Wildlife veterinarian course 2014 | Wild Spirit Vet | South Africa

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This is a 14-day high quality program designed in order to give veterinarians knowledge and hands-on experience in African Wildlife Medicine and its conservation. This course will also introduce you to welfare issues that affect domestic and wild animals in South Africa. Your tutors are professionals in both wildlife medicine and conservation fields and they will ensure you will have a high quality course and an unforgettable experience.

Marmoset and Hairdryer Exotic Pet Vet Unedited and Uncut

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This is “Celcie” the marmoset getting dried off after her bath. She is a very sweet little monkey, but she does not like a bath. Therefore, she has been lightly sedated with a mild tranquilizer which has has almost completely worn off.

Tali The Hedgehog Gets A Cancerous Tumor Removed | Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

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Meggan and her 4th grade class have a pet hedgehog called Tali, who has a cancerous lump in her belly. She gets in touch with Dr Jeff in the hope that he can remove it and give her class their pet back.

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Banfield Pet Hospital Ask a Vet – Why Do Cats Pounce?

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Banfield veterinarian, Dr. Andrea Sanchez, DVM, explains why cats stalk and pounce on toys and objects. More answers from the experts at Banfield to your cat health questions are available in our Ask a Vet library:

Textbooks of 3rd year of Veterinary | Vet Visit

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Hello everyone!
Hope the video will be helpful for those looking out for veterinary textbooks of 3rd year!

——————————————————————————–E learning by tanuvas (the subjects arrangement in tanuvas is currently as per the old vci curriculum) –

The textbooks shown in the video can be purchased by clicking on the links below –

1.Essentials of Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2nd edition –

2. Veterinary Parasitology At a Glance by S.C.Mandal –

3. Textbook of Veterinary Parasitology by B.B.Bhatia –

4. Outlines of Dairy Technology by Sukumar De-

5. Meat and Meat Products Technology by B.D.Sharma –

6. Modern Abbatoir Practices and Animal Byproducts Technology –

7. Textbook of Elements of Veterinary Public Health by A.T.Sherikar –

8. Veterinary Epidemiology by Michael Thrusfield –

9. Modern Economic Theory by Dr.K.K.Dewett –

10. Animal Husbandry & Livestock Extension by P. Mathialagan –

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OHMG! very smell for king,poor donkey wait Dr Vet for help a long time,BB Monkeys

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OHMG! very smell for king,poor donkey wait Dr Vet for help a long time,BB Monkeys Hi everyone after watching please kindly leave your comment here And …

Are We Home Vet Advanced Mobile Veterinary Clinic Tour

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Are We Home Vet is the first state-of-the-art mobile veterinary clinic servicing suburban Philadelphia, including parts of Delaware County, Chester County and the Main Line area of Pennsylvania. This videos highlights features of the mobile practice as Dr. Connolly provides an overview of the “Are We Home Vet” Advanced Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

Hudson Veterinary Hospital Pet Resort and Spa – First Vet Visit Video

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Hudson Veterinary Hospital Pet Resort and Spa is here to help you with your first vet visit and to answer all your questions. Please schedule an appointment with us today at:

I-Team: Inspectors Tell Pet Store Stop Homemade Vet Care

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Georgia’s Department of Agriculture told the Petland in Kennesaw to stop treating customers’ sick pets at the store owner’s home and take them to a veterinarian instead.

The Kennesaw location is considered one of the most successful of all the Petland franchises. The FOX 5 I-Team already reported how multiple customers complained to the state the pet store sold them terribly sick animals. Another told the Better Business Bureau a salesman showed them supposedly exotic cats that experts say were simple tabbys you could find in any animal shelter at a fraction of the price.

But new allegations involved a pet store actually playing the role of veterinarian.

Just ask Christy Gonzalez. Four days after she brought Penelope came home, the French Bulldog puppy was diagnosed with pneumonia. But perhaps that shouldn’t have been a surprise to Christy. She took home two containers of medication from Petland the day she bought her puppy.

“It didn’t have the dog’s name,” Christy remembered. “It didn’t have an ID number. Or French Bulldog. It didn’t have anything on it. It just said Canine. I thought that was a little odd.”

A little odd, she said, became very odd. According to her complaint to state regulators, when Penelope wasn’t responding to the medications, the manager of Petland Kennesaw said he would take her to their store-approved veterinarian, Dr. Walton Waller of Canton. But when Christy later wanted to see her dog, she said the pet store manager objected.

“He said that she was doing so much better,” Christy said. “She was breathing on her own. That now she would be moved to the Puppy Clinic. And when I started asking questions about the Puppy Clinic is when he told me the Puppy Clinic is actually at the owner’s home.”

A second customer reported a similar experience — Ashley Powell complained to regulators Petland Kennesaw owner Lamar Parker “expressly stated that he personally had been treating Daisy at his home and was providing Daisy with breathing treatments every few hours.”

“I cannot imagine a lawful scenario where it would be ok for the owner of Petland or a Petland associate to treat an animal at their home before or after purchase really,” said Tamara Feliciano, the attorney for both pet owners.

“The owner of the pet store should not be treating the animal at his house unless it was on the advice of the veterinarian that they have on staff,” said Georgia Department of Agriculture companion animal supervisor Mark Murrah.

And only if the animal has not been sold. Murrah said the state told Petland to stop using the owner’s house to provide veterinary care, and referred the department’s findings to the Georgia Board of Veterinary Medicine July 22 to investigate whether anyone at Petland was practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

A spokesman for the veterinary board had no comment.

