UNBOXING 3 Ball Pythons from Dynasty Reptiles!

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Our first video of us unboxing 3 ball pythons that we ordered from Dynasty Reptiles in Miami.

You can check out his website here:

Our 3 morphs we got are..

Male Butter Bee (Butter, Spider)

Male Banana Pastel Het Pied

Female Enchi Bee (Enchi, Pastel, Spider)

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Sylvanian Families Unboxing ASMR ~ Doughnut Store & Juice Bar ~ Whispering

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Welcome back to another Sylvanian Families Unboxing Video. Today I’m unboxing the Doughnut Store and the Juice Bar. The official description of these sets from the Sylvanian Website is as follows:

“Margaret Petite has a sweet tooth and loves to make delicious desserts and snacks for Sylvanians with rumbling tummies. Tea, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, this wonderful set will get your Sylvanians’ mouths watering in no time!”

“Betty Blackberry runs the Sylvanian Juice Bar in the village square throughout the summer; providing everybody in Sylvania with delicious,healthy and refreshing fruit drinks. Bob, Betty’s husband collects all the ingredients from the family Orchard and greenhouse on his horse & cart, delivering them to Betty, along with her tasty homemade jams.”


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Sorry for the late upload, it took some days to upload this 😛
I’ll be home in 2 days.

MH | ALL Miners Haven codes:
MH | FAST low/medium life reborn setup :
MH | How to get True Overlord Device:
MH | First life reborn tutorial:
MH | Life 500+ Reborn setup:




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Ultra Rare found!!! Unboxing – LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets vs. Poopsie Slime Surprise Sparkly Critters

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Important LOL Surprise Updates:

Pre-order your Series 5 LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, Interactive Live Surprise pets (Wave 2) and The Brand NEW Mystery LOL Surprise Fizzy Surprise (which we believe is a new pearl surprise — eek!! )

Pre Order for Fuzzy Pets on Amazon: $12.99

Pre Order for the NEW LOL Surprise Fizzy Surprise!! – (No picture or details yet, but based on the price and name, we believe this is the makeover series version of the Pearl Surprise!! We have already pre-ordered ours!! Heres the affiliated link!!

Pre-order the NEW Wave 2 of the LOL Surprise LIve interactive pets here:

Here are some other affiliated links if you are still looking for some after the holiday deals:

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise for $69.99

LOL Surprise #ootd – Advent Calendar – 22.99

Biggie pet on amazon 25.88!!! at this affiliate link: $25.88 (hop hop)

29.99 (dollmation)

Live Interactive pet — Today – 13.88!! Click this affiliated link!

Hot deal!! Walmart 2-Pack of pets for 14.88 (7 dollars a piece!!!!)

Mark down! Want the LOL Surprise Under Wraps, Wave 1 and 2 : $11.88

Want the Bigger Surprise? Buy it here!!

Want the advent Calendar? Buy it here;

Want to buy the Poopsie Slime Surprise Pooey Puitton? Buy it here

Want the LOL Surprise Live Pets – royal kitty?Buy it here

LOL Surprise Doll House

Want to find Hairgoals in store? Use these numbers!!! Here is the number to track for target: LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover Series


And to track it on brickseek and in store at wal-mart, use the UPC below

UPC: 035051557050

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Unboxing 5 FreshWater CLAM’S for My Aquarium!!

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Today i unboxed a freshwater clam for my aquarium! I put these clams into my 90 gallon aquarium where they will filter the water.

Please stay to the end of the video before clicking the link

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LOL Surfer Babe Family Meets LQL Dolls FAKE LOL Unboxing

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The Surfer Babe family are at the Surf and Skate shop and are in for a surprise as the LQL fake LOLs make a stop in town.

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Epidemic Sound
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Hello Kitty Frozen Disney Princess Rapunzel MLP Lalaloopsy Winx Peppa Unboxing Kinder Surprise Eggs

