Schleich 14794 Small Wild Animals Set Unboxing | Schleich Animal Babies Set

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Hello all πŸ˜€

In this video, we are unboxing a new set of Schleich baby animals which is the Schleich 14794 Animal Babies Set ( call this set “Schleich North America Wild Animal Babies Set” – we have no idea where the “North America” came from, as Pandas and Elephants are indigenous to Asia). This Schleich playset is suitable for ages 3-8 and includes 4 baby wild animals: a Schleich panda cub (baby panda), a Schleich polar bear cub (baby polar bear), a cheetah cub (baby cheetah), and an elephant calf (baby elephant).

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Zuru Robo Alive, Real-life Robotic Pet Snake Unboxing

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#Zuru Robo Alive, Real-life Robotic Pet Snake #Unboxing #roboalive. Tracey loves toys like Fire engines, Spongebob, Playmobil Janod wooden toys and Ghostbusters. Please subscribe and hit that bell so you never miss any of the fun.

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New Reptile Unboxing!!!

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An epic reptile unboxing from Ben Siegel Reptiles, you can buy from them here –
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Playmobil Shopping Plaza 9078 Girls Mall Pet Shop Fashion Unboxing Toy Review by TheToyReviewer

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Today we’re looking at the Playmobil Shopping! We get to create a fashion boutique, pet shop, and sports shop in our mall! So cool!

With fashion boutique, pet shop and sports shop. Plenty of stylish changes of clothes and accessories and a wide selection of great sports items, as well as small pets and pet supplies. Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 18 cm.
– The Shopping Plaza has three shops, which can be placed anywhere without being permanently connected. A ramp for prams and wheelchairs leads to each shop.1) Fashion boutique
– The two-part clothes hang on two coat hangers or are worn by the mannequin. The skirts can be draped on the table.
– There is a changing room with a full-length mirror behind the swing door.
– There are nine different two-part outfits and skirts to change into and they can be combined with different handbags. 2) Pet shop3) Sports shop

Thanks to the people at Playmobil for sending these to me to review! See more here:

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ASMR Unboxing My Little Pony Blind bags with inaudible whispering, tracing, and crinkles.

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Hello Dreamers,
Please enjoy all the dreamy tingles including gentle whispering, tons of crinkles, tracing with long nails and brush/pointer, a bit of tapping and hand movements. Please feel free to educate me about the characters if you want, or just enjoy my ignorance for what it’s worth. I think these are my new favorite blind bag. So cute with a positive message in each! Like and Subscribe to become a dreaming dragon yourself, and tell me what you want more of! Let me know if you would like to contribute to the content or expansion of my channel. More links coming soon! Thank you so much to all my supporters! I struggle with anxiety and sleeplessness so I my hope is that I can help others to the best of my ability!
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New Pet for My Birthday!!! Unboxing Live Animal | About Shipping Pets

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Order your own ball python here
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Unboxing Fish in India{Albino Paroon Shark}|White Tiger Shark|To maintain Temperature of Fish&Tank

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To buy online live pets visit this link👇👇

In this video I had shown the unboxing of the fish that I had ordered.
Now moving further .
I had ordered an Albino Catfish OR White Tiger Shark.
In this we had use the proper way to maintain the Temperature of fish with Aquarium water.
Treated properly with Fish medicine.
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Birchbox ASMR Unboxing, ear to ear sounds, 3Dio Binaural Mic, gentle whispering, gentle gum chewing

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Enjoy…..please wear headphones
Vlog 1912

Webe Reptiles Unboxing: Birthday Surprise!

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Recently I bought a Female Bearded Dragon for my birthday from Webe Reptiles and when I opened the box there was a BIG surprise waiting for me!
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Unboxing from Sasobek Reptiles

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SORRY for the awful video quality! My next videos WILL be better!! Its been a long time since my last video so in this video I will be doing an unboxing from Sasobek Reptiles. This video is the start of my breeding projects. Over the next few years I will be breeding leopard geckos as a hobby. You guys will have first picks on any babies I hatch out next season! I will be using nothing but the best genetics in my projects and I will be getting my geckos from the BEST breeders in the country. I will be doing unboxing videos of all the geckos I get so you guys can see what goes into my collection. I will also make unboxing video and reviews of the breeding racks I will be using. You guys will see every step I take to get my project up and going, so stay tuned and subscribe!!! Thanks for watching!!

Unboxing Bullet Journal Baron Fig ASMR | Whispering

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