In a written statement, Petland’s attorney said the company conducts “its business at all times with the highest degree of integrity and honesty, and in compliance with all laws and industry standards.” They said they would investigative customer complaints. The statement ignored our question about whether Lamar Parker treated customers’ pets at his home.

But Petland Kennesaw’s preferred veterinarian confirmed Parker did just that. Dr. Walton Waller told the FOX 5 I-Team he put an end to all those trips to the Puppy Clinic at the pet store owner’s house. He said it “left the wrong impression” and customers must now handle all transport of sick dogs or cats to his clinic.

He also said he now requires all Petland Kennesaw puppies from out-of-state breeders be unloaded first at his clinic, where he said he makes sure they’re x-rayed and quarantined if necessary before going onto the sales floor.

Dr. Waller also said he’s certain he personally treated Christy Gonzalez’ sick French Bulldog and prescribed her medication, even though the pill bottles she was given simply says Canine.

Christy still doesn’t believe it.

“I’ve got 30 prescriptions from Dr. Waller and I’ve never met him, spoke to him on the phone,” she said. “I’ve never had any interaction with this man at all.”

Exotic Pet Vet Uncut – Prairie Dog Cuteness!

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This adorable Prairie Dog came for a vet visit with Dr. Dan!

Dr. Dan practices medicine at Avian and Exotic Animal Care in Raleigh and is one of the three vets who star in the new series, Exotic Pet Vet. Please visit www.exoticpetvet.tv for more info about the show and for more information about the practice.

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ASMR Vet Physical Examination

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You WILL fall asleep to this…. unless you can’t stop looking at the cute puppy, such a good boy!

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Since this is a doggy video, there are three rescue schemes all needing donations that are close to my heart:

Loveleorescue: (US)
MarleysMutts: (US)
Chimneyrescuefarm: (UK)

Recently, loveleorescue found a puppy in need who had his muzzle taped shut so badly that it cut through his whole muzzle leaving open gaping wounds to his mouth. Marelysmutts just found an abandoned 7 week old lab mix who had suffered blunt force trauma resulting in a fractured leg/hip and then was tossed and abandoned into a lonely field. Chimney’s farm rescue recently rescued a bunch of puppies from a shelter in Crete all five months who had never seen outside.

If you would like to donate to the above causes it would be much appreciated!

Love Lauren x

Veterinary video: Cow couldn’t get pregnant, so vet inserts bull’s sperm for artificial insemination

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A cow is held still, while a veterinarian inserts a tube with the bull’s sperm in it, to bring about artificial insemination of this cow on a farm in India.

Artificial insemination (AI) is the process of collecting sperm cells from a male animal and manually depositing them into the reproductive tract of a female. One can cite a number of potential benefits from the use of artificial insemination.

1. Increased efficiency of bull usage: During natural breeding, a male will deposit much more semen than is theoretically needed to produce a pregnancy. In addition, natural breeding is physically stressful. Both of these factors limit the number of natural matings a male can make. However, collected semen can be diluted and extended to create hundreds of doses from a single ejaculate. Also, semen can be easily transported, allowing multiple females in different geographical locations to be inseminated simultaneously, and semen can be stored for long periods of time, meaning that males can produce offspring long after their natural reproductive lives end.
2. Increased potential for genetic selection: Because artificial insemination allows males to produce more offspring, fewer males are needed. Therefore, one can choose only the few best males for use as parents, increasing the selection intensity. Furthermore, because males can have more offspring, their offspring can be used in a progeny test program to more accurately evaluate the genetic value of the male. Finally, individual farmers can use artificial insemination to increase the genetic pool with which his or her animals can be mated, potentially decreasing effects of inbreeding.
3. Decreased costs: Male animals often grow to be larger than females and can consume relatively larger amounts of feed. Also, male animals are often more strong, powerful, and potentially ill-mannered and thus require special housing and handling equipment.
4. Increased safety for animals and farmers: As mentioned, male animals can become large and aggressive. These factors mean that maintaining a bull on a farm may be dangerous. Also, because of the relatively larger size of adult males than females, natural mating is more likely to result accidents and injury to either the cow or the bull than is artificial insemination.
5. Reduced disease transmission: Natural mating allows for the transfer of venereal diseases between males and females. Some pathogens can be transmitted in semen through artificial insemination, but the collection process allows for the screening of disease agents. Collected semen is also routinely checked for quality, which can help avoid problems associated with male infertility.

Artificial insemination has some potential drawbacks, however, that must be considered. First, it can be more labourious. Male animals instinctively detect the females that are in the correct status for conception. With artificial insemination the detection work falls on the responsibility of the farmer. Poor detection results in decreased rates of fertility. Also, increasing the number of offspring per male has selective advantages only if the best males can be accurately determined. Otherwise this process only decreases the genetic variability in a population. Increasing the number of offspring per male always reduces the gene pool. The benefits of more intense selection must be balanced against the negative effects of decreased variation.

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Top 10 Veterinary Colleges in India | Vet Visit

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The above compiled list of top 10 Veterinary Colleges of India is based on the :

1. Research Output
2. Facilities available
3. Academic productivity
4. Referred publication
5. Public perception
6. Seniors / Proffesors perception

*The video has been compiled based on my research to which some may disagree, and hence they can make their own list.

Meet Karen, our veterinary client care coordinator at Danville Family Vet

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Karen Thompson is a veterinary client care coordinator at Mount Hermon Animal Clinic, an animal hospital in Danville, Virginia. Mt Hermon operates a small animal veterinary practice, pet hotel, doggie day care and grooming salon. They serve areas of Southside Virginia including South Boston Virginia, Chatham Virginia, Martinsville Va and Reidsville, North Carolina.