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My responses to things non equestrians say often. It ended up to be 12 things.

Dog Training Tutorial: Holding Objects & Clean Up!

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Watch the UPDATED version of this tutorial here:

As requested by many people, in this video I demonstrate the steps in teaching a dog to hold an object by shaping the behavior. Also, you can build on this and teach them to put their toys away in a basket. The trick is to break the task down into smaller components and train each of those independently to success.

Realizing that a complex behavior chain such as this can take several training sessions spread out over a period of days allows us to be patient & teach amazing things through positive reinforcement. The best part about this is that we create a dog that enjoys learning, and figures out on his/her own what we are trying to teach.

Solving Counter Surfing – Dog Training

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This is a video on how to train your dog not to surf the counters or in other words put their paws up and eat food and items that are on your counters.
Remember to keep in mind that during training, items that your dog likes should NOT be left in reach on counters so that you don’t UNDO all the training you have just been doing. As nagging a turkey off the counter WILL train your dog to do it again!

At the beginning of the video you will see Tug my new puppy BEFORE I trained him, he would jump up and onto tables to lick them clean. At the end of the video you can see the results of one session that was a couple minutes long.

1- Make sure the dog NEVER gets the food- it sounds obvious but some dogs are very FAST!
2- If he is struggling to look away from the food, either give him a hint by making an attention noise or take some steps away so he is not as close to the food
3- As he succeeds raise criteria
4- You can start off first with a carrot on the table but the reinforcement is something even better like Chicken
5- Watch my ‘leave it’ video for more information on teaching the leave it
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Dog training clicker training manners teaching a dog to not touch food on counters counter surfing stealing food

Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #1

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“A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner.”

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Pet snake bites owner for the first time!

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Today I decided to feed my ball python with pliers knowing the size difference between tongs and pliers I decided to take the risk of feeding my snake with the pliers and got what I asked for..

Flogging Molly – Reptiles (We Woke Up) (Official Music Video)

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“Reptiles (We Woke Up)” from Flogging Molly’s new album ‘Life Is Good’- out now. Download & stream:

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Richie Smyth – Director Producer and DOP

Peter Greene – Post Production Producer
Juniper Calder – Editor

Animation Lead-
Hubert Montag

Ben Klimmek
Vadim Draempahl
Michael McCarthy
Andy Doyle
Ciaran Dempsey

3D Modelling-
Dave Head

Hubert Montag
Allen Sillery
Rob Murray
Donal O’Kane


Nobody’s talking
So the graves they rose up!
And walked away
What’s the point in this futile
Like reptiles we’ll all soon be
Dust someday… Someday

Like all Godless children
The young bloods are bleeding
To find their way
Let’s not mess with their future
Our past revolutions
Have somehow failed
For once in this life
Let’s just make these wrongs right
And then, seize the day

We woke up!
We woke up!
Yeah we woke up!
We woke up!
And we won’t fall back to sleep

Desperation, creators
Begrudgers, the haters all
There’s no joy in salvation
When souls are deflated
So, keep the faith

For once in this life
Let’s just make these wrongs right
And then, seize the day
Where lessons are lessons
To be taught when we learn to say

That we woke up!
We woke up!
Yeah we woke up!
We woke up!

Sing me a song
Where the voices are strong
And the earth
The earth it shakes
From the thunder so loud
To the rebels we found
Still awake
Sing it

We woke up!
We woke up!
We woke up!
I said, I said that
We woke up!
We woke up!
We woke up!
And we won’t fall back to sleep!

Music video by Flogging Molly performing Reptiles (We Woke Up). (C) 2017 The Quiet Man, LLC. Under exclusive license to Vanguard Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

How To Tack Up Your Horse English

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Melvins – “The Talking Horse”

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“The Talking Horse”
Directed by Behn Fannin
Album: (A) Senile Animal
©2006 Ipecac Records
Produced by Behn Fannin
Starring Dian Bachar, Dustin Sterling, Caroline Macey, Bru Muller, Mike Buol, Chris Gaede, Jeff Passino, Mike Popewiny, Dave Stratton
Make Up by Laura Hill and Bethany Gruenenfelder
3D Animation by Jessica Vliet
Edited by Behn Fannin
Stop Motion Animation by Behn Fannin
Production Asst: Mike Buol, Chris Gaede, Matt Willard
Thanks to Shaun McDonald, Shaun Tubbs
Very Special Thanks to Cathy Pellow

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

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The new official video to the Dog Days Are Over. Click here to download

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Best of Florence + The Machine

Cycling Your Aquarium | What Pet Stores Don’t Tell You

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This is the first video in my new mini-series called “What Pet Stores Don’t Tell You”. A lot of pet stores spread misinformation about cycling your new aquarium (and that’s if they mention cycling at all) so hopefully this will help clear things up.
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“Feelin Good” by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

Tammie Riding Blarney the Trick Horse

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Blarney rearing up and throwing Tammie off in the water. Taken while riding with Cowboy Steve’s Amazing Horseback Riding Adventures, Equus Rides


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read me!

hey guys! i hope you all enjoyed this pet morning and night routine! it was much easier when I just had amethyst but of course things got a little more trickier once I started getting more pets like fitz, my catfish and calypso! make sure you guys comment video ideas you’d like to see happen and subscribe!! thanks for watching! 🙂

QUIZZING THE NON EQUESTRIAN // boyfriend edition

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