Fun DIY Projects for Pets!

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Hi gorgeous! If you have a pet, I hope these DIYs help you make something special and personal for your furry loved one. If you don’t have a pet and you’d like one: I encourage you to adopt! Most of the shelter pets in this video are up for adoption right now in Los Angeles. Check the links below that correspond to the video:

Apple (dog) –
Jimmy (dog) –

Chester (cat) –

Becky (dog) –

Liam (cat) –

Zoey (dog) –

Uno (cat) –

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For more information on Best Friends Animal Society please visit – additional information on the animals featured in this video can be found at or by calling 818.643.3989

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Wagon with Horses – Minecraft Tutorial

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Dog Training Tutorial – Distractions PART II (Healing Reactivity)

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Training a dog to be comfortable and calm around distractions is the goal here. Always be very attentive & read the dog’s body language so that if any adjustments need to be made to the training, then they can be made. Helping our dogs make the right connections is the foundation of allowing them to be reliable around distractions. So far, we have considered relatively passive exercises. Stay tuned for more active and engaging work around distractions.

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Dog Training Tutorial: Fearful, Aggressive Dogs; Fear Aggression in Dogs

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About this Video: How to introduce yourself to a fearful dog.

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OPUS v8 Veterinary Monitor Tutorial

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Learn how to use your OPUS v8, KPI Healthcare’s veterinary monitoring system, with our easy, step-by-step video tutorial. Click the CC (closed captioning) button for English subtitles!

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Avril Lavigne – Tell Me It’s Over chords, piano, tutorial, lession, cover, karaoke, midi, Synthesia

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Avril Lavigne – Tell Me It’s Over chords, piano, tutorial, lession, cover, karaoke, midi, Synthesia

Super Easy DIY Christmas Winter Pet Hat Tutorial!!

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Make your own Christmas/Winter hat for your pets. All sizes available, all you need is the inside of a toilet roll, a bit of tape and some wool! Enjoy! 🙂

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Glow Up Makeup + My GO TO Long Pony Tutorial

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Hey Larlees today video is extra special because I am revealing what I have been working on for so so long, my very own makeup line LauraLeeLosAngeles aka: a dream come true. Cats Pajamas is my very first product I am coming out with along with many more I am currently working on. My makeup line is cruelty free and vegan It is also made in the united states. I pride myself in the high quality of this palette. I also took tons of time making sure that each eyeshadow is easy to blend, this way a makeup beginner or a pro makeup artist with years of experience could both enjoy Cats Pajamas eyeshadow palette. This palette is for my loving subscribers & will be for sale October 13th 2017 on it will cost $40. The pricing of the palette makes each eyeshadow $4 remember these are American made luxe eyeshadows plus the palette with a fabulous mirror. Thank you for supporting me and watching my videos thank you for all the love and support. Thank you for the kind words you all have all already shared. You all have already made this experience a huge/ great one.
Also GIMMICK is not a shade name because this palette was created LONG before we were using the word gimmick on my channel however it will be used in the near future, hang tight 🙂 xo – Laura

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Schleich Horse Stable DIY | Easy Schleich Stall Tutorial

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Hello all 😀

This is a step by step Schleich tutorial video on how to make a horse stable or stall for your schleich horses, and of course for Breyer horses if you like.
You will only need some crafting sticks, and hot glue gun (paint and accessories are optional).

The Schleich horses used in this video along from some shleich accesories (apple, wooden box, horse treats, carrot, and other schleich accessories) are obtained from our previous Schleich unboxig videos on our channel like:

– Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar 2018:

– Schleich North America Miniature Shetland Pony Family Toy:

– New Schleich Horse Club Blind Bags Opening:

Other accessories used are obtained from our Playmobil unboxing videos like:

– Playmobil Advent Calendar Horse Farm 2018 Opening:

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