gibraltar’s vending ban. Wisconsin courts have struck down far lesser attempts by cities to impose additional requirements on state-licensed businesses. So Gibraltar’s total ban on vending from licensed mobile vehicles definitely flunks state law.

Now, Lisa, Kevin, Jessica and Chris are fighting back. They have teamed up with the Institute for Justice to challenge Gibraltar’s vending ban and establish that vendors’ right to earn a living does not depend on whether their businesses have wheels or not.

Police Order Baby Out Of Truck At Gun Point???? MILITARY STATE

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Tallahassee Police ordering an unarmed baby out of a pickup truck at gun point on. Tallahassee Police officers were called to a possible shoplifting.

Know your rights when dealing with the police. This is what the cops don’t want you to know.

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