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Honey Heart Surprise Toys presents opening of interesting Kinder Surprise Eggs and amazing Blind Bags. You will see some of your favorite characters and toys, such as #Frozen Princess Anna, #DisneyPrincesses Rapunzel, Aurora, Tiana and Jasmine, My Little Pony, #HelloKitty, #Winx Club Princess and Fairy, #Lalaloopsy figurines, Masha and the Bear, #PeppaPig, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy Darling and Prince Flynn Rider… Enjoy in this fun for kids, toddlers, preschool children and the whole family.
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Cinderella Золушка Zolushka Pepeljuga Cenerentola Cendrillon Aschenputtel
Snow White Schneewittchen Snezana Blanche-Neige Biancaneve Snježana Snjezana Snežana
Ariel The Little Mermaid La Petite Sirène La sirenetta Arielle Mala Sirena
Belle Bella Beauty and the Beast Lepotica Ljepotica
Rapunzel Tangled Zlatokosa Raiponce
Aurora The Sleeping Beauty Uspavana Lepotica Trnova Ruzica
Brave Merida Jasmine
Frozen Princess Anna Queen Elsa Kristoff Swen Olaf

Kinder Überraschung, Киндер Сюрприз, Kinderüberraschung, Kinder Sorpresa, Kinderschokolade, Kinder Meglepetés, Kinderueberraschung, Kinder Ovo, Kinderoverraskelse, Kinder Niespodzianka, Kinderegg, Kinder-yllätys, Verrassingsei, Kinderägg, kinder έκπληξη, แปลกใจเมตตา, kinder sürpriz, הפתעה נחמדה ,مفاجأة طفا, Kinder Surpresa, 친절 깜짝, קינדר הפתעה, Kinder出奇, キンダーサプライズ, 친절 깜짝.

Princesse, princezna, prinsesse,
princess, prinses, printsess, prinsessa, Prinzessin, أميرة, արքայադուստր, şahzadə, principessa,王女, 공주, princeps, princese, princesė, принцеза, гүнж, شاهزاده خانم, księżniczka, Princesa, prințesă, принцесса, princezná, เจ้าหญิง, prenses, принцеса, شہزادی, malika, công chúa, tywysoges, פּרינצעסין, printzesa, πριγκίπισσα, נסיכה, राजकुमारी, hercegnő, puteri, banphrionsa, прынцэса, princeza, принцеса, princesa, 公主,
Principesse Disney, Princesses Disney, Дисней принцесс, Princesas Disney, Princesas da Disney, 디즈니 공주, Disney Prinzessinnen, Prinses, Diznijeve Princeze, Disney πριγκίπισσες, koningsdochter, księżniczka, Prinzessin, πριγκίπισσα, principessa, Vorstin, królewna, принцесса, Fürstin, ディズニーのお姫様, прынцэса.

Frozen is also known as: Zamrznuto Kraljevstvo, Snežno Kraljevstvo, La Reine des neiges, O Reino do Gelo, Die Eiskönigin Völlig unverfroren, Холодное сердце, Замръзналото кралство,
디즈니 냉동, Frozen Uma Aventura Congelante, アナと雪の女王,
Il regno di ghiaccio, Kraina lodu, ディズニー冷凍, 冰雪奇缘,
Regatul de gheață, Крижане серце, 겨울왕국, El Reino del Hielo, Una aventura congelada, 冰雪奇缘, Дисней Замороженные, Disney Κατεψυγμένα, Karlar Ülkesi.
It is a 3D movie based on The Snow Queen tale.

Toys in other languages: juegos, speelgoed, lodra, اللعب, խաղալիքներ, jostailuak, цацкі, খেলনা, igračke, играчки, joguines, 玩具, 玩具, hračky, legetøj, speelgoed, ludiloj,, mänguasjad, lelut, jouets, xoguetes, სათამაშოები, Spielzeug, παιχνίδια, રમકડાં, jwèt, צעצועים, खिलौने, cov khoom ua si, játékok, leikföng, ụmụaka, mainan, bréagáin, giocattoli, トイズ, ಗೊಂಬೆಗಳ,, ойыншықтар, ប្រដាប់ក្មេងលេង, 장난감, ຂອງຫຼິ້ນ, Rotaļlietas, Žaislai, играчки, kilalao, കളിപ്പാട്ടങ്ങൾ, ġugarelli, taonga tākaro, खेळणी, Khēḷaṇī, тоглоом, खिलौने, leker, zidole, اسباب بازی ها, zabawki, brinquedos, jucării, игрушки, играчке, සෙල්ලම් බඩු, hračky, igrače, alaabta lagu ciyaaro, juguetes, leksaker, бозича, பொம்மைகள், బొమ్మలు, ของเล่น, oyuncaklar, іграшки, کھلونے, tuyulsada, đồ chơi, אידיש, isere, amathoyizi

Music in the video: Canon and Variation by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: Deck the Halls – Jingle Punks, We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Jingle Punks, We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: Jingle Bells – Jingle Punks, Up on the house top – E’s Jammy Jams

Tarantula Unboxing ~ NOT SO COMMON ONES (here at least) !!!

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Here are two new additions to the lair that I purchased from a friend of mine. Hopefully they’ll both thrive and give us good feeding takedowns! 😀 Hope you enjoy(ed) watching this video!

Pterinochilus murinus “TCF”
(Orange Baboon “Tan/typical Colour Form”)

Iridopelma hirsutum
(Amazon Ribbed)

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Anno Domini Beats – Intentions

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Brianna Bruce, Sydney Jennings, Melissa Burks, Thomas Wade Farver, Holo lily fox wolf nightcore, Kelly drummond.

LOL Surprise FUZZY PETS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Opening | STEM Club Raccoon Color Change

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In our third LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets unboxing video, we say hello to Racoon-Stronaut, Yin Hoot, Jivin Kat, and another Neigh Majesty (our first duplicate). Aubri washes off the Series 5 Pets and reunites them all with their families. She also shows you the color changes of Racoon-Stronaut and Neigh Majesty.

#lolsurprisefuzzypets #lolsurpriseseries5


Welcome to Aubri’s World! Aubri is a 5-year-old girl who loves to play with toys & have fun.


LOL Surprise FUZZY PETS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Opening | STEM Club Raccoon Color Change:


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ULTRA RARE LOL SURPRISE #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING! | Opening L.O.L. Bhaddie Series 4 Wave 3 (Series 5):

Unboxing LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS | L.O.L. Opening SK8R GRRRL Series 4 Wave 3 | Series 5 Makeover:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING SPLATTERS | L.O.L. Opening Series 5 (Series 4 Wave 3) Twins:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Opening Her Majesty Hair Goals Series 5 + Series 4 Wave 3:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS FIRST FULL UNBOXING | L.O.L. Series 5 + Series 4 Wave 3 Opening:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS REAL DOLLS FIRST LOOK | L.O.L. Series 5 ? Series 4 Wave 3 Color Changes:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS FULL CHECKLIST REVEAL! | L.O.L. Makeover Series | Series 4 Wave 3 + Series 5:

LOL Surprise Sneak Peek Series 5 #HAIRGOALS + Series 4 Wave 3 | First Look at New L.O.L. Dolls:

LOL Surprise WAVE 2 BIGGIE PETS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Opening Spicy Kitty, Cottontail QT + DJ K9:

LOL Surprise UNDER WRAPS FULL SET WAVE 1 + WAVE 2 | L.O.L. Series 4 Lil Sisters Family Reunions:

LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS First Look | L.O.L. Series 5 or Wave 3 Eye Spy | Dolls w/Real Hair (No Wigs):

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Wave 2 FULL BOX OPENING | L.O.L. Full Case Unboxing All 12 Eye Spy Capsules:

LOL Surprise BLING SERIES FULL SET | L.O.L. Holiday Dolls Complete Collection | Christmas Glitter:

LOL Surprise BLING SERIES HACK! | Super Easy L.O.L. Ball Color Tip | FIND GOLD EVERY TIME!:

LOL Surprise BLING SERIES FULL UNBOXING ULTRA RARE FOUND! | L.O.L. Holiday Glitter Dolls Opening:

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Wave 2 FULL SET | L.O.L. Series 4 First Look Real Dolls:

LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets FULL SET FAMILIES | L.O.L. Eye Spy Pets Wave 1 + 2 Family Reunions:

LOL Surprise Claw Machine + Series 4 Lil Sisters Full Set | L.O.L. Crane Toy Grabber:

LOL Surprise Series 4 Lil Sisters FULL SET | L.O.L. Wave 1 + Wave 2 Complete Collection Eye Spy:

FULL BOX OF GOLD! LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 2 Ultra Rare Pets | 18 GOLD BALLS IN L.O.L. PETS BOX:

LOL Surprise FASHION CRUSH FULL SET | L.O.L. Series 4 All New Fashion Crush Outfits:

LOL Surprise COMPLETE COLLECTION: ALL SERIES | L.O.L. Full Set Series 1 2 3 4 Big Glam Glitter:

LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps FULL SET | L.O.L. Eye Spy Tots Complete Collection:


Playfoam Pals Series 2 Pet Party Blind Box Unboxing Toy Review

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